Friday, November 14, 2008

Quotes for Today - Nov. 14, 2008

Middle TN Nov. 10, 2008

"Most politicians wait at least until they've been sworn in before they start breaking their campaign promises. In this sense, as in so many others, Barack Obama represents an entirely new phenomenon: the politician who preemptively reneges."
Justin Raimondo

"These Bin Ladens have been spotted by the FBI and are armed with Mortgage Backed Securities, derivatives and the ability to pass laws to cover up their criminal activities.
They are considered dangerous as they keep threatening to smash the world's economy.

Their ability to move vast sums of wealth offshore into secretive tax free banking institutions should not be underestimated. Cheney Bin Killing, Bush Bin Stealing, Condi Bin Lying, Paulson Bin Conning,
Along with these known conspirators they pal around with: Bin Laden Greenberg, Bin Laden Fuld, Bin Laden Bernanke, ,Bin Laden Pelosi, Bin Laden Reid

DO NOT approach these dangerous felons on your own, get help."
Greg Bacon

"When the telecoms wanted legal immunity for their lawbreaking activities, Barack Obama said he would try to prevent that from happening. Then he voted for a law that made it happen.

When the big banks wanted $700 billion of your money, with public opinion running 100-to-1 against the idea, Barack Obama voted for the bill that gave that money away.

He needed your support then; he slapped you across the head. You voted for him anyway.

Those bills were always going to pass. They didn't need his vote. He could have voted against them, as a token gesture. But he didn't. He didn't even pretend to be on your side, even though he needed your support so very much. And you gave it to him anyway.

And now ... he doesn't need you anymore. He's already made his intentions as clear as day ... and yet here you come with your Dear Santa letters full of free advice -- advice your man has already rejected.

If he didn't even bother pretending to be serious when he needed your support, what makes you think he'll listen now, when he doesn't need you at all?

I guess I just don't understand politics."
Winter Patriot

"FYI: Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's brother is
Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel. One of Ari's clients: Tina
Of course, Fey single-handedly turned Palin into a joke, and is being rewarded for her efforts with a multi-million dollar book contract (Fey's literary agent is Richard Abate). This is a strategy right out of the Republican playbook.

One cannot and should not simply call people delusional for their excitement over Obama. As I’ve tried to articulate, this excitement comes from a real historical moment—a million foreclosures and increasing job losses. But, yes, the Democratic Party is the other party of the very rich. Any Democrat is going to have to answer to those rich corporate backers.
John Steppling

A US President should not be able to pardon himself for murders, conspiracy to commit murder, fraud, obstruction of justice, lying, perjury, war crimes, crimes against humanity, rape, bid rigging, unfair business practices, and/or other crimes.

If Barack Obama and the powers that be, don't act, a future US President might be able to torture, rape, and murder right in the Oval Office at the White House with impunity. Barack Obama's most import job ever, might just be to see that George W. Bush is prosecuted. The world would be a safer place with George W. Bush behind bars. Future presidents would know that they, on down, are accountable to laws.
Steven Erickson

An early foe of the Iraq war and Patriot Act during his US Senate campaign, Obama voted to continue one and pass the other once in office. Obama’s pledge to withdraw from Iraq has more loopholes by now than swiss cheese. His promise to filibuster warrantless eavesdropping and immunity for telecom lawbreakers morphed into a vote for both, and his campaign trail promise to pursue Dr. King’s unfinished quest for economic justice flipped into lobbying the congress in support of the multi-trillion dollar no-strings-attached Wall Street bailout.
Bruce Dixon

"There’s no aspect of private life that Progressives won’t regulate. Andrew Napolitano has said, "The air you breathe, the water you drink, the size of your toilet tank, the water pressure in your shower . . . are all regulated by federal law."

"Progressives" always call for more regulation of the free market, and the current crisis is no different.

Yet, for nearly a century, the Federal Reserve System has escaped the Progressive regulatory impulse. Progressives decline to subject Federal Reserve policy to even an audit. Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul observes, "Congress, although not by law, essentially has given up all its oversight responsibility over the Federal Reserve."

The Progressive neglect to oversee the Federal Reserve might be ideologically consistent were the Fed a non-profit agency, but the Fed is a cartel of commercial banks consisting of the very crony-capitalist interests that Progressives normally oppose.

Libertarians are outraged because government grants the Fed a monopoly to counterfeit – and shouldn’t such political favoritism outrage Progressives too?"
Joe Schembrie

Question: Why does the word "reform" out of a politician's mouth always preface a scheme for putting bureaucrats in charge of our lives?
J.D. Tuccille

Let's remember that what you call a violent past, that was at a time when thousands of people were being murdered by our government every month and those of us who fought to end that war were actually on the right side. So if we want to replay that history, I would reject the whole notion that demonizing me or the Weather Underground is relevant.

The content of the Vietnam protest is a content where there were despicable acts going on, but the despicable acts were being carried out by our government.

I never hurt or killed anyone. I was involved in the anti-war movement. I was a militant. I was part of the militant faction of opposing the war and I've been quoted again and again as saying I don't regret it, and frankly, I don't think we did enough and I don't think we did enough, just as today, I don't think we've done enough to stop these wars and I think we must all recognize the injustice of it and do more.
Bill Ayers

"Ask me not for whom the bell tolls...if you are a NeoCon that would be you."
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


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