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Quotes for Today - Nov. 16, 2008

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference Robert Frost

“One of the good things about everything being so fucked up—about the culture being so ubiquitously destructive—is that no matter where you look—no matter what your gifts, no matter where your heart lies—there’s good and desperately important work to be done.”
- Derrick Jensen

"Let’s face it: Things sucked under George W. Bush. Things will suck under Barack Obama. Things have sucked under every president. Nothing will change until we change our minds. We can’t be as indifferent as those before us. They didn’t think enough about future generations so now we have to work twice as hard. It sucks, I know, but this not an issue of fairness. It’s about survival. "
Mickey Z

"Throughout history millions of people have died due to artificial famines created by other human beings. While walking along a road, weary, plodding legs have given way and a person has collapsed in a pitiful heap on the ground, yet he or she has refrained from stealing. Although a high standard of morality is one reason why the person did not make a last desperate bid for self-preservation, it is not the only reason. Starving people, particularly if they lose their vitality by slow degrees, do not have the moral courage to fight. Knowing the end is sure, they seek refuge in the arms of death. Basing their way of life on incorrect philosophical and religious teachings, they accept their miserable situation as destiny. Perhaps, at that time, if they were led by a spirited leader and inspired by his or her fiery lectures, or if they received guidance about the course of action to take, they would collectively attack the prevailing social structure. In such circumstances, their actions might perhaps be described as immoral, but they certainly would not contravene the dharma of human existence."
Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

Veterans for Peace

"The endgame of the War on the Middle Class is being played out even before Clinton’s NAFTA team sets foot in the White House as they are covertly targeting the United Auto Workers of America. And unfortunately for our union brothers, they are up against the combined power of the Bush administration, the incoming Obama administration, the congressional DLC and New Democrat Council, “Blue Dog” democrats, and the corporate media at large (not to mention the “all-Obama-all-the-time” minions of the “progressive” left)."
Scott Creighton

"The engineers of the economic collapse aren’t finished with you yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to scare you into agreeing to more outright theft of your sovereignty, freedom and wealth.

Make no mistake, none of this is happening by accident. Nor is it happening as a result of “bad” policy, not enough regulation etc. On the contrary, what is unfolding has been planned for decades.

Preposterous you say? Read this, this, this and this."


"THE JEWISH UTOPIA", discovered by the author in an unlisted Jewish collection in the library of the University of Texas, is the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination. It pictures the ultimate "new social order" which the Zionists hope to establish after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends."

U.S. intelligence officials say they have no credible information about potential terrorist or criminal attacks against a weekend summit in Washington of world leaders to deal with the global financial crisis.

In fact, law enforcement officials said they were more concerned about angry protesters, such as people left jobless by the financial meltdown, than they were about terrorists.
Eileen Sullivan

"Thirty-six years ago an airstrike on civilians was captured in a photograph which appeared on the front pages of newspapers everywhere and became world-famous within 24 hours.

It changed the nature and the intensity of the anti-war movement overnight. And some of us thought it had changed humanity forever. What did we know?"
Winter Patriot

"I've consistently held that the attack on Iraq was a War For The Jews, and not a War For Oil, and predicted that no American or British firm would receive any more than a nominal oil exploitation contract in Iraq. There is now a story floating about that Shell is going to receive a huge gas deal in the south of Iraq. Strangely, given the size of the deal, the original announcement caused no change in the share price of Shell, something which should have raised some flags. If you read the story carefully, there is no deal. The Ministry of Oil, no doubt well bribed, is attempting to work behind the backs of the Iraqi Parliament to sneak in the deal. The Iraqi Parliament, and the people of Iraq, won't be happy about it. Watch for the senior and corrupt members of the Ministry of Oil to receive visits from the finest tailors in Baghdad in order to have their necks measured for the inevitable necktie party. Some of the usual suspects - Raw Story and the Washington Times (!) - are doing the spinning, desperately attempting the maintain the delusion that the attack on Iraq was a War For Oil."

If the 'Holocaust' in Nazi Germany (as advertised by Zionists) was not the 'real thing' (ask David Irving or Ernst Zundel, etc.), could the 'real thing' start after the full disclosure of the Zionist Israeli perpetrators of 9/11, constituting an 'Act of War' by Israel against America?

Only one President, Jimmy Carter, has spoken out on the injustice and inhumanity experienced by the Palestinians, and he waited for decades after he was out of office to speak out. Because of that he has faced criticism and censure.
The siege of Gaza is punishing an entire population under the mantle of stopping militant attacks on Israel.
The people in Gaza were already on a razor’s edge of survival. The current shut down by Israel is making an already desperate situation impossible. Imagine yourself and your family and friends after 10 days without food, electricity, medical care or supplies. That is Gaza right now.
Rowan Wolf

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that corruption is going on in here." (Apologies to Claude Rains and the movie, "Casablanca.")

All those American flags Wall Street displays, flapping in the breeze, must mean they're true blue patriotic Americans and wouldn't think of stealing large sums of money, right."
Greg Bacon

"Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has told an Indian audience that Senator Hillary Clinton would make "an outstanding appointment" as America's top diplomat.

The former Secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford administrations says the Obama White House will not be able to pick one international problem and make it a priority. Kissinger suggested the need for new institutions globally to give urgent attention to nuclear proliferation, climate change and energy issues.

Kissinger also warned the incoming administration in Washington that major countries cannot allow Tehran to ignore repeated warnings in response to its threat to acquire nuclear weapons."

"9/11: " ... Oddly enough, SunTrust Banks were the most heavily relied upon by the 9/11 hijackers and no one seems to know how they were able to use false social security numbers and still be able to set up bank accounts. ... There is a link between SunTrust and Atta/Coca Cola and Gulnara or ZeroMax at least in theory and of course, SunTrust is Coca Cola and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is the main player in both those interlinked entities. ... "
Alex Constantine

"Who are the people who secretly run the governments of so-called democracies such as the USA and UK?

One of these people is Sir David Manning.

Sir David Manning, who is Jewish, was in Washington meeting Richard Armitage around the time of 9 11."

Baron David de Rothschild ,while coincidentally in the UAE at the same time the Gordon Brown British delegation was fund raising for the world financial crisis bailout with the oil sheikhs, came out with a definitive and in your face pronouncement about the financial crisis......THE BANKS WILL DELEVERAGE AND THERE WILL BE A NEW FORM OF GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

"The American population meanwhile is moving on the board with authority as it ........BUYS GUNS AND AMMO BY THE MILLIONS AND FOOD BY THE CASE AND IS NO LONGER BUYING GOOGAWS AND PRETTIES NOR CARS........."

"Most of us have heard Obama state that “We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. This alone is enough to send shivers up an informed spine, but it gets even worse when you hear the specifics. Obama intends to use a radical activist group he helped found called “Public Allies” as the model for, as IBD puts it, “. . . his Orwellian program, ‘Universal Voluntary Public Service.

But its “security” mandate will be chilling. In the name of combating garden-variety crime and, more specifically, terrorism, who knows what powers the corps will be granted? Will they one day help enforce an order to seize firearms, if not via direct action then through information gathering? I can’t know exactly, but I do know the powers will be misused.

Over time, the program may be expanded to include a corps for even younger adolescents, perhaps starting at age 13 or 14. As before, I can’t tell you exactly what it will be called, but it won’t be “The Obama Youth” – not officially, anyway. And, certainly by this time, joining it will be the thing the “cool” kids do, sort of like the Boy Scouts’ evil twin."
Selwyn Duke

"Like a vampire arising from the grave, the War Party is back – with a vengeance. Barack Obama has yet to take office, and already the War Party is staking its claim to top national security positions. Robert Gates, who defended the surge and urged us to "stay the course" in Iraq, is almost certain to stay on at the Pentagon. And it looks like war supporter Hillary Clinton is going to be our Secretary of State.
This is change?"

"Bush got his wish—he was a war president and then some. The rest of us were the casualties.

He fought the wars and the wars won."

Gary Brecher

"They just stole 2 Trillion dollars - At least gas is $2.17 a gallon"

"I asked her if she would vote for a candidate who wanted a national health care program. "Vote for him? I'd go down on him!" Voter approval does not get much stronger than that."
Joe Bageant

"Sure I sleep 20 or more hours a day, but at least I don't watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC or NFL football"
quote from my dog Cheyenne

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