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Quotes for Today - Nov. 17, 2008

sunrise in middle TN
"Lines in the sky, Lines on my face.
As above, so below."

UN Official Says Israel's Policies Strengthen Extremists
"As I understand it, Israel and the USA both devote serious resources to fomenting terrorism, and neither country is above fabricating synthetic terror, if some terror happens to be required and none can be found or fomented. Of course they strengthen extremists!

Why? Because they need to have a war going, and to do that, they need to have an enemy, and the enemy must be as inhuman as possible -- capable of enormous and heinous crimes. That's why. If the US and/or Israel ever defeated the extremists, who would they have left to shoot at? Who would sell them the bullets, bombs, and fighter planes they need to protect themselves from the kids in the streets throwing rocks at their tanks?"
Winter Patriot

Define "core" values...

So there’s a lot of things that they have been off on, if they want to go and talk about the core values. But maybe their definition of core values is maybe different. But I mean, so I think it’s all nonsense talk. I think if they just talk about one thing, what do we need now? Now, America needs to be rebuilt, because we haven’t really rebuilt America for decades. So we need to rebuild America, fix the bridges, fix the highways, fix the buildings, tunnels and all of those kind of things we need to do. And then we have to go and create great relationships with our partners overseas, with the world, and to build those relationships again. And we have to take care of health care. We have to take care of our environment. And we have to build an energy future. Those are the things that people want right now. And I know in the poll numbers in America — I mean in California, that’s what the people want.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 16 Nov ‘08

From Ten Bears

The Deadliest Serpent In Office
Obama's "presidency" has not gotten off to a 'great start' as he has already begun to break a great many of his campaign promises, while at the same time over-achieving in his appointment of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff; a decision that causes many to wonder which nation will get first preference from the White House: Will it be the country that Barack supposedly represents, or the one he swore allegiance to before the AIPAC convention in Washington D C?

What is now particularly dangerous is that Benjamin Netanyahu is again in-line to become the next Prime Minister of Israel, which will expand what Rahm will need to do in his capacity at the White House for his actual home-land."
Jim Kirwan

What Congress & the Media Won't Tell You

"America is not a democracy. Popular web sites and "progressive" sites all push for the destruction of this country when they chirp "Our democracy!" America's legal form of government is a constitutional republic. Please learn the difference and stop supporting mob rule. Fisher Ames, a founding father said: "A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way." Benjamin Rush said: "A simple democracy is the devil's own government." John Adams said: "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."
Devvy Kidd

Good Bye and Good Riddance Mr. Bush
"But Bush’s most ominous act as president remains his lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” He created it to foment the Iraq War that killed 4,300 young men and women while it lacerated 32,000 into lives fraught with pain, anguish and missing limbs. While an estimated 150,000 Vietnam veterans committed suicide after service in Vietnam, twenty years from now will bring chilling statistics of how many lives suffered irreversible emotional damage and suicide from war time service in Iraq. The personal carnage already piles up across this country."
Frosty Wooldridge

The Final Confrontation: Will the Israeli Endgame Start With an Attack on the Gaza?

But the endgame for the Israelis is not just the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza; indeed, the invasion of the Gaza will only be a prelude to what Israelis see as the final confrontation with their arch-enemy, Iran. The Israeli hope is to coordinate their invasion of the Gaza Strip with an attack on Hezbollah which will be provoked by some action, real, or far more likely, imaginary or false flagged, that Hezbollah undertake against Israel. All-out war between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah, so the Israelis hope, will then draw in Syria, then US, and then, hopefully, Iran who will be accused of supplying and arming Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Damian Lataan

Another Act of Treason: George W. Bush 'Outed' Valerie Plame

"Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan has revealed that it was George W. Bush himself who authorized Dick Cheney to 'out' Valerie Plame. When he is no longer President, Bush will not be able to 'pardon' himself for the many 'counts' of high treason that will be charged him. Bush must therefore move to pardon himself while he is still in the White House but doing so will prove his guilt! Innocent folk don't 'pardon' themselves of serious crimes.

If anything said by Bush at any time about anything has ever been true, then why did Bush oppose the creation of the 911 commission? What was he afraid of?

Why did the Bush administration oppose the creation of a 911 Commission? Why did Bush interfere consistently with the 911 commission when it was, at last, created despite his objections?

Why was 911 forensic evidence destroyed?

Why did Bush sell off WTC steel?

Why did Bush lie about his own activities on 911?

Why did Bush claim to have seen the first plane strike the first tower when there was no live coverage of the event? If he saw it, how could he have seen it? How was that possible? The 'official conspiracy theory' cannot explain it. It was a miracle. Perhaps Bush was psychic!

Why was Dick Cheney supervising a 'scenario' that gamed precisely what, in fact, really happened? How could he have done that?

What are the odds that this incredible and absolutely amazing event would occur for real and on the very day that it was 'gamed'? Perhaps Cheney was likewise 'psychic' or had supernatural powers!

Dick Cheney was in a perfect position to have supervised the act of high treason and mass murder that we now call 911. Put Dick Cheney under oath. Demand that he explain his famous 'stand down' order given to Norman Mineta! Indict Dick Cheney upon the probable cause that, on Bush's behalf, he supervised the crime of 911."
Len Hart

The black "insiders" and the Obama administration

"The Obama presidential campaign carefully cultivated the illusion that an African American president would prove sympathetic to the plight of average working people. However, the social layers that Obama represents have different class interests; far from being sympathetic to the conditions of the working class or the poor, they have used their connections to take advantage of the very people they claim to defend."
Lawrence Porter

HuffPost shills for Rahm Emanuel
"The damage control team for Rahm Emanuel has been assembled since the moment he was appointed, beginning with a television media blitz that attempted to shape his mainstream public image. However online where the public is a bit more astute, Emauel's image is a total disaster. Enter James Zogby: Rahm Emanuel's left gatekeeper."

Worse Than the Great Depression?
"Essentially, the idea of "a new financial order that includes new monetary units that (will help) wipe clean the world's debt ledgers." At best, it will be a tough sell given that the US, by far, is the world's largest debtor and the one most in need of help. The urgency for all others is that if America sinks, it'll drag down all world economies with it, so it's possible some kind of solution will be arranged. But it's not assured, nor can it be ruled out that the summit will be stalemated as every nation has its own concerns and its own constituency to serve.

Larry Edelson believes that key US officials, including Fed chairman Bernanke, Treasury secretary Paulson, and president-elect Obama back the idea, and (most but not all) key world central bankers and politicians agree that a new monetary system is needed."
Steve Lendman

Relax, the super-rich will take care of us
"Anyway, how fucking nice of Messieurs Gates and Buffett. Two of the richest men in the world, who have dicked half the planet are now applying the soteriological (cool word, huh? It means the science of attaining and maintaining good health, but it also playing at being a savior) script of the trickle down theory. They unzip their flies and dribble some wealth upon the needy. Oh hallejuha, the market metes out such sweet justice. And the media cheers the Gates-Buffett initiatives and we dumb proles marvel at what wonderful folks they are.

The very notion that the poor and the rest of us should have to depend on the good graces of the super-rich rather than on the ministrations of our common government or of religious institutions amounts to nothing more than serf-like gratitude for the feudal lord's dogs being allowed to lick our sores. Such acts of bourgeois oblige, show what pitiful dupes we are.

Goodbye medical care. Goodbye social services. We've got the super-rich to depend on, by golly! Those same guys fucking up civilization and the planet will surely take care of us. The very processes of western corporate capitalism ensures they will always have plenty of misery to alleviate. For example, western economic policies and health pandemics are directly connected. Billy and Warren can send their minions to pass out plague pills (Make 'em promise to buy an Xbox!)."
Joe Bageant

Interesting timing on that insider trading charge
Mark Cuban, celebrity businessman of "Dancing with the Stars" fame, the Dallas Mavericks and several movie roles, has been charged with insider trading. Says Wired:
The complaint claims that in 2004 Cuban learned of a private offering of (now known as Copernic) that would decrease the value of his 600,000 shares. It says he then sold off his stake and as a result, reportedly saved $750,000.
Coincidentally, I'm sure, Cuban recently bankrolled the site,, which is tasked with tracking the distribution of the federal government's $700 billion boondoggle ... err ... bailout.

Not that I'm making any accusations, but ... Interesting timing, that."
J.D. Tuccile

America Has Become an Obama-Nation
"We take up 54% of the entire world’s military budget. The Russians take 6% as do the Chinese, our closest competitors. Like I said, we don’t need another politician to sign trillion dollar military budgets; we need a statesman that will call an end to this so-called sham called “The Global War on Terrorism” that is costing us our nation’s future. The pitiful fact is that the Republicrats that managed to worm their way into office in the longest, most boring election ever; one that that had no substance at all, and they don’t seem to be planning anything that even resembles “change”.

Frankly, I’m sick to death of fighting proxy wars for AIPAC and the right wing Israeli government while we fill up advisor positions in the Federal Government with dual Israeli-American citizens. Israel used to resemble our 51st State, but now it seems we have been annexed by those in power in Tel Aviv. Saying anything unkind about Israel is blasphemy and political suicide in Washington. We must all genuflect and bow our heads to the Jewish right wing that also happens to be the minority of Jews in this country who are actually left leaning liberals."
Tim Gatto

"The beauty of the leaves last days hint at not only the coming depths of winter but the promise of the rebirth of spring."

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