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Quotes for Today - Nov. 20, 2008


The Exoneration of Jimmy Carter...And a Challenge to Harvard Law School's Bigot Numeral Uno
"Alan Dershowitz is kind of a braggart. He recently bragged that he was instrumental in the decision not to invite former President and weapon of mass humanitarianism, Jimmy Carter, to Obama's Democratic convention. He also bragged that he was once permitted to observe a targeted assassination in progress of a suspected Palestinian Freedom Fighter. Right up until the time they pulled the trigger on the poor guy. I guess the Israeli's didn't want to implicate Israel's self designated criminal offense attorney in this international war crime and asked him to leave at the critical moment.

How much does it cost those Zionist contributors each year to keep him in the hot dog seat at Harvard? Its got to be expensive. But rest assured this criminal is still free. Free to slander one of America's greatest humanitarians."
Liberal White Boy

Jimmy Carter: Friend or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

"To those of us who are working to abolish Zionism (i.e. the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews from their native home in Palestine in order to make Israel a Jewish state based on an exclusively Jewish sovereignty and at least an 80% Jewish population) this raises a question: Is Jimmy Carter our friend or our foe? Does his use of the word "apartheid" to describe Israel's occupation--something no other establishment American politician has ever done--mean that Carter, unlike all the others, is our friend, helping us to turn U.S. public opinion against our government's pro-Israel foreign policy? Or is he pretending to be our friend--and agreeing to be sidelined at events like the Democratic Convention in order to make his friendship more credible--because he is really a wolf in sheep's clothing?"
John Spritzler via Revelations

Quotes From Zionists

"We came here to a country that was populated by Arabs and we are building here a Hebrew, a Jewish state; instead of the Arab villages, Jewish villages were established. You even do not know the names of those villages, and I do not blame you because these villages no longer exist. There is not a single Jewish settlement that was not established in the place of a former Arab Village." – Moshe Dyan, March 19, 1969, speech at the Technion in Haifa, quoted in Ha’aretz, April 4, 1969.
see more here at News From the West

China Has Carbon Credits To Sell Due To Aborted Babies?
"It seems that if you lower your population by not allowing human beings to be born, you save on carbon emissions. Great theory, eh? Chris Horner claimed that China had said publicly that their family planning policies had lead to their having these carbon credits and a smaller carbon footprint.

Carbon credits are a farce. Common sense tells any sane person that money doesn’t buy away pollution. So China wants a pat on the back and to have their policy looked at with favor for a theory that is bullshit. Watch for the changes coming in the new Kyoto treaty next year which President-elect Barack Obama already supports."
On Freedom's Wings

Hamilton's Curse and the Death of the Dollar Standard

Dick Cheney wasn't the first Vice President to shoot somebody: Aaron Burr is depicted here shooting and mortally wounding Alexander Hamilton during their 1804 duel in Weehawken, New Jersey, an "affair of honor" that came a couple of decades too late to save America from a lot of economic misery.

"Wisdom dictates that we preserve what we've earned by withdrawing from the dollar system (to the extent that we can), learn how to protect it and those close to us from predators both private and public, and find suitable refuge as we witness the death throes of the existing order."
William Grigg

Organ donation could still be made automatic, Gordon Brown says

"While (the task force) are not recommending the introduction of a presumed consent system, as I have done, I am not ruling out a further change in the law. We will revisit this when we find out how successful the next stage of the campaign has been."
Gordon Brown via Strike the Root

An OpEd in my university's student newspaper
"Just because marijuana is illegal, that does not mean that it is immoral. Slavery was legal, yet immoral. Many other contradictory cases exist. It is easy to believe that one should not do something because the law prohibits it; but sometimes that is not enough.

One of the best arguments I have heard against smoking marijuana is that since it is illegal, instead of sitting in a room smoking, why don't people go out and do something to make it legal? This is a great argument and there are groups on campus to join such as Students for Sensible Drug Policy."
Jes via Drug War Rant

Why did the Democrats forgive Joe Lieberman?
"If you thought about Joe Lieberman for a few seconds you would get a sneaking suspicion that he is more pro Israel than pro USA.
The old PNAC plan called for America to do Israel's dirty work for it, by attacking Iraq, Iran and Syria, in that order, no less.
The old PNAC plan called for America to do Israel's dirty work for it, by attacking Iraq, Iran and Syria, in that order, no less.
The democrats bravely voted Joe out of the Environment and Public Works Committee (no bearing on Israel, national security and law enforcement).
But they cowed, and let him keep his chairmanship (he is the boss of) the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
It came from on high that Joe must stay as the boss of the United States Security."
American Goy

Irony of ironies? 2001 anthrax recipient appointed Puppet Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services

"Just when you thought that the ongoing saga of the President-elect Obama puppet show couldn't get any more bizarre, it has now been reported that former Senator Tom Daschle has been appointed Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Before the attacks (and 9/11), the entire Bush Administration had suspiciously gone on the anthrax antibiotic, Cipro, and was attempting to ram the treasonous Patriot Act through Congress, of which both Daschle and Leahy were opposed to. Had they themselves and the entire nation not been terrorized by the anthrax attacks, Daschle and Leahy could have stopped the Patriot Act from being hoodwinked into law.

Is the appointment of Dashle to head the same department that is currently gearing up for a full blown anthrax epidemic be a mere coincidence? Is this some sort of a bizarre quid pro quo between Daschle and the criminal elites that are running this country? One could never be sure, but one thing is certain, strange times await us."

Disappearing Act

"The marks will be hustled and the snake oil supplies depleted (until they can make up a new batch for the next show). But here's what they'll be doing with the hidden hand as our attention is redirected by their stage moves and incantations: They'll make liberty disappear a little bit more. They'll reinforce the hypnotic suggestion that the average person is just too untrustworthy and incompetent to keep and bear arms, and that they, the ruling class and their enforcers, are the "only ones" qualified to possess them."
David Codrea

Shameless in London, obscene in Israel, stupid in Ramallah

"The decision by the Buckingham palace to bestow an honorary knighthood on Israeli President Shimon Peres should be viewed as a blatant disregard for propriety and moral conduct by Queen Elizabeth II and the British government. It is also a definitive sign of the decadence of our time.

The symbolic honorary title, we are told, is accorded to people who have made distinguished accomplishments in various fields, ranging from world peace to scientific achievements.

In the past few decades, however, the honorary knighthood was often bestowed on decidedly evil people who carry on their hands the blood of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people."

Khalid Amayreh via The Peoples Voice

Requiem For A Lost Nation
"It is difficult to be inclined to the slightest wonderment at the defeat of John McCain and the Republican Party. This guy ran the most inept campaign in history. If I were a betting man I would bet that he was actually bribed by those with inimical vested interests to throw the campaign as a prizefighter throws a fight."
Jim R. Schwiesow

The Mechanism of Silence

"Regarding the events and mechanisms of the actual 9/11 conspiracy, I am often asked how a plot of such proportions has been able to be kept secret. Shouldn't there be dozens of "whistle blowers" revealing the true developments of 9/11? Not necessarily – not if the "whistle blowers" are blocked by effective implicit and explicit mechanisms.

First and foremost, I would cite the most significant implicit mechanism, the "Spiral of Silence," a theory postulated by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, a researcher in the field of communications. Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann was originally a journalist writing for the Nazi news publication, Das Reich, but was, incidentally, permanently suspended at Goebbel’s instruction. Noelle-Neumann’s position as a researcher gave her an insight into the following dangerous, totalitarian mechanism: People suspect, sense and anticipate the opinion that is expected of them and keep their lips shut tight. And the more people stay silent, the greater the pressure to stay silent in the future. Finally, it becomes unthinkable to lay hands on a solidified view. The time factor is also enormously important in breaking through the Spiral of Silence; the longer one waits, the harder it gets."
Gerhard Wisneswki via Facts not Fairies

Marketing 101: Selling Israel for almost 50 years

"The Committee on Information and Public Relations of the American Zionist Council
carries on a major part of its work through highly specialized subcommittees composed of professionals in specific areas of activity who volunteer their services to the American Zionist Council. It is the subcommittee chairmen who have been instrumental, for the most part, in mobilizing these experts to serve with them to help interpret Israel to the general American public."
A. Peasant

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