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Remove 'Israel First' Lieberman Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, and former Vice Presidential Candidate, dubbed the moral conscience of the Senate when he took to the Senate floor to upbraid Bill Clinton on his immorality. While he’s confused as to party loyalty, he’s not confused as to his primary allegiance to Israel, not America.

Joe Lieberman wants to keep his status and committees and caucus with the Democrats. He has been a fear-monger and someone who has promoted a dangerous, reckless false choice between American relations with Israel and other parts of the Middle East. He is a devout neoconservative who has been a key enabler of many of the most nefarious groups that promoted the Iraq War and who want a series of new wars in the region.

But more than that, he strongly supported someone a heartbeat away from the presidency who knew virtually nothing about America's place in the world, who knew nothing of American history and its leaders and conventions and founders.

Lieberman is dangerous on so many levels -- and he has not apologized for any of his positions or offered any explanation that should make Americans feel comfortable with this Senator in the next four years as Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security.


Outcasted Likud Senator Joe Lieberman will be caucusing with the Ghoulish Ol’ Pedophile party:

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has reached out to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) about the prospect of joining the Republican Conference, but Lieberman is still bargaining with Democratic leaders to keep his chairmanship, according to Senate aides in both parties.

“They’ve been talking,” McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said.

A Lieberman aide cautioned that “Sen. Lieberman’s preference is to stay in the caucus, but he’s going to keep all his options open. McConnell has reached out to him, and at this stage, his position is he wants to remain in the caucus but losing the chairmanship is unacceptable.”

This came a day after Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate, gave Lieberman a strong talking to after he spent the past 6 months campaigning for John McCain and holding the Democratic party hostage. A transition to the Republicans will be a natural fit for the Israeli spy who was banished from the Democrats after he refused to put American interests in front of Israeli national security.


Lieberman - the Israeli agent in our midst

Lieberman is a mealy-mouthed, snake in the grass - a war-mongerer and has loyalties to the State of Israel that dictate his actions at every level.

American blood means nothing to him in pursuit of his Zionist agenda.

Several times during rallies and speeches, Lieberman can be seen, quite clearly and deliberately, standing behind and within inches of McCain - all in support of belligerent US military ventures which would have been McCain's chief foreign policy tool - much to the delight of Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman is yet another Israeli spy/agent within the highest levels of the US government that has worked tirelessly to pervert American policy and priorities, making them indistiguishable from Israeli policies and priorities.

Stunning, that seven years on, this critical reality has yet to be openly tied to the horrible attacks of 911. But use caution. To do so is to be anti-semitic, to be a hate-mongerer, a bigot, or worse - a racist.

What a way to frame the debate by making the discussion off limits.

by Michael McCoy


LIEberman must go!

Hear hear!

Write your Congressmen and women! (The Democratic Party members, that is.)

Homeland Security is full of Israeli dual-passport individuals. (Once a Mossad - always a Mossad.) People that are still bound to another country should not be in sensitive positions in our government and getting paid with our tax-dollars.

by szn46



Go Back to Israel Joe

Joe Lie-berman is an Israel firster and a scumbag of the first order.

Go back to Israel Joe, your ilk are not wanted here anymore.

If Israelis ever want peace, they need to get rid of AIPAC.

If Americans ever want peace in the Mideast they need to get rid of AIPAC.

I will be proud of the day when Obama will put the interest of America before the interest of Israel and not be crucified for it. It's a shame that American politicians are selected, not on their commitment to the best interests of America, but by vowing to put the interests of a foreign nation, Israel, first. The oath of allegiance that I said everyday in school was not to Israel, or any country but America.

Why are we still unconditionally, unquestioningly, unendingly still financing Israel ? My tax dollars are still funding the illegal settlements in the West Bank and the apartheid oppression of the Palestinian people. Cutting their aid would make the Israel's do something, finally, after 60 years. I'm sick and tired of my tax money giving every Israel $1500.00 per capita while our own go without.

Why are we still letting AIPAC define Middle East foreign policy ? Iran nuclear transparency, means Israel better be transparent too. It's time for the US to stop the hypocritical, double standard of protecting Israel while demonizing a member of the NNPT and who allows IAEA inspections. Israel does not.

Israel warmongering through AIPAC has killed 4000+ US people in Iraq and now they want us to do their dirty work in Iran.

Those AIPAC members who demand that Israel's war crimes never be mentioned, that the Nakba is somehow anti-Semitic, and that Israel should not have to adhere to the same international nuclear regulation that is being demanded of Iran only demonstrate their ignorance and fascist tendencies when it comes to any type of open discussion of Israel. Israel refused to allow 7 Palestinian Fullbright scholarship recipients to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Israel has violated international law and countless U.N. resolutions for decades. The Cold War is over and Israel does not offer the U.S. anything other than hampering any positive steps toward a Middle East peace and a viable Palestinian State. Israel receives one fifth of all U.S. foreign aid and yet the country is the size of Rhode Island. That money needs to be spent on America's infrastructure. It is time for the U.S. to stop the blind support of a rogue nation and cease all financial assistance to a country that continues to refuse to abide by the E.U. and U.S. 'road map".

The goal of the Israeli lobby in America,AIPAC,is to falsify, manipulate,stifle, and color discussion,debate,and our beliefs and perceptions of who is our "enemy" and who is our "friend" by deliberate obstructionism and McCarthyism.Israel and fifth-columnists in America have largely controlled our "free press" to limit the truth about the occupation and the Palestinian struggle to end the repression,apartheid,occupation,illegal colonization (settlements),collective punishment and abuse of ALL Palestinians by Israeli forces and "settlers". There will be no peace with AIPAC in existence.

The ever growing power of this group of extremist fifth-columnists to subvert OUR foreign policy in their supposed interest, at the expense of OUR real interests, is a clear and present danger to the United States. AIPAC and the other numerous pro-Israel groups like JINSA, AEI, & PNAC also subvert our electoral process to such an extent that if a candidate does not kowtow to this group of war-mongers, they will be attacked in the most extreme vitriolic manner, witness their vicious attacks on Pres Jimmy Carter and professors Walt and Mearsheimer. ANY criticism of Israel or its racist policies & occupation/colonization (theft) of Palestinian land is met with howls of outrage & the worn out charge of "anti-Semitism". The ugliness of their attacks is representative of their mistreatment of the Palestinians under the brutal occupation and policies of collective apartheid.

It is time for the U.S. to stop the blind support of a rogue nation and cease all financial assistance to a country that continues to refuse to abide by the E.U. and Quartet 'road map", UN sanctions, Geneva conventions, IAEA and NNPT rules, and continues the inhuman, apartheid treatment of the Palestinians.

Good news? There will be when the Israel recognize a two-state solution, a separation between their country and this one, the United States.

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