Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Say it ain't so Bo

Barack Obama (Bo as I call him) will most likely continue with the Clintonization of the new administration with......a Clinton.

The Guardian appears to be the first to go out on limb and state this.

Shills for the Clintons and their criminal regime who set the stage for the Bush boys and girls to plunder the nation will no doubt applaud this as progress and hope.

I call it two steps backwards, no steps forward.

Those who will work on Clinton's staff had better take care. Just ask Vince Foster.

Hillary has those qualities that should make her follow up to Condi Rice a smooth transition.

She's a good liar, knows how to keep her detractors at bay, is beholden to all the big money interests, definitely a good friend to Israel and never met a war she did not love.

She and her husband also have more than a few skeletons in their closet so that if she steps out of line..... let the blackmail begin.

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. On and on. Those born after 1980 have never known anything different if you count the Reagan figurehead years.

Is this a republic or an oligarchy?

Watch your back fellows, Hillary is 4th in line.

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