Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Obama Phenomena

My Obama Checklist

Here is what I hope is possible now in an Obama administration:

1) End the Racist War on Terrah - Stop murdering Muslims in Afghanistan. Stop calling people defending their homes from invaders 'Al Queda'.

2) Full 9/11 Investigation - Bring the real perpetrators of 9/11 - whatever their nationality - to a court of law. Admit that Osama Bin Laden is dead and Mulims did not do 9/11.

3) Repeal The Patriot Act.

4) Reopen the Anthrax investigation and bring the American citizens who did this to justice.

5) Dismantle all permanent bases and leave Iraq.

6) Massive investment in Solar and Wind power.

7) cut all foreign aid except for humanitarian food and disaster relief.

8) single payer national healthplan

7) eliminate lobbying and corporate funded elections

8) instant run-off paper trail voting beginning in 2012

Thats just for warmups - should keep you busy for a couple of months in 2009.....


on 05 Nov 2008

I do not understand all the hoopla. The very same people who brought us the unnecessary war of choice in Iraq to knock off an enemy of Israel still OWN Obama, just as they OWN Bush. Nothing has changed. The USA will still fund the evil settlers, and the USA will still refuse to DEMAND Israel comply with decades old UN Security Council resolutions. Obama will grovel before AIPAC, and fool Biden will think he is smart by labeling himself a Zionist. America MUST throw off the evil yoke of Zionism……only then will we be free again. Just ask Addington and Perle……

From: Thomas Paine's Corner

A Day of Rejoicing for the Empire


'Israel Fears... Peace'

Yes, I've misrepresented a headline, but here's the actual one: "Israel fears Obama may make peace with Iran." Wait: Maybe in it's in our interest to end 30 years of saber-rattling with a regional power? And maybe, as Trita Parsi reminds us, the idea of Islamofascism has been promoted by Israel and its defenders so we don't see the absence of democracy for Palestinians under Israeli control?

Philip Weiss


Nepos Libertas's blog

With Barack Obama being president-elect in the historic election, the cries of cheers and joy compliment the celebration as though a new era has dawned.

Amid the noisy celebration, one thing begs the uncertain question.

Will Obama move away from Neoconservative mandate of the perfidious and disastrous Bush 43 administration to introduce the new progressive ideologies that will see America return to its greatness in rapid economic and moral recovery, or . . .

Will he embrace Neoliberal philosophy?

I assume you know the meaning of Neoconservativism, but you may ask what is Neoliberalism?

My summary in clarification is this:

Neoliberalism is the yang to the the ying of Neoconservativism in duality beholden to entrenchment of power by the plutocrat-oligarchy that govern America's Manifest Destiny.

Whereas Neoconservative ideology collide with brutal nature of reality -- which resulted in epic proportion of disaster that forced the U.S. to endure fiscal and moral turbulencies in prolonged suffering since the ill-fated 2003 invasion of Iraq -- that led to the demise of Republican stranglehold on the executive and legislative branches, Neoliberal ideology rises from the ashes of failed Neoconservative ideals.

The resurgence of Neoconservative philosophy under the guise of Neoliberal is reminiscent of a phoenix given a new power in charting the new, albeit slightly different, political realm with lessons learned from the failures incurred by narcissistic disposition and willful ignorance insistent on imposing imperialistic thinktank fantasies. The fantasies that reality ultimately vanquished with the counterproductive consequences of economic-financial hemorrhage, moral turpitude and tarnished reputation of a once-great nation mixed with sane and God-fearing ignorant masses whose direction on the United States' destiny is confounding in need of 'wise' guidance not by the elected representative but by the ruling Elite that consider the majority of the American people too stupid to be allowed to rule.

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Can Obama's Win Lead to Meaningful Health Care Reform

by: Mike Adams (Natural News)

For starters, in the last eight years, President George W. Bush has managed to leave behind a God-awful mess. The nation is embroiled in two wars, a cascading banking crisis, out-of-control debt spending, an unprecedented health care crisis, an environmental mess and an international relations reputation that's downright disastrous. Its economy is in serious trouble, its manufacturing base is all but gutted, and its citizens are far less free today than they were eight years ago, thanks to the ill-named Patriot Act and all the fear mongering that followed 9/11.

Is Obama being set up?

Any person thinking they can waltz into the White House and fix these issues needs to have their head examined. In fact, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the half-dozen or so men who actually control the world have allowed Obama to win this election in order to have a convenient scapegoat for upcoming economic disasters. What better way to discredit the very idea of a black President than to make sure the Titanic starts sinking under his watch?

Of course, that's the conspiracy theory viewpoint on all this. The Optimists Club viewpoint says that Obama will solve real problems for our nation. And while I could write an entire article on the justified skepticism about any one President being able get much of anything done in our present political environment, in the spirit of positive change, I'm going to focus instead on offering suggestions for how we can revolutionize our national health care system under an Obama presidency.

The days of Big Pharma dominance may be ending

Here's an important question: Could an Obama presidency prioritize meaningful FDA reform and the restoration of health freedoms for all Americans?

Without question, there's more chance of this happening under Obama than McCain, but let's also remember that Big Pharma is all of a sudden funneling tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of Democrats, and there's one simple truth about Washington that transcends all political parties: Money buys influence.

And Big Pharma has more money than you can imagine (thanks, in part, to the Bush-sponsored Big Pharma ripoff of America over the last eight years).

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by David Codrea
It is what it is. The spawn of the Chicago political machine has won, bringing with him all that implies.

The election results could not bode more seriously for gun owners. Get ready for a renewed push for gun control, unlike anything we've seen since the Clintons ruled.



The Red Telephone is Ringing Off the Hook--in a Good Way!

If Obama was elected by the rest of the world, his mandate would clearly have been to:

* End the failed "war on terror" (The vast majority of whom believe has not weakened Al Qaeda, if not having made AQ stronger.)

* Support a robust diplomatic solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program and other U.S. and Israeli grievances. This would include recognizing Iran's right to enrich uranium on its own soil, and the international community's right to vigorous safeguards and transparency on the scope of its nuclear program.

* Withdraw completely from Iraq in a matter of months

*Support a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by not taking sides and instead recognizing each people's right to self-determination (That means not taking a position that "Jerusalem must remain undivided". To imply that only Israelis have a claim to Jerusalem is an alarmingly radical position in Israel--not to mention the rest of the globe. Even President Bush has maintained that Palestinians have a claim to Jerusalem. Moreover that it is an issue for Israelis and Palestinians to decide in final status negotiations--not U.S. presidential candidates pandering to certain voters.)

Of course the rest of the world could only watch, as Americans voted for Obama with one principle mandate: to fix the rapidly deteriorating economy.

Obama has made no commitments to ending the war on terror--Bush's legacy. We have a lot of work to do folks to make this mandate one of peace. To tell the Obama administration that "ending the war in Iraq" doesn't mean bringing home 20,000 troops--it means bringing them all home and giving Iraqis back their country.
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Memo to Obama

Resist that impulse. Stand behind bulletproof glass. And make sure you assign the most paranoid Secret Service agents to your detail.

Oh Obama Don't Break My Heart

From: WritingHannah


  1. My humble musical letter to President Obama:

    Hannah Friedman