Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the Day

The Fall of Nothing - Artist: Mario Sánchez Nevado

The long drawn out affair of the scam two party system comes to it's conclusion.

One interesting nightmare ends, another one begins.

What began for many of us as a stand up to the message of Dr. Ron Paul, now becomes another "lesser of two evils" charade.

Same as it ever was.

What now?

The broad spectrum of the alternative media has the message now. As varied as it is, all is needed is cooperation, plus the ability to separate ourselves from the shills and disinformation that pervade the movement.

The main stream media is ethically dead. We know who pays their bills.

It's up to people of conscience not to give in to the psyops and propaganda of the coming months and to overcome our perceived differences.

Our differences are minuscule compared to what we need to accomplish.

The left/right up/down paradigm is dead. It's up to us tell the story. The dead must not re-animate.

Kick the lies to the side of the road and let's go on.

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