Tuesday, November 11, 2008

U.S. Military Goes to Israel

Signs of more war to come or just profiteering. An $89 billion gig for the American war machine.

The first time in the country's 60-year history that Israel has allowed a foreign military presence to be based here.

U.S. Sends 'X-Band' Missile-Detecting Radar to Israel

The U.S. has installed X-band radar in Israel to provide early warning for missile launches from Iran, sending 120 American technicians and security guards to man the machines.

JERUSALEM, Israel — The U.S. is providing Israel with high-powered X-band radar capable of detecting missile launches up to 1,500 miles away — and sensitive enough to detect small- and medium-range missiles being fired from Iran and Syria.

The radar will grant Israel about 60-70 seconds more warning time when missiles are launched. The system's massive range means targets as far away as southern Russia can be monitored.

Source: Our favorite cheerleader for war and Israel - Fox News


Obama and Israel, Joined at the Hip

From Mary Rizzo
article by
George Thompson Nov 10th, 2008 at 23:29

Palestine Think Tank


Obama sure didn’t waste any time turning his back on his base. He has already selected Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff designate. Who is Rahm Emanuel? Well he’s the Congressman from 5th district of Illinois which covers most of the north side of Chicago. He’s Jewish. He’s a neoliberal. He’s a Zionist. He’s a member of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and he was part of the board at the time of the Freddie Mac debacle. He is also, not surprisingly, a huge proponent and supporter of AIPAC and the Jewish lobby. Now I knew Obama was pro-Israel but he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and is already shilling for Israel on bended knee. This is a terrible and definitive signal. War with Iran and Pakistan are inevitable now, not as if they weren’t before.

Black people helped to elect a man who supports genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people. Their struggle is our struggle. It is the struggle of people of color against the white power structure all over the world and we have turned a deaf ear to their pleas. Why? Because the Bible, a brainwashing book of lies and myths, says that Jews are God’s chosen people. Nothing could be further from the truth. What God of righteousness would choose one people over another? The very suggestion is asinine. Neither is it any indication that God chose to deliver his message through the Jewish people. It is simply a lie but blacks believe it because it’s in the Bible, which most of us consider the word of God. Hence we question nothing done by Israel for fear of heavenly backlash. The rest of us fear being labeled an anti-Semite, a term that literally doesn’t even make sense. Obama’s win was not a victory for change. It was a victory for more of the same. Don’t believe me? Sit back and watch for four years while blacks make excuses for him.

Obama, with his selection of Emanuel, has already demonstrated that he has no intention of changing anything. If he did he would have chosen someone else. Military expansionism and US imperialism will continue unabated but Americans don’t care as long as it benefits our standard of living and reinforces our nativist, exceptionalist outlook on the rest of the world. Americans need enemies so that we can feel like our government is protecting us when in fact it’s been nothing but false flag after false flag by our government to keep us in fear of the dark. Our enemies are invented so that the military industrial complex can make a profit. There is nothing complex about that. And don’t count on an independent investigation into 9/11 either since Israel was at the helm of that. The media blackout will continue, even though most of us already know the sordid truth.



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