Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What’s in the Moment Now?

November 10, 2008

by Jim Kirwan


This nation just went through its most euphoric celebration in perhaps at least a decade, if not a century. Yet as we begin to unwrap the package that we got just six days ago; there appear to be a number of surprises that might just turn this ‘treasure’ into an expansion of our former political and cultural nightmares. The truth of what we did is still buried in the fine print and obscured by a new administration that apparently cannot, or will not, trust us with the truth.

I watched the morning talk shows, because our own IDF vet was the featured speaker and the clear result was that Emanuel is not an accomplished public speaker. He is a humanoid version of the tape-recorder, a one-way communication device that 'speaks' but will not answer anything that anyone else might ask of him, regardless of how simply the questions that are asked.

If this is what the administration wants to put forward as it's new day in Camelot - then they need to go all the way back to the drawing boards. Rahm might have been very effective in the cloakrooms of congress, with his serpentine glazed-eyes that probably also worked well when confronting Palestinians at check-points: but it is a total turnoff for Americans that need to have simple answers given to them, from what has become the overbearing police-state that Rahm is now a major part of.

Rahm’s performance had more in common with speaking to a coroner about the condition of a body, than it did with someone being asked to comment on what lies ahead for the besieged population of this nation.

Emanuel’s background is finally beginning to leak to the public that he will supposedly be representing, when he prioritizes Obama’s official and unofficial schedules. There are huge problems with Emanuel’s qualifications, because history reveals clearly divided loyalties that were not freely given to the public, in advance of his appointment. This is a clear failure of the media and the FBI to perform due diligence in vetting this man and his past.

In many major cities around the country some of our most influential bankers and stock-brokers routinely take a two-year leave of absence to return to Israel to do their two-year tours in the Israeli armed forces, after which they return to this country and continue with their otherwise high profile careers. Any tour-of-duty in the IDF involves dealing with the Palestinians militarily, or at least it has for the last thirty-five years. That means that serving in Israel’s IDF requires a first hand awareness of, if not the actual killings of, the same Palestinians that Israel is responsible for under the Geneva Conventions which Israel does not and has not recognized, since their war with the Palestinians began. Is Rahm Emanuel the right body to be at the elbow of our new ‘best hope’ for the twenty-first century—I think not.

“Emanuel even left the United States to serve in the Israeli army in 1991. A person from any other nation would automatically lose his U.S. citizenship for serving in a foreign military. Why do we let Israelis run our government? What will it take to remove people like Emanuel and Michael Chertoff to prevent them from damaging our American republic even more? The Zionist agents in our government are clearly in the process of accumulating power and not at all afraid of showing it. This is a very dangerous development.

Americans should note that this means a foreigner, an Israeli, i.e. a person with loyalties to Israel, will be running the White House under Barack Obama. The chief of staff effectively controls the people around the president -- he decides who sees him, what he hears, and what he knows. The people surrounding the president report to the chief of staff. Emanuel will be the intellectual handler of President Obama (a continuation of the role he has played for years) and the controller of the White House. How do you think having an Israeli with terrorist roots will affect U.S. relations with Iran, Russia, the Palestinians -- and the rest of the world?”

If this sounds too far-fetched, then what you might not know about ‘what’s coming’ that might very well change your mind.

“It would seem the immediate crisis facing the markets will be one of Obama's biggest hurdles. Millions of investors and worried consumers around the globe have already pinned the blame of our current money problems on Bush, yet Obama's tax and spend policies (his days in the Senate have hardened him into yet another big spend Dem) will only dry out the coffers that much faster, to say nothing about creating new environmental agencies, a domestic Stasi security force, and possibly even the implementation of some form of mandatory national healthcare plan. None of these things are remotely possible without taxing to death what's left of the American taxpayer, who is already bearing the brunt of a multi-trillion dollar national debt (upwards of $500 trillion if you count global derivative markets).

Really the only things Obama has been specific about doing should send chills down the spine of every American, left or right. He has pledged to bring in a new era of environmental policies to combat global warming, which is itself still a contested issue (to say nothing of the costs of how this will be done). He has also pledged to fight crime and terrorism using a 'domestic civilian security force', one that is just as well funded and strong as our military. Do you know what that means if it is put in place? Yes, we're talking an American version of the black shirted fascists of Italy or brown shirted SA of Nazi Germany. The government will actually train and equipment hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans, mainly the young, to spy on their fellow Americans, and possibly even arrest or fine them for using the wrong kind of light bulb, for using too much water during the summer, for buying a gas guzzler car, for having too many children, for eating too much, for daring to criticize the government, so on and so forth. This level of in your face environmentalist whackery has never really been implemented or even debated in our public discourse, but if Obama gets his way, we'll get a crash course in what it's like to be surrounded on all sides by spies, spooks, and green revolution nutjobs who are being paid by the state to be professional snitches and thugs. Rarely have we been faced with the threat of seeing our nation being turned into one giant prison camp with eco-Nazis and censorship mongers running roughshod over our rights and very lives. The New World Order doesn't care one bit about the either the environment or our rights, but will use President Obama as a battering ram to sacrifice our rights on the alter of 'cooperation' and global community.”

“Rahm Israel Emanuel is a supporter of Bush's invasion of Iraq. Emanuel rose to prominence in the Democratic Party as a result of his fundraising connections to AIPAC. A strong supporter of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, he comes from a terrorist family. His father was a member of Irgun, a Jewish terrorist organization that used violence to drive the British and Palestinians out of Palestine in order to create the Jewish state. During the 1991 Gulf War, Rahm Israel Emanuel volunteered to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. He was a member of the Freddie Mac board of directors and received $231,655 in directors fees in 2001. According to Wikipedia, "during the time Emanuel spent on the board, Freddie Mac was plagued with scandals involving campaign contributions and accounting irregularities."

In "Hail to the Chief of Staff," Alexander Cockburn describes Emanuel as "a super-Likudnik hawk," who as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006 "made great efforts to knock out antiwar Democratic candidates."

My despondent friends in the Israeli peace movement ask, "What is this man doing in Obama's administration?"”

Obama’s ascension to power was a step toward racial equality in America on so many different levels. But what this man does is not going to be about race or color: it is about the direction and the degrees of the choices he has already begun to make in preparation for what he is planning to do.

To "CHANGE" any of this the public has to begin to realize that Obama is not god; and that in fact he will be far worse for the average American of whatever color, than we have ever seen before. The 'blank-slate' that Barack appears to be has already been written on in invisible ink. What must begin to happen now is that the public needs to start reading all that has already been written on him and at who, and what he actually is. Some see him as that historical rider of the Pale Horse that brings death and destruction wherever he goes - and as such he is now representing Zionist Israel incarnate.

Our biggest problem now is that this public does not read, and chooses not to know much, if anything, about what is really going on ~ so it is very likely that this love-affair that so many have with the fact of his ascendancy will immunize him and his draconian policies from even being noticed until it is too late to 'call him or his advisors' on any of this new and far more deadly Barbarism. Here’s where Obama and Rahm’s policies are headed now. (4)

Jim Kirwan


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