Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Willyloman on the Gatekeeper OpEdNews

There are a great number of sincere and knowledgeable writers and contributors at OpEdNews.
Criticism of them is not a part of this, it is aimed at the editor and publisher Rob Kall.

Censorship is sometimes justified. I've had to do it here at this blog on occasion when comments advocate violence or are from known trolls with worthless words.

Scott Creighton of American Everyman weighs in on the censorship at OpEdNews and how a so called progressive site manipulates the message.

If a well known site is a gatekeeper, I say expose them.


Posted by willyloman on November 18, 2008
by Scott Creighton
Once proud bastions of critical thinking and informed dissent are quietly transitioning into not so subtlety regulated echo-chambers for “topic positioning” of progressive discourse. It used to be that progressive and liberal “alternative” sites would pride themselves on the free and open exchange of ideas. That was before the run-up to the election and the muting of the far left that followed directly after “their candidate” won. It would seem, that the very same people that criticized the right-wing trolls for not being capable of examining the actions of their president, are in fact suffering from the same ailment themselves; blind, submissive loyalty to “party”. The level of hypocrisy is stunning but not unexpected.

Case in point: Rob Kall, Op Ed News
(Disclaimer: I posted over 25 articles for consideration of publication to Op Ed News. Every one of them was published.
Yesterday, I disagreed with a conclusion that Rob Kall made about blindly supporting the choices being made by Barack Obama. I gave proof that this new Auto Industry Bailout Plan of his and the democrats would likely include forcing undue concessions on the United Auto-Workers of America.
After several other posters on that site left comments that agreed with me, Rob Kall erased the comment I left.
After I had contacted other regulars at Op Ed News, Rob Kall attempted to spin the removal of the labor concern comment by claiming he removed it because of spelling errors. He had also removed a comment I left in response to someone that agreed with me. There were no “spelling errors” in that second comment of mine he removed.
After he read several comments that I left on the site showing that Rob Kall was erasing dissent of his “We MUST support Obama” claim, he realized that the comment that the individual left supporting mine, mentioned my “Watchmen” avatar, and clearly stated he agreed with my position.
So, Rob Kall erased that one as well. There was no “spelling errors” in that person’s comment. He erased it because it agreed with my conclusion.
And that makes Rob Kall a liar as well.
Screenshots of all of this are located at the end of this story as well as the original text of the comment I left for Rob Kall in which I argue that the bailout is fine and dandy, but there is NOTHING that says we have to support Obama’s purely Clintonesque effort at union busting.
The UAW made concessions in 2007 contract negotiations, and there is no need for congress to hand over billions of dollars the Big Three automakers will use for bonuses for the CEOs while forcing the workers to accept less money and benefits.
If Rob Kall wanted to argue this point, he should have in the open discussion forum. Instead he chose to hide any mention of the labor issue.)
I should not be surprised at all by what transpired with Op Ed News. All I had to do was read Rob Kall’s bio on the site. It is all right there for anyone to see.
Rob Kall is a snake oil salesman. Literally.
On his bio page he states the following:
Rob Kall is executive editor and publisher of, President of Futurehealth, Inc, inventor .”
Futurehealth is a “biofeedback” alternative treatment procedure website that sells equipment, books, seminars and so forth, run by Rob Kall.
If you want to understand a little about the “science” of biofeedback treatments, read Snake Oil Science: The Truth about Complementary and Alternative Medicine by by R. Barker Bausell (Oxford 2007). I will give you a little taste of the review.
“The good news for the millions of people who spend billions of dollars on CAM every year is that most of the CAM therapies work. This is an obvious fact, of course. These treatments would have died with the first shamans had there not been a large base of satisfied customers. The bad news is that their effectiveness is weak, temporary, based on subjective rather than objective outcomes, and the evidence that they work for the reasons their advocates claim is either non-existent or very weak. They work but they don’t work any better than a placebo. In fact, Bausell argues, that’s what CAM delivers with each dose of hope it packages-placebos and a few other artifacts unrelated to the hocus pocus or metaphysical beliefs in which these therapies are wrapped.”
The fact is, yes even Snake Oil “worked”. No better than the placebo effect, but it “worked”. The author of this work lumps biofeedback in with such medical marvels as healing touch, homeopathy (water and massively diluted elements), guided trance healing, and so forth. But be my guest and look it up. Apparently it is so “scientific” that even Dr. Phil ran a “biofeedback” clinic for a while.
The other dead giveaway on Rob’s bio page is the second quote I took from it;
“He is a campaign consultant specializing in tapping the power of stories for issue positioning, stump speeches and debates.”
Now what does that mean?
It means he claims to be an expert at “positioning” issues by directing narratives to certain audiences. In short, he lies or omits parts of stories that don’t support his agenda.
His bio links to a site called , a place, again run by Rob Kall, where you can buy CDs and tapes (for $100 a piece) of a conference they had where they taught people that the most important thing for a politician is “story”.
I shit you not.
Read the rest here.

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  1. Opednews has no 501-c-3 (charity fraud), no IRS 990's (tax evasion), no Employer Identification Number (illegal business) and no Newton, Pa. business license (illegal unregulated business.

    The Buck County and Pennsylvania D.A.'s refuse to give a EIN (public information) for Kall or OEN or futurehealth; they also refuse to give a case number... but claim they cannot give out info on an active investigation. In plain English, they cannot give out public charity legitimacy proof. They claim they cannot discuss an 'active' investigation, but neither entity will give out a case number - they are "investigating" off of the books. This is the precise scenario on would encounter when investigating a CIA/Ford Foundation 'news charity'.