Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big Brother is coming to town ♫


My little town doesn't have much over 200 people.

50 miles from the nearest metropolitan area, 20 miles from a college town, 10 miles to the county seat, right in the middle of some great hill country.

One store, a post office and the library. Yes, it's incorporated with a mayor and council but no police protection except for a few random drive by's from the Sheriff's department.

You would think that we might be a step back in time and we are... but time waits for no town.

Homeland security money and a big government desire to control may now give us video surveillance that we thought only the big cities would deserve.

From the local newspaper:

"The Director of the County 911 Service presented a proposal for video surveillance of strategic areas in the city. It seems criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to crime. So to, must those who protect us become more diligent in employing the latest crime-fighting technology. The Council was given the information that will allow 911 Service to be involved on an on-going basis, should the city desire to participate. No action was taken on the proposal but will be brought up for review at next month's meeting."

It looks like we the people of our town have a choice on whether or not put up the spy cameras but he timing is just not right for privacy oriented people.

Relative to our area we're having a crime wave. Theft, armed robbery with injury, vandalism. I've been stolen from myself and only my dog barking stopped a break in next door. I would say our increase in crime reflects what's going on all over the country. A bad economy makes for some bad people.

It seems as if the money to spy is there even as 1 in 6 Tennesseans are on food stamps.

Maybe I should be surprised... but I'm not.



  1. The money is always there. It is just a matter of THEIR priorities of what to spend it on - and you and I are not one of those priorities. We never were.

  2. Don't worry, if you're not guilty of anything, then you shouldn't object to this intrusion.

    We at Big Brother Inc. are there for YOU.

    We want to make your life free of worry about being attacked by those filthy Muslim throat slitters, you know, the same ones who attacked us on 9/11.

    Soon, we'll have RFID chips implanted in people, making everyone easier to track and spy on, but only to make YOU safe.
    Those who object to this tiny measure must be some type of terrorist and will be treated accordingly.

    And if the RFID chips just happen to read your thought processes, relax, after all, you're not guilty of anything... are you?

  3. Guilty...me?
    With pure thoughts and walking that straight line, we'll all be 'safe'.