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Caroline Kennedy and JFK Jr.

Caroline Kennedy Stepping Into Hillary's Shoes?

One thing for sure, Caroline will play the game according to her script. Her uncle Ted showed that a Kennedy could stay alive if they realized they had to bow to the money and brush off the American people.

Had her brother John Jr. not been accidentally killed or assassinated, he would have run and won the NY senate seat in 2000 and Hillary would have been just another washed up ex-first lady. Caroline would have then stayed the princess of our memories and not what she is now, the object of our doubts.

If appointed Caroline, just do as you are told. After all, what's one more dead Kennedy.

The Case Against Princess Caroline


I would like to think the Senate is a repository for people who have achieved something on their own—even if the only thing is the act of running for office, a demand we don’t even seem to be making in this case. Kennedy, whose whole life has been handed to her, is once again about to have her whole life handed to her. Is this what we really want?

source: Eclecticity


Caroline Kennedy Hires Joe Lieberman "Fixer" Josh Isay

In her first move after announcing that she would like to be appointed to the New York Senate seat, Caroline Kennedy has hired "major Democratic fixer Josh Isay."

Isay did the honors for Joe Lieberman during his general election race against Ned Lamont, after Lieberman withdrew from the Democratic party and ran as a member of the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party.

It's telling that Caroline Kennedy has never wanted to run for office, and never thought to put her case before the public when she decided she wanted this job. Her first move was to pick up the phone and start working the elites, then hire a political fixer whose specialty is deceiving voters

I think many people who aren't emotionally leaping into the cult of personality would like to know that too, because at this point in time, nobody knows what she stands for.

I guess the public will just have to wait until Isay appropriately "packages" it for our consumption. more



Caroline, JFK Jr., and Twists of Fate

Politics, like life, is driven by individual human decisions, actions, and external happenings. Often, it is the twists of fate that shape the political and societal landscape. Earlier events and decisions affect everything that comes after. An assassination, a decision to go to war, a stock market crash all impact decisions and events which come after. In this context, the potential of Caroline Kennedy to hold a senate seat from New York reminds me of events which occurred almost decade ago.

About the time of JFK Jr.'s death, Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan announced he would not seek reelection to the New York Senate seat he had held since 1977, and Kennedy was a presumptive front-runner to replace him (a Guardian article reported a 65% approval rating for Kennedy at the time). Based on his family name and lineage, his popularity, his comfort in the spotlight, he would have been a shoo-in for the seat, even if Hillary Clinton had decided to challenge him in the primary (which would have been doubtful she would have even considered it if JFK Jr. were in the race). Assuming he would have won the seat in 2000 and had a scandal-free eight years, it is conceivable that Democrats would have looked to him in 2008 to run for president. Perhaps we would be discussing Kennedy's transition right now and there would be umpteen stories about the third son to follow a father to the White House.

Instead, on that foggy night almost 10 years ago, the world of politics--and perhaps the world--changed when John Kennedy Jr's plane plunged into the cold waters of the Atlantic. Rather, we are talking about his sister Caroline being appointed to the seat John may well have won in 2000 and used as a stepping stone to the presidency. more


John F. Kennedy Jr.
Evidence of a Cover Up

John and Carolyn Kennedy

JFK Jr. - Why the official story is in doubt.

Let's get something clear. The purpose of this article is not to suggest an alternative explanation for the crash of JFK Jr's plane. The purpose of this article is to suggest that it is reasonable and prudent to examine all possibilities, not settle on the first explanation forced upon the public to the exclusion of all else.

see the entire story at What Really Happened


Speculation on JFK Jr.'s death abounds


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