Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Don't steal 'cause the government don't need the competition

A Call to Patriots

The Constitution, the long held sacred document that has guaranteed liberty and freedom for 232 years in this once great republic has become in these strange days little more than a piece of paper, a relic of history.

Politicians once sworn to uphold the truth and rule of law now interpret and make changes as they see fit in order to grant themselves power that the constitution once sought to limit in order to prevent tyranny and abuse.

The Corporation now is protected and held in higher esteem than the citizen. Taxation without representation is the norm once again, one of the very reasons the American revolution was fought 2 centuries ago.

The Federal Reserve, a private corporation and the IRS were created in the shadows of Liberty under the guise of financial equality and now taxes the citizen of nearly half their hard earned wages.

Laws that erode civil liberties and are blatantly unconstitutional are approved in the name of protection and security, and are now common place as draconian legislation is transforming this once free land into an Orwellian state. Fascism and corruption now occupy all facets of Government, with very few who even attempt to uphold liberty or speak out against such things.

The Citizen for the most part, has become a complacent uninformed and ignorant shell of what used to be. Patriotism itself has been morphed into blind obedience of state approved propaganda, where citizens are told it is unpatriotic to question their government.

It was once said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. That the government should fear the people, and that it was the duty of the people to rise up and flush out these kinds of evil if they were ever allowed to fester like an open sore. The type of evil we now see running freely without oversight, without checks and balances, with free reign to spend and tax and subvert truth at every corner.

The two party system has become 2 sides of the same coin, bought and paid for by the highest bidders. Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative has become an illusion used to divide and conquer the masses into argument over the simplest things, while distracting from an agenda geared towards destroying freedom and replacing it gradually over time with a zombie like state of passive sheep consumed with self loathing tendencies that over time replace the flame of liberty with the chains of mental slavery.

We have for the most part become a nation of codependent enablers. We are as guilty for the evils we now see for doing nothing for so long. And we now stand at the crossroads of choice and free will. A choice to stand up and resist or lay down and silently comply. One will test the very fiber of our souls, one will guarantee what the founding fathers fought to avoid.

Some say that some fights are not worth picking, that some issues are not the battle to wage. Anything that further restricts liberty is a stand that must be taken. As the saying goes, give an inch and they will take a mile.

Rights, guaranteed to free men by divine providence and liberty given on the basis of personal responsibility must not be intruded upon. Patriots are of a rare breed. Patriots must uphold equality and freedom for all, respect their fellow man, yet see clearly through illusions placed to distract from reason and logic. It is one thing to say something, another to do. Action speaks loudest in a room deafened by the ramblings of insane leaders suffering from delusions of grandeur.

The time has come for real Patriots to once again stand for truth, to never compromise the belief in Freedom and liberty for a second. To stand in the face of tyranny and beat it back to the dark shadows of greed it crawled out of. To not be distracted by the illusion of difference between these so called leaders of the past 20+ years, Bush, Clinton, or Obama, because there is NONE.

It is time to take a stand, as individuals and as a whole 232 years after freedom was once claimed and restore the republic. For if good men continue to do nothing, we will all reap the consequences of inaction and we shall bury lady liberty with our freedoms until a generation worthy of calling themselves free men once again rises to the occasion. The time has come to draw a line in the sand. To uphold the oaths of freedom against the most dangerous enemy of all, the enemy within. As peaceful as possible.

We must raise our consciousness from the gutters of mindlessness that has become this land of make believe, this 21st century digital dream and grasp reality once again. Clear and right thinking, truth and freedom, liberty and justice for all.....

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