Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hail Obama, Hail Abe Foxman

Hell no!

I stopped on one of the "progressive" stations long enough to hear Richard Green say that he was glad to see Bush and Cheney go and then he said, "Hail, Obama".

Hail Obama.

Mr. Green said it casually, as though he was reading off the weather report. Leader worship just comes naturally to some.

Even at the height of the national insanity after 9/11 that briefly turned George W. Bush into a demigod, I can't recall one Neocon saying, "Hail Bush". Maybe they did it in private with each other, but at least they kept it off the airwaves. Come to think of it, I can picture William Kristol or Michael Ledeen engaging in a little leader worship in the privacy of their own think tanks.

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****************************************************************** 'Chrismukkah'

ADL Tells Public Schools what can be displayed this CHRISTmas

Menorah display. Good Double Good! Santa Claus, well.... Manger Scene, Wrong and it VILL not be tolerated in Judeo-Christian America.

Singing religious themed Christmas songs, mmm? Better call "Uncle Abe" at the ADL to get the proper guidance.

What about a Christmas Tree display? Well, we'll let that go... for now. Give us a few more years and you GOY won't be yapping about Christmas trees or Santa or that pervert that's burning in a pit of excrement, your so called "savior," Jesus Christ.
Where's your "savior" now, clowns? Huh? I thought so. We've been tearing Wall Street a new one, skimming off billions and billions of dollars that is being scooted to off shore tax free banking havens and no one has the balls to stop us or say enough. So where's your Christ at now?

We killed that uppity bastard and we plan on killing Christmas too.

When will you GOY learn that you're cattle and nothing more than chattel to the Master Race?

You WILL learn to celebrate Hanukkah, when those filthy Syrians desecrated one of our temples, saying it was only a front for money changers and pedophiles.

Remember, Uncle Abe is graciously letting you use proper holiday symbols, like the menorah, to worship the ones you worship, the Jews.
Uncle Abe adds that those who have lost their home to the "Chosen Ones" and are actually living in a barn, can use the manger for their Christmas display. "After all, said Foxman, they are of no consequence to us, since they have nothing left to fleece."

DL Offers Schools And Government Guidance For Negotiating 'The December Dilemma'

New York, NY, December 8, 2008 … As part of its annual outreach to public schools and town governments on the observance of the December holidays, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is providing information and workshops on negotiating "The December Dilemma."

In letters sent to school districts nationwide and in materials distributed through ADL's 30 regional offices, the League is sharing information on how to keep public recognition of the December holidays respectful, welcoming and in keeping with the religious freedom safeguards in the Constitution.

"Every year there are questions from school districts about how they can properly acknowledge the December holidays – including Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa – with sensitivity and respect for everyone in the community," said Deborah Lauter, ADL Civil Rights Director. "Schools and governments have a responsibility to ensure that they maintain respectful, open and welcoming environments for all of their community members."

The League emphasizes the need for schools to be cautious in how they choose to employ religious symbols and teach about the holidays, and offers suggestions to help schools comply with the Constitution and create a school environment that celebrates diversity by respecting different points of view concerning religion.

Some of the matters highlighted and explained in detail by ADL include:

The difference between practicing religion and teaching about religion;

Guidelines for holiday assemblies, concerts and other public school activities where religious themes or music may be performed;

Choosing appropriate holiday symbols to decorate school grounds – among them Christmas trees, menorahs, reindeers and snowmen;

Choosing appropriate holiday activities;

Understanding what can – and cannot – be displayed on government property.

In some areas of the country, the League has followed up by hosting programs for teachers, parents and school administrators to discuss issues such as making holiday ornaments in art classes, winter holiday programs, choral programs that may include religious music, and the challenge students or parents face when asked to give presentations about Jewish holidays to a largely non-Jewish class.

The League offers a detailed explanation of the issues on its Web site, which has a section devoted to "The December Dilemma – December Holiday Guidelines for Public Schools" as well as information on religion and church-state separation in the public schools.

In a letter to government institutions and town officials responsible for holiday displays, ADL offers guidance on the placement of religious displays on public property. The letter comes with an easy to use chart, "Quick Guide to Religious Displays" explaining which types of displays are acceptable and not acceptable during the holiday season.

In the context of displays on public property, the Supreme Court has ruled that a Christmas crèche standing alone is impermissible, but a Christmas tree is permissible because it has become such a secular symbol of the winter holiday season. It also has found that a Chanukah menorah is a symbol with both secular and religious meanings, and its display on public property within a predominantly secular display is permissible.

For instance, on a board filled during the winter months with images of snowflakes, candles and evergreen trees, it might be appropriate to add images of Santa Claus and even a Chanukah menorah because the overall message is clearly a celebration of the season, not the promotion of a religious point of view. However, a nativity scene, crucifix or other undeniably religious symbols are not appropriate for a public school display, especially when they are the only objects displayed.

Greg Bacon

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