Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hypocrites of law

Watching the press conference of the U.S. attorney about the arrest of Rod Blagojevich can only remind me of the hypocrisy of the law.

Repeating the words corruption, crime spree, schemes and that this business as usual will not be tolerated is all well and good if it is applied across the board.

As bad as the charges are, it seems that no one died because of Blagojevich's actions.

That's more than can be said about the Bush administration and Congress in the lying wars of hegemony that have cost well over 1 million lives including over 4, 000 Americans.

Whether Blagojevich is guilty or not is not the point. All criminals should be stopped and prosecuted.

Bigger crimes go unpunished.

There's a lot more money involved in the Wall Street/Federal Reserve crimes than the alleged scams of Blagojevich. Where are the U.S. attorney indictments on this?

The list of crimes by elected officials, both now in office and those long gone, can fill volumes.

You want to tell me there's no proof to bring charges against hundreds if not thousands of government and corporate criminals. There is plenty of proof, only unwilling attorney generals to follow through. Their bosses tell them who and who not to prosecute.

The only charges against political criminals seem to be against those who pissed off someone higher than they are.

This is called justice in America circa 2008.

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