Saturday, December 6, 2008

'I have a scam': the Real Cause of Impending, Utter Financial Collapse

"People the world over have not just now discovered that there is not enough gold to back up US currency and/or obligations. It was Nixon who revealed the fact that the US didn't have enough money in Ft. Knox to cover its obligations. Some creditor nations had wanted to be paid in gold and we refused. If there is any gold in Ft Know it will not prevent the collapse that is already well underway."

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Len Hart

That there is gold in Ft. Knox may be a popular myth. Then again it could be just another bald-faced lie, a hoax, a callous, criminal fraud like 'supply side, trickle-down' bailout economics! I say: NO bailout for the banks, NO bailout for the fat cats who created this mess, NO bailout that lets the GOP off the hook! Screw the banks and to hell with Wall St! What we need is a bailout for the people!Gold was said to be moved --literally --from an 'asset' side to the 'debit' side of the building. The US has been running a balance of trade deficit for years. One wonders if there is any gold at all left to be liquidated.
Yet, today evidence is starting to accumulate that even though the gold in Fort Knox is all physically present and accounted for, the problem is that it may no longer belong to the United States. And it all comes as a consequence of the Treasury’s declared 30-Year War on Gold (which began in earnest when the gold window, allowing the redemption of dollars in gold, was closed in 1971). Since the 1960’s, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board have employ a range of strategies to try to minimize the role and importance of gold:PERSUASION.

The Treasury, in an effort to defend the dollar, has long "talked down" the role of gold in modern monetary systems. This disparaging of gold as a ‘barbaric relic’ is a longstanding and perfectly defensible behavior on the part of the US Treasury. COERCION- Facilitating and encouraging sales and lending of gold by other countries, gold-holders, and mines in order to maintain an atmosphere of "oversupply" of the metal goes one step further. --Whose Gold is it at Fort Knox?
Ancient, likewise, ran out of 'gold', one of a handful of 'metals' that are said to have intrinsic value. At the time, the Roman 'sestercius' was only good enough to get you into the bath houses or 'free' gladiatorial contests in the Coliseum. Rome invaded Dacia because it was desperate for Dacia's gold.

'Every situation is different', alright! Rich folks get their asses kissed! Poor folk get their assed KICKED! Right out of their homes! --Brother! Can You Spare a Dime, A James Pence Video
I have a scam!

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