Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a Holiday Celebration for The Synagogue of Satan.

Les Visible

Some celebrate the holidays with giving and fellowship; making up for the rest of the year when they can’t see the profit in it or it involves that extra effort that is better spent sitting on one’s ass and being entertained in lieu of an existence. Some opt for the religious angle and enjoy recreations of events for which no historical data exists. Some opt for the spiritual and we have no way of knowing what they are doing. Some look at it as an excuse to be more lubricated than usual and for some it is an opportunity to be more depressed than usual and some… some like to war on their neighbors because that is how they celebrate their holy days. Chief among the latter is the serial killer, theme park known as Israel.

Just as they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in an attempt to provoke a war between The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. by way of Egypt and just as they used their control of the world press to give the im’press’ion that Lebanon kidnapped their soldiers on Israeli soil when they were actually captured well into Lebanon and… conveniently had all their forces mustered on the border and just as they bombed the King David Hotel and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, they are now showing their holiday spirit bombing the shit out of the people they have been starving to death in Palestine based on rather crude evidence of Hamas related rocket attacks; this would be almost funny if it weren’t so sick. Of course, the one who violated the cease fire was Israel.

Once again I’m going to have to give you the image of the incredible shrinking map of Palestine. And I’m going to tell you that most of those rocket attacks are being carried out by Israelis on Israeli territory and that’s why they hardly ever hit anyone or anything. This is about full bore extermination of the Palestinian people who don’t have the good sense to move… somewhere? They should damn well know better than to occupy land that the AshkeNAZI’s want.

Now, as a gift to themselves in their festival of darkness they are going to enjoy another bloodstained holiday based on another bloodstained event. While the world has been jerking off to porn and prostrating themselves before the altar of the god of self-interest, the Palestinian people are being systematically wiped out with USDA approved genocidal actions. They’ve had their power and their water cut off. They’ve had their sewers backflowed into their living quarters. They’ve had their food supply cut off and all medical supplies and treatment denied them and …you name it… they’re getting it. It ain’t pretty.

Since just about no one has the courage to say it, let me say it… Israel, you are a nation of demented, psychopathic swine. You are involved in just about every ugly thing going on across the planet from your tribal control of the porn industry; to drug trafficking, human traffic, child murder, the crashing of the world financial systems, most of the world’s terror attacks and what have you. You’re a pimple on the ass of a degenerate crack whore in the Kingdom of Hell and you will… you will fall.

If anyone else were to do the things that these rapacious, bloodthirsty swine engaged in there would be a hue and cry across the landscape… or maybe not. No one seems to give much of a shit about anything these days except what’s in it for them. Of course, they are being victimized by these same swine but can’t get it up to do anything about it.

You have no right to exist but you do exist, the same way stomach cancer does. You exist, the same way that mosquitoes do, the way flies do and the way that all of Pandora’s refugees exist. You are the spirit of Pandora’s box which… also has a number of STD’s from a little too much violent rape without a condom.

You’re pretty slick. You worked your precious holocaust as a public relations event and even when various nations wanted to do something about the situation you refused all help. The suffering of certain individuals was all good copy for the blackmail you had in mind in the aftermath. Historical truth and hard data shows that your people engineered and carried out holocausts much greater than the numbers you give and they did it over and over and over; in Russia, in The Ukraine, in Armenia and … for all I know everywhere there’s ever been one. You’re the Synagogue of Satan. This is who you are the chosen people of. This is why the Golden Calf is rampant on your coat of arms.

You caused the war in Afghanistan by attacking the U.S. by proxy. You caused the war in Iraq by manufacturing lies through your agents and made the country much worse than it ever was under Saddam. Now you’re screaming and frothing at the mouth for an attack on Iran which hasn’t attacked anyone in many centuries. All your major wars since ’48 were initiated by you and made to look like someone else did the attacking but…. hard data shows you started these wars, not the other guy(s).

You’re a fucking abomination and everyone who because of ignorance, fear or money supports you, is also an abomination as well.

I don’t know what it is… occult power, money, nukes hidden in every country in the world. I don't know how you maintain your stranglehold on power in high places. I don’t know why you’ve been such a plague on humanity across the centuries which historical data shows the proof of… heck… look at who MOST of the slave traders were… by their own logs they are convicted.

You don’t scare me. Dying isn’t hard. Living is much harder. I’m hoping that Iran gets those S-300’s. I suspect you can’t attack even now. They’re more your size. This isn’t the same thing as faking the Entebbe rescue. This isn’t the same thing as pounding the shit out of a kid half your size or still in the crib which is your specialty. You’re stone cold evil and complete cowards as all the evidence shows.

Now, your settlers rampage through Palestinian neighborhoods; these evil lunatics who destroy orchards and kill women and children. Your IDF protects them even while they do it. When the IDF uses children for target practice, nothing happens. And all the time you talk about God and how Israel is chosen by God. It’s not God you are talking about. It’s The Devil. The Devil is your god. It is patently clear by what you do whom you serve. You serve the essential nature of evil. You talk of making war by way of deception and the devil is known as the great deceiver.

You are the children of the devil and I just needed to say it. You worship matter and your love is only that which can be given to the desire for acquisition. It’s a little more like lust if you catch my drift.

Today and tomorrow you kill hundreds more innocent people. Today you celebrate your holidays, which are all based on similar murders, by doing that which you enjoy more than anything else… evil and the things of evil… murder, theft, corruption… you name it, you do it. You are the living face of evil.

Evil will not last. Your day is coming and then there will be cause for celebration all across the world. That will be cause for a real holiday as great as any other the world has ever seen.

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    a war has broken . everyone s changing . i guess it 's just beause of those the scrap music renounced by those illuminati puppets like lady gaga , katy perry , rihanna . The term "everyone" means youngsters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!