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Mercenaries, Real War Criminals and A New Big Pharma Profit Scam

Yes Ellen, the world is insane. Now take your meds and it will all be better.

Blackwater Mercs Charged with Manslaughter while Real War Criminals Go Free

by Mike Adams - Dec. 8, 2008

The first casualty of war, they say, is the truth. The second is usually innocent civilians. And despite the insistence of the Pentagon that military contractors behave in highly ethical ways and never use more force than is necessary to accomplish a military objective, the fact is that Blackwater guards openly shot innocent civilians and even threw a grenade into a girls' school.

Several Blackwater guards are now being charged with 14 counts of manslaughter and 20 counts of attempted manslaughter. It is the first significant court action that has been initiated against Blackwater mercenaries who conduct war operations on behalf of the U.S. government.

War is complicated. Bullets can't tell the difference between an innocent civilian and an "enemy combatant," nor can they be recalled once they leave the barrel of a firearm. That's why it's up to the person aiming the firearm to exercise all necessary restraint. But it appears that in this Blackwater case, restraint was insufficient. It seemed more like a massacre than an act of self defense, especially given that most of the people killed weren't even carrying weapons.

But why has this case come to court now? The U.S., after all, has been engaged in blatant war crimes for years: Waterboarding, abuse of prisoners, the use of depleted uranium against civilian targets and many other war crimes.

As the Blackwater company explains, the timing of this is suspicious. They say it's all about appeasing the Iraqi people and that these Blackwater contractors have been singled out for prosecution.

They're probably right. The reckless killing of innocent Iraqi civilians is probably widespread throughout the Blackwater company culture. It is, after all, a guns-for-hire corporation. These are mercenaries who are paid to do the kind of jobs too dirty for the U.S. government to tackle on its own. If something goes wrong, you can always blame Blackwater, right?

One of the Blackwater guards involved in the shooting, by the way, has agreed to plead guilty and testify against the others. The Blackwater company expressed astonishment at this, since it believes there's nothing to plead guilty to! In fact, it is now accusing the guard of lying to government prosecutors. Here's what Blackwater had to say:

" Blackwater is extremely disappointed and surprised to learn that an individual independent contractor has said he committed wrongdoing related to his activities on September 16, 2007. If true, at the time of the incident and in the months that followed, this individual gave false information to the company to conceal that behavior. Both the conduct itself and misleading Blackwater after the fact would violate the high standards of conduct required of each Blackwater independent contractor."

What does all this have to do with health and freedom? War is a violation of human rights, and nations that start wars for political or commercial purposes are themselves guilty of war crimes. The real criminals in Iraq are the politicians who started the war.

I believe prosecution efforts should focus on the suit-wearing criminals at the top of this war effort, not the street-level soldiers who are pressed into highly complex, difficult situations where shooting the wrong person at the wrong time lands you in prison.

I'm not defending the Blackwater contractors, but I am saying these prosecutions are misguided. The REAL war criminals are sitting in Washington, folks! Arrest them, bring home the troops, and we'll all be safer. If these Blackwater troops are criminals for killing a few dozen people, then what does that make the Washington politicians who authorized this war effort that has killed tens of thousands?

The Blackwater prosecution is nothing more than a clever distraction. The real criminals are still sitting in Washington D.C.

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Blackwater Mercs Charged with Manslaughter while Real War Criminals Go Free

From A sixth guard involved in the attack cut a plea deal with prosecutors, turned on his former colleagues, and admitting killing at least one Iraqi in the 2007 shooting in Baghdad's Nisoor Square. Seventeen Iraqis were killed in the assault, which roiled U.S. diplomacy with Iraq and fueled anti-American sentiment abroad.... more



Psychiatric Medications Should be Prescribed to Healthy People, Declares Medical Journal

by Mike Adams - Dec. 8, 2008 Pharma's new profit agenda calls for the pushing of patented medications onto healthy people. Treating sick people isn't profitable enough, you see, so they have to find ways to convince healthy people they need more medication (hence the recent statin drug quackery that demanded statin drugs for healthy people).

Today, the medical journal Nature decided to turn tricks for its Big Pharma pimp by publishing one of the most outrageous pieces of pro-Pharma fluffery you'll ever find in print. It gathered seven scientists -- two of them admittedly on Big Pharma's payroll -- to say that doctors should be able to prescribe psychotropic drugs (like the ADHD drugs being given to children today) to healthy people in order to "improve brain function."

Yes, you read this right: The very same psychiatric drugs now linked to violent behavior, suicides and school shootings should now be openly prescribed to everyone, even people who have never been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder!

I mean, why not? The whole process of inventing fictitious "disorders" in order to prescribe drugs to children was just a runaround anyway. Now, the medical industry is hoping to just do away with the formality of declaring a disease and simply announce that healthy people should all be drugged, too!

(What's next: Will they suggest that amphetamines should be dripped into the water supply, too?)

And what about the War on Drugs, the "drug-free" school zones and the idea that maybe the entire U.S. population should NOT be hopped up on amphetamines? These Nature writers see no problem with healthy adults routinely using mind-altering drugs as a normal part of life. Doping up the population with mind-altering drugs is no more objectionable than "eating right or getting a good night's sleep," they say.

If I hadn't read this in the Associated Press, I would have thought this was all a hoax. Is the journal Nature really suggesting that the U.S. become a nation of druggies? That adults seek out medical intervention to control their brain chemistry even when there's nothing wrong with them? Is popping pills now being equated with eating right?

Are Big Pharma's chemicals now considered nutrients?

More drugs needed for medical journal writers

I can tell you this much: Somebody definitely needs some medication, but it's not the healthy people in this country: It's the sick, demented writers for Nature who are now fronting a highly unethical and extremely dangerous agenda that seeks to drug the entire population with high-profit medications, regardless of any medical justification.

In other words, the whole idea of "evidence-based medicine" and "the gold standard of scientific inquiry" has just been thrown out the window. "Screw the science; we gotta sell more drugs!" And what better way to sell more drugs to people who don't need them than to get a prominent medical journal to front the agenda?

That this would come from a journal entitled Nature is doubly insulting to the intelligence of any informed reader. Where is the "nature" in this drug-pushing agenda that insists the human body is somehow born deficient in pharmaceuticals and must be "enhanced" with synthetic chemicals to be able to function in society? That's not natural; it's freakish. Perhaps the journal Nature should change its name to De-Natured.

What about the war on drugs?

But let's suppose for a moment that we agree with these scientists. Yes, the human brain should be enhanced with chemicals, let's say, and even healthy people should regularly consume concentrated chemical substances in order to evoke altered states of cognitive function.

Well gee, if that's what these people really want, all they gotta do is head downtown and buy some crack, meth, heroin, ice, crank, weed, smack, ecstasy or other recreational drugs and smoke those. (I suspect they were actually smoking some of these when they wrote the article, by the way, which at least means they believe what they're writing...)

That's what they're promoting, isn't it? Altered brain states with the help of refined chemicals... sounds like the 1960's is coming back with a vengeance.

But no, what they want is for you to buy THEIR mind-altering drugs, not the mind-altering drugs on the street. Those drugs are bad for you. Bad dog! THEIR drugs are good for you! Good dog. Here's a bone (and a prescription).

Comedian Chris Rock explained this hypocrisy better than anyone else in a famous standup routine called "The Pills I need." Watch it here (profanity warning):

And consider this: U.S. prisons are full of people who got arrested for doing the very same thing this medical journal is now recommending: Seeking "enhanced" mental states by consuming mind-altering substances! If these Nature writers support the widespread prescribing of mind-altering chemicals for healthy adults who suffer from no medical condition at all, then it logically follows that they must also support the freeing of all the people who have been locked up for getting high. You can't be pro-drug with Big Pharma's drugs and anti-drug with street drugs if they're virtually the same drugs.

Am I really equating Big Pharma's drugs with street drugs? Well of course I am: They're often the same chemicals! Many ADHD drugs are DEA-controlled amphetamines, for example. Selling these drugs on the street is a felony, but prescribing them to children is "treatment."

In the early 1900's, the Bayer company actually developed and marketed Bayer Heroin for Kids. It was marketed as a cough medicine. Guess what? Heroin stops you from coughing. (You're so high that you forget to cough.) They also said it was non-addictive. Just like cigarettes.

The American Medical Association, by the way, endorsed both Bayer Heroin for kids AND cigarettes. Nice track record, dweebs!

And now the journal Nature is calling for yet wider prescribing of medications that are Class-A drugs. What are Class-A drugs? They include cocaine, crack, heroin, LSD, magic mushrooms, crystal meth and ecstasy. Many of the mind-altering psychiatric drugs given to children right now are Class-A and Class-B drugs.

So now these medical researchers want to unleash Class-A drugs onto the entire population? It appears so. They are pushing for the decriminalization of psychotropic drugs for students, for example.

Well gee, then does this mean they also support the legalization of performance-enhancing steroids? After all, professional athletes use steroids (which are also prescription drugs) to enhance their own performance in exactly the same way being recommended by these Nature authors. Why should brain-enhancing chemicals be legalized if muscle-enhancing chemicals remain illegal?

Once again, the answer is obvious: It's all about monopolizing the profits on drugs. Big Pharma wants you to buy THEIR drugs, and the only difference between a legal drug vs. an illegal drug is who profits from it. Everything that makes money for Big Pharma will be legal. Everything that competes with pharma profits will be outlawed. Even when they're all the same chemicals!

That's modern medical science for ya. The science has been utterly abandoned, leaving nothing but profits and contradiction. This industry is driven entirely by what's profitable for Big Pharma, not what's good for the People.

Drugs make people stupid, not smart

Think about where this is going, folks: People are already taking drugs just to sleep, stay awake, poop, pee or get an erection. Is there ANY human experience that the drug companies don't think needs chemical augmentation?

And is life really made better by all these drugs? As a natural health public speaker, I've met lots of people, and I can tell you that the people on all the drugs are far worse off than the people who take no such drugs. Medications don't make you healthy. They don't make you happy. They don't prevent disease and they don't enhance your brain. Instead, they destroy your health and destroy your cognitive function. They create imbalance throughout the body and the brain, which is why people who take mind-altering drugs for a long period of time end up more psychotic and violent than when they started.

By pushing mind-altering drugs onto the population, the journal Nature is promoting a highly unethical, medically unjustified mass-drugging agenda that will only push mainstream America into accelerated drug addiction.

That's no coincidence, of course. Mainstream medicine wants the people to be addicted to its drugs. Every crack dealer already knows why: It's good for repeat business! (How do you think Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Folgers coffee made their fortunes? Caffeine addiction sells product...)

Read the Nature article yourself here:

In the link above, you'll also find the email contacts of the seven authors who wrote the article for Nature. You might try emailing them and asking if they're still high from all the crack they smoked when writing the article.

The War on Drugs

By the way, on a personal note, I think the War on Drugs is idiotic, and I believe the prisons are filled with many of the wrong people. They should set free all the pot smokers who got arrested for getting high and, instead, arrest and imprison the psychiatric doctors, FDA decision makers and Big Pharma CEOs who keep pushing their far more dangerous psychiatric drugs onto children and adults.

The whole justice system in this country is racist to begin with. A black teenager with two ounces of pot goes to prison for five years while a white psychiatrist who puts a thousand white boys on amphetamine drugs receives a $500,000 award from Big Pharma and does no prison time at all.

Let's face it: Psychiatrists are Big Pharma's white-collar street-corner drug pushers. And drug abuse is ALWAYS tolerated (encouraged, in fact) when it makes money for drug companies.

You can comment on this article using the comment posting field below. You may not agree with my view on this (which is fine), but keep your comments thoughtful, please. For the record, I do not take any psychoactive drugs whatsoever, and have never taken any such substances in my entire life. (No, I don't even drink alcohol or caffeine. I've never smoked a joint, snorted a line of coke or taken antidepressants. The only drugs in my body are the ones my brain makes on its own. And those are pretty damn good sometimes!)


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  1. I agree with much of what you have to say. Big pharma's marketing practices are rediculous and unethical. Healthy people should not be made believe that they have an illness that requires medication. Simply put, they are making to much money off of doing this to stop.

    We have no agency policing such activities, and the agency that is supposed to be protecting us these sorts of things is funded by the drug companies. That is a pretty huge conflict of interest.

    Prescription drugs can help many people that are sick and truly need the medication, but Americans are being led to believe that there is a pill for anything that ails them. Don't eat healthier...take a pill to loose weight. Don't change your diet to lower your cholesterol...Take a pill.

    Thanks for talking about it.