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Desert Peace

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A Must See Video: Israeli Terrorist Settler Shooting Palestinians in Hebron Spread and distribute WIDELY! Footage filmed by Jamal Abu-Sa’ifan, a Palestinian resident of Hebron, documenting a terrorist Israeli settler shooting two members of his family. The event occurs following the eviction settlers from a Palestinian house they occupied in Hebron. Settlers attacked the nearby house of the Abu-Se’ifan family, and during ensuing clashes, a settler fired his handgun at Hosni Abu-Se’ifan (40), who was hit in the chest and is in stable condition, and his father, ‘Abd al-Hai Abu-Sa’ifan (65) who was moderately wounded in his arm. The two were taken to a Hebron hospital. The video shows other members of the family manage to overcome the shooter, later more terrorist settlers from the nearby settlement Kiryat Arba arrives and the scene, and fires their weapon toward the Palestinian family.

In the hours after the eviction, the terrorist Jewish settlers rioted in Hebron, throwing stones at police and Palestinians and setting fire to Palestinian trees and attacking Palestinian homes. B’Tselem handed the video to Israeli police in Hebron last night and was “demanding that the assailant is immediately brought to justice and that the involvement of the security guard be investigated”.

“Additionally, the security forces must investigate the failures that allowed settlers to riot throughout the afternoon and evening in Hebron’s Palestinian neighbourhoods,” the rights group said.

There are more than 470,000 terrorist Jewish settlers living in the West Bank and Jerusalem and their numbers are increasing every year, even though all settlements in the occupied territories are illegal under international law. The settlers at the Hebron house claimed they had bought the building legally nearly two years ago from a Palestinian and said they had documents and videotape as proof. However, the Palestinian has since denied selling the building to the settlers and last month the Israeli supreme court said the house should be evacuated until the ownership dispute was settled. Thanks to Haitham for sending this.


Police detain a young settler near a disputed house in Hebron.

Also see: Haaretz: Israel Defense Forces are taught Nazi SS Tactics to use against Gaza

"Choose your enemies carefully, for you will become like them."

If the Nazi's had Israeli weaponry, like the advanced F35 fighter, an open spigot of money from abroad and political backing at world organizations, all given gladly to that apartheid, Jews only state of Israel by the Vichy USA Congress and the quislings in the White House, we'd probably be speaking German today.

The Israeli's have former PM Sharon's "Grand Plan" for the extermination of Palestinians. Sounds terminal, like Israel has developed some sort of final solution to remove the Palestinians from their indigenous homeland.

One of the many Israeli built, IDF staffed blockade entrance checkpoints to "STALAG GAZA".

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