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Obama, Health Care, FDA, Big Pharma Scams

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Disastrous Daschle-Obama strategy to "fix health care

Tom Daschle is President-elect Obama's choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. But what sort of Secretary would he be? What positions might he take on "universal" health care, malpractice and tort reform, and other issues?

Insights into Daschle's approach may be gleaned from his book Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis, which was endorsed by Barack Obama. The details that emerge from a careful reading of the book are ominous at best.

Daschle first proposes the establishment of a board to set standards for health care. The board would be modeled after the Federal Reserve and the SEC, overseeing every aspect of care for public health systems. Thus the board would administer Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration, etc., or roughly one third of all health care in the country.

Apparently this board is desperately needed because there aren't enough bureaucrats overseeing medical affairs in Washington. And Daschle recommends the Federal Reserve-SEC central planning model, presumably because it's working so well to manage our current fiscal crisis.


Mike Adams Predictions

Big Pharma is headed for tough economic times in 2009 and beyond. In fact, I predict a long, steady contraction in the pharmaceutical business from here forward, and in the 2009 - 2011 timeframe, you'll see several large drug companies undergo mergers, acquisitions or layoffs.

There are several big trends to pay attention to here. First, Big Pharma's research pipeline is scarce. They don't have any more blockbuster drugs that would help them cash in on disease in the years ahead.

Second, the Big Pharma scam is finally starting to be understood by more and more people, including some journalists, scientists, lawmakers and even many doctors. They're realizing that the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy is based on fraud, not science, and that most drugs simply don't work on most people!

I predict the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of Big Pharma in a pending court case, betraying the American public by taking away its right to sue over dangerous pharmaceuticals that harm or kill.

The victory will be short-lived, however, as a Democratic-controlled Congress will pass new legislation in 2009 that will reestablish the right of consumers to sue drug companies for dangerous products that cause harm. more


The Drugging of Children

Mike Adams

Filmmaker Kevin Miller has released a second exclusive video clip from his new film Generation Rx which documents the mass drugging of children with powerful mind-altering prescription medications.

The new clip is here:

This clip features health freedom champion Dr. Julian Whitaker describing the insanity of drugging children with amphetamine drugs inside the schools while those very same schools claim to be "drug free zones."

The drugging of children with psychiatric medications has reached a level of madness in modern-day America that can only be described as a maniacal crime against humanity. That any society would drug millions of its children with dangerous psychiatric medications that cause violence and suicide -- and then call it "therapeutic medicine" -- is beyond rational comprehension.

Generation Rx is one of the pivotal films that stands to turn the tide against the psychiatric drug pushers and ultimately outlaw the chemical abuse of children by drug companies.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will the World Bank's profiteering by spreading HIV in the 3rd World continue under Obama?

Is there a national innoculation scam in the US? Is there a testing and treatment Lyme Disease scam involving Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services which is allegedly involved in domestic and international espionage, and the helping of sending scientists exposing the fraud to mental hospitals taking away their children? [more information].

How does the Plum Island Chemical Weapons/Bio-Warfare research facility between Long Island, New York and Connecticut play into the equation? Was Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus an "accidental" release out of Plum Island?

Lisa Masterson in the UK and Kathleen Dickson in the US came upon the same smoking gun involving Big Pharma and the Lyme Disease testing and treatment scam. Both have scientific backgrounds. The FDA listed Kathleen Dickson as an expert witness who help cost Big Pharma and Yale University plus, or minus, a billion dollars helping take a dangerous drug, Lyme-Rx off the market. Dickson was then allegedly spied upon by Connecticut's Department of Administrative Services along with the Connecticut State Police, to have Dickson falsely arrested, hauled away to a mental hospital, and have her kids taken away.

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The New Drug Pusher Man

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