Monday, December 1, 2008

Susan Rice - The Bin Laden Connection

Obama's naming of another Clinton era cog continues with Dr. Susan Rice as ambassador to the UN.

Dr. Rice's biggest claim to fame may be for her work in setting the stage for the global 'War on Terror'. This was letting bin Laden remain alive during Clinton's years and allowing the plans for 9/11 to continue.

“Yid With Lid reported that Susan Rice is one those responsible for letting Osama Bin Laden get away in the 1990’s.”

She deserves a hefty portion of blame for the fact that Osama bin Laden wasn’t neutralized during the 1990s.

“The FBI, in 1996 and 1997, had their efforts to look at terrorism data and deal with the bin Laden issue overruled every single time by the State Department, by Susan Rice and her cronies, who were hell-bent on destroying the Sudan,” one-time Clinton diplomatic troubleshooter Mansoor Ijaz told radio host Sean Hannity in 2002.

Richard Miniter, author of the book “Losing bin Laden,” concurred, saying Rice played a key role in scuttling the deal that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

In November 2003, Miniter told World Magazine that while Sudan was anxious to turn bin Laden over to the U.S., Rice - then a member of Clinton’s National Security Council - questioned Khartoum’s credibility.

“Rice [cited] the suffering of Christians [in Sudan] as one reason that she doubted the integrity of the Sudanese offers,” said Miniter. “But her analysis largely overlooked the view of U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Tim Carney, who argued for calling Khartoum’s bluff.”

Although she was called a bungler in letting Osama slip away, that's being a little harsh.

She was just following orders. America's enemy #1 couldn't be allowed to be captured. There was still too much use to be made of him.

As if you could not have guessed, Ms. Rice is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Rhodes scholar.

Maybe hard to guess but not surprising is that Rice’s father, Emmett J. Rice, was a governor of the Federal Reserve System. There's always a banker in the wood pile.

Cliff Kincaid gives some insight on Rice:

Senator Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice―were close associates of Brookings Institution president Strobe Talbott, an advocate of world government who was named as a trusted contact of the Russian Intelligence service while he was in the Clinton Administration. The charge, which was denied by Talbott, was featured in the blockbuster book, Comrade J, based on interviews with a prominent Russian defector from the U.N.

Talbott wrote a book this year, The Great Experiment, describing his own background in the pro-world government World Federalist Movement and naming a network of friends and close associates that includes former President Bill Clinton and billionaire leftist George Soros. The purpose of Talbott’s book is to promote “global governance,” a euphemism for world government. It is defined in the subtitle as “The Quest for a Global Nation.”

With the nominations of Clinton as Secretary of State and Rice as United Nations Ambassador, Obama’s global agenda is becoming clear. He wants to dramatically expand the power of the U.N., a corrupt global institution that is infested with spies for foreign and hostile interests. Obama’s record in the Senate included sponsorship of the pro-U.N. Global Poverty Act and co-sponsorship of the Jubilee Act. These two foreign aid spending measures alone would cost $920 billion to implement.

Obama also wants to pass several controversial U.N. treaties and says that he would consider joining the International Criminal Court, a U.N. institution that could prosecute American soldiers for “war crimes.”

Rice favors establishment of a Department of Defense “peacekeeping institute” so that U.S. soldiers can be trained for U.N. missions. She is also on record in support of “a rapidly deployable international civilian police force,” presumably under the control of the U.N.; favors a United Nations military force to intervene in the Darfur region of Sudan; and is a believer in the man-made global warming theory.

She wrote a 2006 article in The National Interest blaming the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001, on living conditions in oil-rich Saudi Arabia. “For years, Saudi Arabia, home to several 9/11 hijackers, experienced rapidly declining GDP [Gross Domestic Product],” she said.

The article, “The Threat of Global Poverty,” urged “far greater U.S. action to reduce global poverty” and called for the U.S. to spend 0.7 percent of Gross National Income on foreign aid, raising annual foreign aid spending by the U.S. to about $80 billion a year. This view was incorporated in Obama’s Global Poverty Act.

According to the New York Times:

To reinforce his intention to work more closely with the United Nations after the tensions of President Bush’s tenure, Mr. Obama plans to restore the ambassador’s post to cabinet rank, as it was under President Bill Clinton, according to Democrats close to the transition.

While the cabinet consists of 15 department heads, a president can give other positions the same rank for the duration of his administration.

Great. Another global governance advocate that will use the UN to further the agenda.

Last but not least, Ms. Rice is considered pro-Israel.

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  1. The same happened in 1998 with FBI Agent John O'Neill as he searched for Osama bin Laden in Yemen after the attack on USS Cole, 17 US marines died. Ambassador Barbara Bodine ordered by the State Department told him and his team not to continue his search.

    John O'Neill, frustrated, quit office and became security chef at the WTC. There he died on September 11, 2001.

    Gudrun Eussner

  2. This goes much deeper than a Susan Rice as she was but a "diplomatic" face upon a monetary mask of what was really going on in the Clinton Administration.

    To put it bluntly, Bill Clinton for the Rockfellers was the drug lord in Arkansas in central American policy that was supposed to take drugs off the narco terror market, but we all know it snorted up a great deal in Roger and Bill's nose.
    Hillary via Rose Law was the money laundering agent of the leftist wing of the CIA with Hubble and Foster.

    This group had self esteem issues and sought to inflate that esteem with money.
    Vince Foster got into trouble when the really big boys stole over a million from him as he was the Clinton bag man in traveling around the globe.

    This same Arkansas CFR group got into major trouble when it was worked out for them that Marc Rich would launder Saddam's billions in a bogus food for oil UN scam that ended up bribing most of the world and in effect caused Gulf War II and 9 11.
    Bush 41 had set up an operation to topple Saddam and Bill was supposed to spring it. Instead he chose bribery and oil for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds banking and oil interests.

    The Saudi's knew all about this and were blackmailing the Clintons. This is why Louis Freeh couldn't get into Saudi Arabia and why in reality that Bill never did go after bin Laden. Everyone knew Bill was holding over 50 million in bribes in European banks.

    Freeh had to turn to Bush 41 to get the FBI into Saudi Arabia.

    Ms. Rice provided the diplomatic front with the American money laundering ties. Ms. Gorelick ran interference between government agencies. Richard Clark stymied the terror attack investigations like TWA 800 which would have started a war that was coming in any event, but the Clintons and their cronies did not want to be involved in one.
    That is the most hurtful and disgusting secret in this as liberals bash Bush 43 about Iraq, because if the Clintons had done their job that war would have been done and Iran would have been taken out whereby no nuclear attacks would be coming on the United States nor the Middle East.

    There were many faces of Eve in this story in which all were playing key roles like Val Plame was to keep an eye that the French socialist activity with Saddam in refining uranium for him would never come out. That is what Joe Wilson was up to in Niger and what the Plamegate screen was all about.

    This entire sewer is coming back in the worst of the Clinton operatives who caused the biggest of catastrophe for them.
    Saddam's banker, Auchi is the one who financed Obama's Senatorial campaign and bought his mansion via Tony Rezko.
    I have pointed out that Mr. Obama used 300 million in counterfeit Middle East currency for his presidential bid. Everyone over there knows this and will blackmail him with it like they did Bill Clinton. Mr. Obama and all of America had better pay up or there will be a nuclear 9 11 as payback.

    This is all a filthy mess in the entire crew Barack Obama has chosen. You know this is horrid when someone like Rahm Emanuel who is a thug is the most trusted American in the group, but he is going to be at huge odds in standing up for the Israeli state with this entire cast of Brzezinski puppets in love with Muslim terrorists.
    Once again this comes full circle in Susan Rice is going to "police" Obama as she advocated for Bill Clinton which will bring about terror attacks to which Mr. Obama has stated he will vaporize the Pashtun.
    That of course is if Brzezinski has not goaded India into blowing up Pakistan over these terror events by his much adored Islamocommunists who he likes to think he can send out on missions.
    The problem is these terrorists bite everyone, including America.

    God bless.

  3. The USS cole was attacked in October 2000, just in time to make Gore look weak on national security and help pave the way for the bush/Cheney Junta.

    Did John O'Neill suspect Israeli involvement in the USS Cole bombing? That seems to be the case, as the US ambassador to Yemen, Bodine, appealed to Secretary of State Albright to deny O'Neill's return to Yemen to continue the investigation.

    Bodine wanted O'Neill to drop his bodyguards and he became suspicious of Mossad assassination. Bodine and Madeleine Albright finally went to the FBI Director, Louis Freeh, to remove John O'Neill from Yemen.

    O'Neill retired from the FBI in August 2001 and took a job with the WTC in New York. He was appointed by Kroll Associates, namely by the controversial managing director Jerome Hauer.

    Who is Jerome Hauer?

    Jerome Hauer's deep family roots in the New York Jewish community. Hauer's mother, Rose Muscatine Hauer, is the retired Dean of the Beth Israel School of Nursing and the Honorary President of the New York Chapter of Hadassah, the Daughters of Zion movement that is one of the central Zionist organizations involved in the creation and maintenance of the State of Israel.

    Jerome Hauer is the son of the late Milton G. Hauer and Rose Muscatine who married April 4, 1949. His mother's parents, Hyman David Muscatine (1881-1964) and Rebecca Bertha (nee Gartner), were Hebrew-speaking Zionists. They both came to the United States in 1908-1909; Hyman from "Russia Poland" in 1908 and Rebecca from the Austrian Empire in 1909.

    Take this one step further and click on the blog below that shows post-attack photos of the USS Liberty, attacked by Israel in 1967 and the Cole.

    Notice how similar the blast holes are?

    Just another of those coincidences that always seem to pop up anytime Israel is in the area.

    As for Lame Cherry's comments, any legit links to back up your assertions?

    As for the Iraq war needing to be done, why?

    Iraq was NO threat to the US and had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

    Until 1991, Saddam was one of our bestest buddies in the ME, as we supplied him with arms and chemical weapons during the Iraq-Iran war.

    When the USSR fell, the MIC and Israel both shit a brick, since they knew that their favorite boogieman to scare Americans with, the "Red Menance," had evaporated.

    Who was going to replace that boogeiman?

    And if any nukes hit the US, they won't be from Iran, but our only "friend" in the ME, that nation of land thieves, Israel.

  4. My God what has this world become? We the people of these United States need to prevail over our internal enemies...Stand up and fight!