Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talking Without a Microphone

What are the folks talking about when you get them one on one?

Only about the economy.

Small business people are not seeing any upturn for the foreseeable future.

Some said just today;

"Wait until after the first of the year, you ain't seen nothing yet"

"Large businesses such as Lowes and Home Depot are going out of business soon, they're dead, more employees than customers"

"A bank foreclousure auction last Saturday sold some lots at 30 cents on the dollar for what they were owed"

"I haven't had a single customer for over two weeks" - concrete and rock sales

"$50 billion, where did that money go?"

"There's no jobs, everything has gone overseas"

"No one is buying a new car"

"My wife had over $200,000 in a retirement account in the stock market, over half of it is now gone"

"Prime cattle is bringing 80 cents a pound, I paid $2.50 for a pound of ground beef yesterday"

"It's the worst I've seen in my life"

No Merry Christmas cheer, just concern of what tomorrow will bring.

Everyone mentions the crooks in government and finance that got us to this point but no one is offering any solutions. They don't have any.

We rant and rave about what's going on but that's it.

The controlling powers are getting us where they think they want us but I'm thinking that if we go down, they go down with us. That's when the real change will occur and we recreate our society. It won't be easy and probably not peaceful.

The focus needs to be on the solutions.

Do you have any that are viable?

If you do, speak out. We've got to start working together on solutions.

Everyone needs help and ideas are the first step.

As my good friend said "You ain't seen nothing yet."


Of Mice

I have heard a thing in nature
very strange to see,
and this involves a mouse.

A most certain kind of mouse;
I do mean 'un.'
Most certainly, it is 'un,'
but I digress.
Back to this mouse.

The mice all come together
with a weak one in the center,
and they squeal.
A most painful, high pitched squeal.
The one found in the center soon expires.

Unlike the weak hen
in the yard,
it is not pecked.
Without a single, solitary mark
the mouse expires.

There are people in the world
not unlike this mouse -
or should I say, these mice.
I am very glad to say

that I am not
a mouse.

Do not
a mouse.

© D. Winter

zen dog


  1. hi..your post is so terrible to read...I don't ever think it really happen in your country....hmm...

  2. Do you have any that are viable?


    First, to show investors world-wide we're serious about reforming Wall Street to make it a safe place to invest, we need to convene a Grand Jury and start hauling in all of those thieves that got this mess started, like ones from the SEC, NYSE, Treasury Department, and a lot of the members of the US Congress before this Grand Jury and start handing out indictments like they were Halloween candy.

    Next, we need to take the money power away from the Federal Reserve.

    We'll declare that we will honor debts to nations, but not to individuals and definitely no interest payments to those clowns.

    Shut down the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and close down nearly all of the 800 bases we have overseas.

    If those "national interests" we hear about so often are worried about operating in some countries, let GE, AT&T, ExxonMobil, and the like act like responsible corporations and not a band of pirates.

    Repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Comissions Act.

    But don't close down Gitmo, as we will be sending the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Rice, etc, to that paradise for "enhanced interrogations.

    If they've got nothing to hide, then they shouldn't fear our questions.

  3. I agree with everything you say Greg but how do we get these things done.

    It's always easy for all of us to point out the wrongs but what we are lacking in is the steps to achieve the goals.

    We seem to be just standing around doing nothing. I don't have the answers and need help.

  4. Hey, great blog today! You touch upon so many fulcrums of what is occurring in our world today, sad as that may be.

    As for solutions, I'm surprised at you. Could the answer be any Les Visible? STOP FEEDING the BEAST and HOOVERVILLE the CAPITOL! Oh, and NO PAYMENTS to BANKS, CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, etc, etc. They've gotten enough money already.

    After that? I dunno. I'm just a dumb hick from, well, not French Lick, but...

    one thought is that we need the police and military on our side. I don't know how to do that, since tyrannical bribes of fascism benefit such agencies. It would be something if we could get law-enforcement to see the world through, say, sick 9/11 heroes eyes? The fact that those people are ill, dying, and ignored tells you something right there. If we could get local and state authorities to see the truths of such things (btw, were you sickened by Bush talking about bailing out the "too big to fail" car cos today because the "average American" would be hurt? So all the lies were for our own good huh? And what up with all the outsourcing and offshoring? GM is EXPANDING in Brazil and China, haven't you heard?)

    Alas, my fellow citizens are too worried fighting over scraps from the controller's colon that the thought of them refusing to work during this stressful and tenuous economic time is beyond comprehension. Strange how the overlords can always get the populace to willingly engage in their own slavery (maybe all those out-of-work auto workers because of the plant shutdowns this next month could take up residence on the mall?)

    I'm not trying to be negative with you. When I thought about other "tried, tested, and true" methods like protesting. well, that hasn't seemed to work. I've been there, done that, and the horror on my antiwar friends faces when I bring up 9/11 truth! Sssshhh! Sssshhh! This is a vigil, no talking (in addition to the incomprehensible looks of horror). Local politics? Has Ron Paul been excommunicated from the Republican Party yet? Write the opinion-making, agenda-pushing papers? Ha! I can't imagine a bigger waste of time than that! Local activism? Hate to say it, but petty America cares more about the guy across the street and what they are doing than what is happening above. Someone even said to me they would rather have tax monies to defense contractors than the social service agency across the street. AmeriKan NIMBYism at its finest.

    Gee, not sounding very Xmassy, am I? I guess I'm not feeling the love this year; the souls of the dead and suffering off a scale of damnable lies that are nearly unimaginable will do that to a person. Feel like my soul has been scooped out.

    Gee, I didn't really help you much. And after you helped me with your wonderful writings today. Sorry :(

  5. Thanks for taking the microphone anon and giving us a viewpoint. It's a similar theme to mine. Never say sorry for speaking truth.