Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts for a Friday Morning


Waiting for Dawn in the Graveyards of Night
The biggest problem we have is Materialism with his consort, Glamour. They bring out the worst in us... they do. They blind us to the requirements of what makes us human. What makes us great and truly human is our capacity to see the circumstances of others and to have compassion for them… and to demonstrate it when we can. The Honorable Rupert Murdoch and all of those who operate according to that ancient software of Corruption 1.0 are busy as bees, informing us that we are not human but beasts and that the fulfillment of appetite is our appointed destiny.
more - Les Visible

Atrocity Unlimited: US Seeks to Turn Somalia into Global Free-Fire Zone
And now the Bush Regime -- going out in a Götterdämmerung of blood and fury aimed at the world (and at the American people) -- wants to intensify the chaos in Somalia, laying it bare to more invasions, "precision strikes," death squad operations, renditions and other atrocities, this time coming from not just from Washington and its Terror War proxies but from all directions. This is the answer of the American militarist state to any problem, such as piracy or terrorism: the blunderbuss assault of massive military force by land, sea and air; vast destruction, social collapse -- and immeasurable, unbounded human suffering.

This is the reality of much-praised "continuity" in "national security affairs" that Barack Obama's appointments have promised. This is what will be "continued."
more - Chris Floyd

My 22 questions to Obama Transition Team on

"Will you curb the influence by the lobbyists and agents for the State of Israel concerning foreign policy directive? Will United States gov return to a truly independent sovereign nation without the unwarranted, dangerous influence of foreign powers?" (21 | 8)

"Would you be willing to remove marijuana (cannibis) from Schedule I to decriminalize possession and regulate distribution through licensed vendors similar to liquor license? Will you modify DEA's power by directive to respect lawful users' rights?"
more - Nepos Libertas's blog at wufys

A Brief History of CIA Involvement in Drug Trafficking more - William Bum via the Peoples Voice

Keep your wits about you at all times
We don't know what our globalists have in mind, but we know they have something in mind. We can expect it to be a very unpleasant surprise meant to beat the American people down, physically but especially psychologically. In order for Americans to accept the globalist agenda, the entire system must be shredded and crushed and destroyed beyond recognition. We must feel utterly hopeless. We must look to the leaders for help. We must be reduced to a shadow of our former selves, and then, as we meekly offer whatever little scraps of dignity and freedom we yet possess, they will deign to grant us so-called security.
more - Twelfth Bough

US: Relatives of September 11 victims condemn Guantanamo show trial
“We believe that the secretive and unconstitutional nature of these proceedings deprive us of the right to know the full truth about what happened on 9/11.”
more -Naomi Spencer at

Livni Wants to Complete the Ethnic Cleansing of Israel in Order to Maintain a Racist State.
Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Foreign Minister and leader of the Kadima Party, has told students at a Tel Aviv high school that, once a Palestinian state has been created, Israeli Arabs should leave Israel to go and live in the new Palestinian state.

Confirming her racist credentials, she also told the students that: “The idea is to maintain two states for two peoples…”

Her expectation is that, after centuries of living in their homelands in what is now Israel, what few Palestinians still remain there will be expected to join those that were made refugees back in 1948 in what little there is left of the West Bank and the Gaza Ghetto.
more - Damian Laatan

Murdoch and News Corp
Good news for the people who support Ron Paul and other honest politicians.

There has been a yearlong slide in News Corp's share price.

This is due to such things as the internet, said the company's chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch to his shareholders.

During the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialized in favor of the war.
more - aangirfan

MSNBC Hints At Targeting Blagojevich's Wife

Over at MSNBC they claim to be outraged that a seated Governor would be looking to do things like, get his wife a seat on a Board of Directors somewhere. Wrong for them to take advantage of a situation.

It’s funny that they aren’t as outraged about Obama’s Sec. of State choice in that she benefited from that exact same thing.

more - Scott Creighton

Major U.S. Power Figures - Tisch, Greenberg, Milken - Linked to Charity that Funds Settlers' Militias

Three major U.S. power figures are linked to the charity run out of a 6th Avenue fabric store that is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to settler militias in the West Bank: James Tisch, the ceo of Loews, Michael Milken the banker/philanthropist, and Alan C. (Ace) Greenberg, the former ceo of Bear Stearns.

In short, the Jewish establishment is deeply implicated in the illegal settlements. CFI, with whom these guys are linked, is run by a guy who says the two-state solution is a threat to Israel's existence.
more - Philip Weiss

Is Bernard L. Madoff Jewish?

Yes, Bernard L. Madoff is a Jew.

Bernard Madoff was arrested and charged today with allegedly running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, according to U.S. authorities.

The SEC said it appeared that virtually all of the assets of his hedge fund business were missing.

more - Tzvee's Talmudic Blog

Out of Iraq? Not so fast

How, one wonders, could President-elect Barack Obama possibly hope to implement his announced foreign policy goals when he's entrusted his enemies – the Clntonites, and the Republicans – to implement them? I've wondered that myself, but now the mystery is cleared up by Robert Gates, the GOP defense secretary who says we'll be in Iraq "for decades." In an interview with George Will, Gates let the cat out of the bag:

"Regarding Iraq, Gates is parsimonious with his confidence, noting that ‘the multisectarian democracy has not sunk very deep roots yet.' He stresses, however, that there is bipartisan congressional support for ‘a long-term residual presence' of perhaps 40,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, and that the president-elect's recent statements have not precluded that. Such a presence "for decades" has, he says, followed major US military operations since 1945, other than in Vietnam. And he says, ‘Look at how long Britain has had troops in Cyprus.' "

more - Justin Raimondo

Media Whores Hearst News Bans Rense

The Hearst Corporation is, of course, one of the key MSM agents of the NWO CFR Zionist Globalist drive toward complete subjugation of our now besieged Republic.

What so threatens the billion dollar Hearst Empire that it labels one of the world's most senior and respected independent news services (which far outdraws most Hearst properties on the net) 'EXTREME' and therefore unfit, too threatening and too dangerous for its employees to be allowed to read? In a word it is our coverage of Zionism...and its overwhelming influence on America. is also devoutly anti-war and criticizes the ongoing American genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan which totals between 2-3 million human beings to date. Further, we report on the heinous Zionist Israeli brutality and genocide of the Palestinian people.
more - Conspiracy Planet
David Dees

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    Spirko has given his advice over the years to the National Security Council including the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks under President Bill Clinton.
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    “In the end, we all report to the same God, whether we call him God, Jehovah or Allah,” he says.
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