Monday, December 8, 2008

Thoughts for a Monday Morning


Militarism -- either in its overt, unashamed form as espoused by the neo-cons and their outriders, or in the more subtly packaged, sugar-coated (and often self-deluding) version of the "humanitarian interventionists" -- is the ruling ideology of the American state. Like all ideologies, it comes in different shadings, different emphases, different factions, and so on, but the national power structure is firmly committed across the board to the use of violence -- and the ever-present threat of violence -- to advance a bipartisan agenda of American hegemony on the world scene. Some factions take great pains to present this hegemony as benevolent and altruistic; other factions don't care how it comes across ("Let them hate us as long as they fear us," was a sentiment frequently voiced in high circles at the beginning of the Terror War). But all factions are willing to kill people -- either directly or by proxy -- to maintain that hegemony.
more - Chris Floyd

The GOP - a Parasite That Murdered Its Host

Only the GOP in America or the Nazi party in Germany could have destroyed a nation so
efficiently and have the nerve to brag about it. Now, as we prepare to witness a collapse not seen since that of Rome, we conclude that Bush Jr finished the job begun by Reagan, that is the economic destruction of the United States --its economy, its education, its source of wealth, its future, its security!
more - Len Hart

World ruled by 'juiced' gangsters and mobs
Anyway, I'll take the old mob style juice any day, compared to the institutionalized kind in American society. The ethnic neighborhood style, often being based on rather unsavory criminal activities both large and small, could possibly be prosecuted if it gets out of hand. But the juice of America's elites is rewarded fer christsake, and institutionalized into our system by law and social custom.

My guess is that they will prop up that old dead whore called American free market capitalism through more bailouts of the rich financiers, simply by divvying up the people's dough between themselves. They'll put new make-up on the moldy hag, then dolly her out onto the dance floor, declaring the bailouts a success. And they will be a success too, for a while, because Americans are yet willing to dance with her for some time to come. Until she starts stinking up the joint so bad they can no longer even enter the ballroom. Then all hell's gonna break loose. We just won't take it anymore. We will rise up in anger and take action. We'll call in to the Rush Limbaugh Show by god! Or write angry liberal rants on the Internet! That's what we'll do!
more - Joe Bageant

Obama Wants A Climate Czar

Al Gore and his legions continue to pass global warming off as the greatest threat ever to man’s survival. Not only have they called for "Nuremburg-type trials to silence skeptics – but even for civil disobedience "to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration."

The issue is not, and never has been about saving the planet. It is about enforcing a new economic "ecologarchy" that seeks to control our every action from the top. We used to call it socialism, now we call it going green.
more - Tom DeWeese

The Global Economic Crisis: Bad and Worsening

-- since the mid-1970s, real wages haven't kept up with inflation;

-- "computerization of production displaced workers;"

-- production and service jobs (including high-paying ones) have been offshored to low-wage countries; and

-- "capitalists end(ed) the historic (1820 - 1970) rise of US wages" in real terms.

It gets worse.

They increased productivity through technology and pressuring workers - to work harder for less pay and fewer benefits. "In Marxian terms, the surpluses extracted by capitalist employers - the difference between the value added by labor and the value paid to the laborer - rose. In capitalist class structures, each capitalist is better off the more surplus is exploited from employees. The last 30 years realized capitalists' wildest dreams."

more - Steve Lendman via The Peoples Voice

Israel allows no dual citizens in its government. Why does America?


16. If the speaker of the Knesset has called upon its members to make their declarations of allegiance and a member has not done so, that member shall not enjoy the rights of membership as long as he has not made the declaration.


Non-declaration due to dual-citizenship (Amendment 22)

If a Knesset member holds an additional, non-Israeli citizenship, and the laws of the country whose citizenship he holds permit him to be released from such citizenship, he shall not declare allegiance until after he has done everything required on his part to be released from such citizenship, and he shall not enjoy the rights of a Knesset member until he makes his declaration.

GeneDios's blog

Israeli "Auto Kill Zone" Towers Locked and Loaded
On the U.S.-Mexico border, the American government has been trying, with limited success, to set up a string of sensor-laden sentry towers, which would watch out for illicit incursions. In Israel, they’ve got their own set of border towers. But the Sabras’ model comes with automatic guns, operated from afar.

The Sentry Tech towers are basically remote weapons stations, stuck on stop of silos. “As suspected hostile targets are detected and within range of Sentry-Tech positions, the weapons are slewing toward the designated target,” David Eshel describes over at Ares. “As multiple stations can be operated by a single operator, one or more units can be used to engage the target, following identification and verification by the commander.”

more - There Are No Sunglasses

Obama calls for "shared burdens" in US economic crisis

If one examines his language carefully, and thinks through the implications, Obama has spelled out a program that is tailored to serve the class interests of the US financial aristocracy at the expense of working people. Talk of “shared benefits and burdens” is a sham and a delusion when applied to the capitalist system, in which the surplus value generated by the labor of millions of workers is appropriated for the exclusive benefit of a relative handful of capitalists and bankers.
Patrick Martin at

What Happened at the Co-Op?
An Ohio Department of Agriculture agent seized food, electronic devices and documents from a Pittsfield Township organic and natural food cooperative believed to be unlicensed, according to a search warrant filed yesterday in Lorain County Common Pleas Court.
I've been following Internet accounts of this over the weekend and haven't been able to verify what went down.

Some accounts are reporting a SWAT raid.

I haven't been able to confirm this, so I've been hesitant to comment. It would not surprise me to learn the "Authorized Journalists" have once more failed at government watchdoggery, but at this point not enough is known to make a judgment. Just like it would not surprise me to see organic food distributors treated like homegrown terrorists.

According to Gerald Celente, you’d better be. Celente is the CEO of Trends Research Institute, who in mid-November made public his prediction that by 2012, America will witness mass food riots, squatters rebellions by the homeless, tax rebellions by the economically strapped, and even pockets of armed resistance as economic conditions worsen. It would be easy to dismiss Celente as just another gloom-and-doom wingnut – were it not for his track record. Since Celente began predicting trends in 1987, his accuracy has been nearly occult (and no, he is not a self-professed psychic, and does not equate 2012 with the Biblical Apocalypse or the end of the Mayan calendar, and has, to the best of my knowledge, never been on Coast to Coast AM). He predicted the ’87 stock market crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 1997 Asian market collapse, the current economic meltdown(calling it the “Panic of 2008”), and scores of others – all with amazing aplomb, right down to specific time frames. He has also predicted that the U.S. dollar will lose 90% of its value. It’s enough to give the most hardened skeptic pause.
more - Alex R. Knight at STR

According to recent stats, one out of every 100 adult American citizens calls the hoosegow home.

Most of this increase is due directly to the ever-escalating War Against Some Drugs, specifically against nonviolent pot smokers, who, so says, contributed over 700,000 arrestees to prison overcrowding last year.

In other words, criminals are manufactured in federal state and city governments by power-addicted politicians mindlessly putting words on paper. The same is true with all levels of bureaucracy in which bureaucrats are held virtually accountable – they run amok with rules and regulations and "decisions" that become laws and create criminals of anyone who even accidentally break the rules.
more - Gary Reed

" fact. "it" is increasingly happening to elderly people."

A very large portion of the people I work with every day are older and while they may not yet qualify as senior citizens or elderly - yet - the chances that they will improve their lots in life enough to avoid homelessness by the time they hit the age where they become officially recognized as such is slim to none...
more - Stone Soup Station

Afghanistan Producing More Her0in Than Ever
Capturing a new, abundant source for heroin was an integral part of the U.S. “war on terror.” Hamid Karzai is a puppet ruler of the CIA; Afghanistan is a full-fledged narco-state; and the poppies that flourish there have yet to be eradicated, as was proven in 2003 when the Bush administration refused to destroy the crops, despite having the chance to do so. Major drug dealers are rarely arrested, smugglers enjoy carte blanche immunity, and Nushin Arbabzadah, writing for The Guardian, theorized that “U.S. Army planes leave Afghanistan carrying coffins empty of bodies, but filled with drugs.” Is that why the military protested so vehemently when reporters tried to photograph returning caskets?
more - Dark Government

More raids against horse and buggy Mennonite in Pennsylvania

The public has been failed by the media that government raids against farmers are not being covered and especially that the connection between the vested corporate interests in eliminating these farmers is not looked into. Independent farmers who refuse to use corporations as middlemen are the only ones being attacked.
more - Linn Cohen-Cole

The Fed's Exploding Balance Sheet

The alternative course of events is anathema to the Fed and the government. That course is to change the financial system at its roots and let alternative means of finance and financial intermediation arise spontaneously in a free market. That would spell the end of the Fed’s monopoly over the forced currency in the U.S. If this were to happen, every country in the entire world would have to follow suit if their economies were to survive and prosper, and that would mean a large diminution in government power and a fundamentally changed role for governments everywhere.
more - Michael S. Rozeff


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  2. When I used to talk to people involved in the casino/stock market and pointed out it was nothing but legalized gambling, they acted as if I was a lunatic. Of course that was in the scam set up days of around 20% return. Now I bet they had put some of that in gold and silver.