Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thoughts for a Sunday Morning art: Luis Lorenzana

Is your money being stolen and sent to Israel?
What has been happening in the USA and UK?

Are certain financiers stealing your money and sending it to places like Israel?

According to The Truth Seeker - Voice of the White House October 2, 2008 :

“Very large amounts of money from various banks and financial institutions and the owners and controllers thereof were, and are being, sent outside this country to a secure area.

I am speaking most specifically of American business frantically sending, electronically, huge amounts of money to banks in Israel.

The three banks that are getting most of the stolen money are: Hapoalim group, Bank Leumi group, Discount Bank group. It is not necessary to mention that the senders are all Jewish..."

more - aangirfan

Organized Crime, Intelligence and Terror
What do you call a "devout Muslim" who exerts considerable control over South Asia's heroin, gambling, prostitution and smuggling rackets? Why an intelligence asset, of course!
more - Tom Burghardt

Obama's Gamble - The Ultimate And Final Bet By Obama’s Financial Handlers

The present global financial tsunami has given the 12 elite global gamblers and 2 maybe 3 central banks, the opportunity of a millennium to confiscate un-imaginable wealth and power and to reign supreme over the entire planet.

What is uncertain and unknown is the timing of this Trillion dollar bet. But my estimation is, just before the crowning of Obama on 20th January 2009.
more - Matthias Chang

Kirk Douglas and 'The Meaning of Judaism': Actor Linked to Fund for Settlers' Militias

Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas is on the list of names linked to the Central Fund of Israel, the nonprofit charity operating out of a fabric store in New York that is opposed to a two-state solution and sends money to settler militias in the West Bank. The Central Fund's federal filing for 2004 lists the Douglas Foundation, c/o The Bryna Company in Beverly Hills.
more - Philip Weiss

Madoff and Realistic Returns

On another aspect of that fall: In a comment dan of steele says:

[O]ne possible positive outcome outcome from all this will be a bit less cash available to AIPAC.

more - Moon of Alabama

Who's Really Behind Those Somali "Pirates?"

It doesn't take a genius to see what's going on in regards to this "Africom" base. The world's REAL Axis of Evil, Washington, Israel and England, are salivating over the rich mineral resources of Africa and want desperately to get ahold of that continent's oil and natural gas fields, which are in abundance.

They'll keep using piracy and various false-flags in and around Africa, to scare those good people into crying for help from the same murderous thugs that perpetuated the original violence.

They'll keep ramping up the violence until the UN is pushed to intervene, passing some lame ass resolution that gives the "Shock and Awe" crowd what it needs; some type of legal fig leaf to cover up their true intent.

more - Greg Bacom

You're Getting Warmer

This is a little weird. Are they playing that party game when you blindfold the person who's 'it' and make them grope around the room for some mysterious object while giving them hints like warmer and cooler?

Where the discussion isn't going, at least in public, (or the PR level), is the possibility that the first foreign policy crisis the administration will face will be the complete economic collapse of a large, unstable nation.
more - Twelfth Bough

The Leaky Hull

“I Told You So,” by Ed Miracle

If you’ve been around for my political/financial rants about the Great Ponzi Scheme that is our U.S. Dollar already know that I’ve been shrieking about the bankster wars and the coming hyperinflation for perhaps a year and a half. It’s all a part of the Class War and the behind-the-scenes struggle between competing visions of the New World Order. In short, for a variety of reasons we’re being “taken down.” America is in receivership and is about to be liquidated. Are we having fun yet?

more - The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

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