Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

More Collateral Women and Children, This Time in San Diego

Grace and Rachel Yoon were killed on Monday when a fighter jet crashed into their San Diego home. Grace was 15 months old; Rachel wasn't yet two months.
more - Winter Patriot

Video: What CNN Censored from the Hamdi Gul"9/11 Was An Inside Job" Interview

You are directed to leave this site ASAP and spend the rest of the week watching the only source of "real" news, FOX.

Of course, it's only a coincidence that retired Pakistani General Gul is on the list of those "terrorists" behind the Mumbai attacks.

The good general will either wind up committing "suicide" by shooting himself two or three times in the head or be kidnapped and extradited to some CIA black hole prison, like Gitmo, where they have very persuasive measures to use when extracting "confessions."

more - Greg Bacon at wufys

Henry Hazlitt and I on the Auto Bailout
  • The United States government is in a fiscal abyss, and one unfortunate generation will eventually have to fit the bill. This is what I call generational slavery, because one or more generations has decided, rather than extinguishing its own debts, to pass them on to posterity, guaranteeing “confiscatory” income taxation (as if there were any other kind) in the future, and thus robbing future generations of their own labor.
  • As poorly as the executives at GM, Ford, and Chrysler have managed their businesses, the federal government (or “car czar”) would do the job even worse–much worse, I believe.
  • more - Henry Hazlitt via Detain This

The Evil of Eid

What kind of being or creature denies happiness to a child? This is worse than killing them; at least then they are dead, and it is the families that are left to suffer!

Israeli Navy bars ship sent by Arab leaders and leftist activists from sailing to Gaza

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Marc Parent's new site

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Role of alleged CIA asset in Mumbai attacks being downplayed

The role in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last month of an underworld kingpin that heads an organization known as D-Company, has known ties to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and who is alleged to have ties with the CIA is apparently being whitewashed, suggesting that his capture and handover to India might prove inconvenient for either the ISI or the CIA, or both.
more - Jeremy R. Hammond via There Are No Sumglasses

The Power Elite Playbook, Establishing Precedents, Part 19
Presidential foreknowledge about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor has been well substantiated through recently-released public records. Over 2400 individuals were literally sacrificed to get the U.S. into war in the Pacific and in Europe.
more - Deanna Spingola via The Peoples Voice

32 graves at centre of investigation into Flordia reform school

AN investigation has been opened into 32 anonymous graves at a Florida reform school after claims that young orphans and tearaways were flogged and tortured to death by guards.

Former residents of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna believe that the shallow graves, which date to the 1950s and 1960s, contain the crushed skulls and broken bones of fellow inmates, and that staff meted out brutal punishments to boys as young as 8 for “crimes” such as singing or eating an extra pancake at breakfast.
more - via Strike the Root

The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve Racket

In 1910 Rothschild, through their agent Warburg, assembled a meeting to start a central bank for America. With a central bank, you control the credit supply, with that you can then control the economy.

Warburg had Colonel House, and Nelson Aldrich, convince Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Now Rothschild controls the United States, and England through the central banks.

more - News From the West


Disastrous Gordon Brown : Just ONE euro to the pound

more - aangirfan

The Chicago Presidency

Chicago's leading politicians, like peas in a pod: Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Mayor Richard Daley. Obama, Daley, and Bill Clinton were all managed by the Israeli son-of-a-terrorist, Rahm Emanuel.

The first Chicago-based administration in history has not even been inaugurated yet and already the corruption of the Windy City has taken center stage. The previous governor is trying to get a presidential pardon to get out of jail while the current governor is caught trying to benefit financially by selling Barack Obama’s vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. How typical. Like an Israeli tyrant, Mayor Daley sent bulldozers in at night to destroy the runway of Meigs Field on the lakefront.
more - Christopher Bollyn

Bush returns to West Point to defend doctrine of aggressive war

No doubt it is a well-founded conviction that under the incoming Obama administration, the Bush Doctrine—whatever tactical modifications may be made—will remain essentially intact as the foundation for US imperialist policy on a global scale.
more - Bill Van Auken at

"Ode to Homeland Security" (A. Constantine)


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