Saturday, December 13, 2008


The corruption in Illinois is nothing compared to the corruption that goes on everyday, 365 days a year, within our congress. The special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald should go after the real crooks who run our daily lives in Washington, DC. Yes, You know who I mean, the Senate, the House, the President’s staff, and especially Rahm Israel Emmanuel.

All of them receive money from one Israeli pac or another but one thing you can be sure of–They are ALL beholden to AIPAC, the real power broker in the United States of America. Some of our elected officials have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from these foreign Israeli operatives.

The facts are this–if you don’t play ball with the foreign corrupt government of Israel you don’t get elected in Washington and many other positions throughout our once-great land.

We have been taken over by the so-called ‘chosen’ people. Wake up America and protest! We are fighting wars for Israel, losing thousands of lives for Israel, spending borrowed money to pay for these wars and paying Israel 15 million dollars a day just because they are Israel.

Thirty four of America’s sons were murdered in cold blood, 174 others were wounded and a 40 million dollar ship was ruined, all for the sake of Israel. Never forget the USS LIBERTY.

That is the key to bringing these Israeli thugs, murderers and terrorists to justice. Israel wants your 1st and 2nd amendments taken away from you as soon as possible.

Time is short.

American patriots stand up for America, stand up for this land we love, just as George Washington did and run the Israeli lobbyists out of this country and fire their bought-and-paid-for US congress.

Time is running short. Your freedoms are slipping through your hands every minute that you do nothing.

No more wars and no more American lives for Israel.

Phillip F. Tourney

Survivor, USS Liberty

Co-Host, ‘The Liberty Hour’ heard every Saturday 11 am eastern time at


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