Friday, December 26, 2008

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009...are censored

Once again Project Censored gives us an overview of some stories that the mainstream media doesn't cover with any depth, if at all.

Also once again, conspicuous by it's absence, is any mention of Israel, the siege of Gaza and the Israeli zionist regime's continuing efforts to get the U.S. to fight its wars.

I wonder why this is? Rarely is there even a 10 second mention on the news channels of the plight of those in the Gaza Strip concentration camp. There are numerous websites and blogs that give extensive coverage of the situation but it doesn't even make the top 25 for Project Censored. If this is not a censored story, what is?

Is Israel off limits to the folks at Project Censored? Who funds them and who decides the agenda?

9/11 censored gets a Japanese story but what about the myriad of American investigators and theorists who will continue attempting to expose the crimes of that day until the truth is known or until the day that they die? This has been a censored story since day one, especially concerning 9/11 being a false flag attack. If this is not a number 1 or 2 story every year, what is?

Naturally the private Federal Reserve gets no mention. After nearly 100 years of censorship about who owns them, no accountability to the public and how every move they make is for their and their allies benefit, why start now?

Congress being bought and sold to the money interests and not listening to their voting constituents is also left out. Maybe they know this is not a secret to most people and no need to list it as censored.

War crimes and criminal prosecution of the Bush administration? There's a lot talk of this but not in the media. Obama has said he won't do it so I guess there's no use in even mentioning it.

Lies of wars, the fraud of the 'War on Terror,' the continual fear mongering by the media?

How about the false left/right paradigm? The media censors any mention of lack of difference between the two major parties, especially concerning Israel and the never ending wars.

All of us probably have some other issues that we think are censored and not covered by Project Censored.

In fairness to Project Censored, all of their top 25 should be major news stories but of course are not. We know who controls the media.

Is there such a thing as p0llitically correct reporting of censored stories? It seems as if certain issues are off limits.

Is Project Censored a censor, a diversion to some issues that they are paid to help keep swept under the rug?

Nothing new here. Every year they cover up some cover ups.


Project Censored

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