Thursday, December 31, 2009

Greet the New Year ... Same as the Old Year?

Celebrating January 1st as New Year's Day...
...but not always
In 46 B.C. Julius Caesar introduced a new, solar-based calendar that was an improvement on the ancient Roman calendar, which was lunar-based and had become inaccurate over the years. A lunar-based calendar is founded on the cycles of the moon - the synodic period. However, there is variation in the precise time for a specific lunation - the time between successive new moons - from 29 days, 6 hours, 35 minutes to 29 days, 19 hours, 55 minutes. Therefore, cumulatively, any lunar-based calendar will be "adding" time over any prolonged period. The Julian calendar, named for Julius Caesar, decreed that the new year would occur on January 1st. Julius wanted the year to begin in January since it celebrated the beginning of the civil year and the festival of the god of gates and, eventually, the god of all beginnings, Janus, after whom it was named. Combining these two celebrations joined the civil and the religious/pagan fetis, the genesis of the word festival.

Romans traditionally exchanged gifts - strenae - of good omen on January 1, the Kalends (root of the word calendar) of January. These gifts included sweet dates, honey and coins. In addition, it was the beginning of the one year term for the consuls, who had a procession on January 1 and, also, wanted a good omen for their tenure.

With Constantine (274-337 A.D.), the first Christian Roman emperor, New Year's
evolved into a day of fasting rather than feasting, as had become the custom to celebrate Janus.

In medieval Europe, however, the celebrations accompanying the new year were considered to have become pagan and unChristian. In 567, the Roman Catholic church, at the Second Council of Tours in France, abolished January 1 as the beginning of the year. Thereafter, at different times and in various places throughout medieval Christian Europe, the new year was celebrated on Dec. 25, the birth of Jesus; March 1; March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation; and Easter, which continues to be based on the lunar calendar.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII re-established January 1 as new year's day with calendar reform. Today the Gregorian calendar has become the international standard for civil use. Although most Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar, it was only gradually adopted among Protestant countries, who didn't recognize the Pope as their ecclesiastical leader. The British, for example, did not adopt the reformed calendar until 1752. Until then, the British Empire, and its' colonies, continued to celebrate the new year in March. In the beginning years of British America, Puritans disavowed any new year observances at all. Still associating any celebrations with pagan traditions, Puritans wouldn't speak the word "January," calling it "The First Month" because of the association with the pagan god, Janus.

Given the various measures of time and the influence of power and the persistence of belief, the history of new year has been determined by shifts in liturgical, civic, religious, lunar, solar and seasonal variations. However, by all accounts, celebrating New Year's has been, and continues to be, a time of rejuvenation and renewal, whether reflected upon quietly, with piousness or with days of feasting and frivolity. (source}

I've been listening to "What About Me" since 1970. It's one of my favorites and like it as a New Year's song. The scenario described never changes.


Happy New Year ...

End of Year Insanity

Insanity by Wladyslaw Podkowinski

Insanity is not delineated by numbers on a calender. It carries over day to day, year to year.

Of course the 'crotch bomber' story is the pinnacle of engineered insanity for this end of year and it's well covered elsewhere so we'll take a look at some other American and world oddities.

Rick Warren is whining and begging for money to keep his empire and lifestyle going. That big electric bill is eating away at the bucks for the food pantry and charities.
Lake Forest megachurch calls on followers to donate almost $1 million in 48 hours

Pastor Rick Warren, the Orange County evangelist who generated controversy for giving the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration, has called on followers to donate nearly $1 million in the next two days to make up for a shortfall in donations.

Late Wednesday night, Warren posted a letter on his Saddleback Church website telling congregants that Christmas offerings were far less than anticipated.

“This is an urgent letter unlike any I've written in 30 years,” Warren wrote. “On the last weekend of 2009, our total offerings were less than half of what we normally receive -- leaving us $900,000 in the red for the year, unless you help make up the difference today and tomorrow.”

No discussion of insanity would be complete without a 'what the hell is Israel doing?'
Irish4Palestine has continuing updates on the siege of Gaza and the attempts to end the blockade.

Barak enjoys classical music and killing Gaza children
Israeli settlers uproot trees and destroy natural water spring in northern West Bank
uruknet always fills in the Israeli insanity blanks.

Yemen, Yemen, Yemen
Obama administration prepares public opinion for attack on Yemen

The CIA/Mossad front IntelCenter is selling Al-Qaeda Activity in Yemen Wall Chart v1.3 and a Book Covering All Al-Qaeda Affiliated Attacks in Yemen Between 2000-2007 and the most useful Jihadi Logo Identification Wall Chart V1.1 and Mujahideen Youth Movement Leadership Breakout Wall Chart V1.0
If you hurry before they are sold out you can put these charts up on your living room wall and have a neighborhood watch meeting. You never know, the kids next door could be inspired to blow their balls off and take you with them.

Speaking of the CIA ... the real terrorists get a taste of their own medicine.
The CIA said seven of its employees were killed and six others wounded in Wednesday's suicide bombing at a base in Khost province in eastern Afghanistan. One of them was the chief of the CIA's post there.
You might think Blackwater would be a target. Aren't they terrorists too?
Blackwater Eyes Afghan Contractor Surge
As the United States builds up its military presence in Afghanistan, private contractors mercenaries are flocking there in even greater numbers. And Xe, the company formerly known as Blackwater, is in the hunt to get a share of the new work. According to a report last week from the Congressional Research Service, there were about 64,000 uniformed U.S. troops in Afghanistan in September and 104,101 military contractors -- 62 percent of the Defense Department work force there. The Obama administration's planned deployment of 30,000 more troops in the coming months could require as many as 56,000 more contractors, the report estimated

What kind of insane 'journalist' puts a camera or microphone in the face of deranged traitor Dick Cheney, one of the perps of 9/11, who never met a false flag terrorist attack on America he didn't love.
"As I've watched the events of the last few days it is clear once again that President Obama is trying to pretend we are not at war," Cheney told Politico. "He seems to think if he has a low-key response to an attempt to blow up an airliner and kill hundreds of people, we won't be at war. He seems to think if he gives terrorists the rights of Americans, lets them lawyer up and reads them their Miranda rights, we won't be at war. He seems to think if we bring the mastermind of Sept. 11 to New York, give him a lawyer and trial in civilian court, we won't be at war."
Of course Cheney is just playing the game. He knows Obama is following in his footsteps when it comes to war.

Ben Bernanke is still the head of the Federal Reserve, Tim Geithner is still Treasury Secretary and Rahm Emanuel still pulls the strings of his puppet president. That proves insanity and criminality rules.

And how do pollsters find the most insane of Americans to participate in their social engineering games.
President Obama is the man Americans admired most in 2009, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, while Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are virtually tied as the most-admired woman.

The poll of 1,025 adults, taken Dec. 11-13, has a margin of error of +/–4 percentage points. {see the complete chart}
That's a small sample. Who did they poll, members of Congress and their families? I call BS on this one.

Did Obama elevate an international police force above American law?
Interpol given free hand in U.S.
No presidential statement or White House press briefing was held on it. In fact, all that can be found about it on the official White House Web site is the Dec. 17 announcement and one-paragraph text of President Obama's Executive Order 12425, with this innocuous headline: "Amending Executive Order 12425 Designating Interpol as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exemptions, and immunities."In fact, this new directive from Obama may be the most destructive blow ever struck against American constitutional civil liberties. No wonder the White House said as little as possible about it.

Insanity is not just for politics. It happens every day on the local level.

Murfreesboro, Tenn. - Rutherford County Sheriff's detectives arrested the three men Wednesday night that they think are responsible for a vicious home invasion attack on an elderly couple, Cecil Story, 86-years-old, and his 93-year-old wife, Edna Story, were beaten with bare hands, bound at the wrists and ankles, and robbed of less than $100.

There are plenty of voices of reason in this insane world. I'll end with one.
While it is true that government is incurably incompetent with respect to any genuinely worthwhile productive enterprise, it is an astonishingly efficient engine of plunder and destruction. However useless the CIA and its kindred agencies may be in collecting and analyzing reliable intelligence, they display considerable gifts when it comes to arranging politically useful mischief. Will Grigg

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

$16 Billion pledged by U.S. to train, equip Afghan army not enough says Defense Ministry

"We want a bigger cut of the $1 trillion heroin market. The central banks and the CIA need to share more."

Defense Ministry spokesman Zaher Azimy ...

The United States has pledged $16 billion to spend on training and equipping Afghanistan's army and air force, but the country needs more to build a force that can guarantee stability, an Afghan army official said on Wednesday.
Defense Ministry spokesman Zaher Azimy said Kabul hoped a donor conference in London next month would provide cash and supplies needed for ambitious plans to expand the army to 240,000 soldiers, from over 100,000 at present.

"For the expansion process of the army, the United States has pledged $16 billion," Azimi said, adding that the cash would be spread out over the period needed to scale up the army, currently estimated at around four years.

"This is not enough by any means and we are hopeful to receive more assistance in London conference (from other NATO allies)."

He was speaking at a joint news conference with a spokesman for NATO-led forces, who did not dispute the $16 billion figure. {more}

Meanwhile, 8 Americans, reportedly civilians, have been killed at a U.S. military base in south eastern Afghanistan proving that security needs a boost.

Unconfirmed reports are that Israel, upon hearing of the $16 billion for Afghanistan, is demanding more than the measly $5 billion we give them each year ... or else ...

Meanwhile, an unknown number, maybe 20 + million Americans are unemployed.

Lie of the Year

There were so many lies told in 2009 that to compile a list of all of them would be exhausting. A few websites have tried to pick the best of the worst such as PolitiFact, who seems to have gotten the most publicity with their Sara Palin's 'Death Panels' number 1. That's the best the deaf, dumb and blind kids of the left could come up with? Pathetic ... not a single mention of any of the war lies.

The right wing press is no better. They keep pounding away at the lies of the Democratic administration and congress but with one exception. They still love all of the war lies.

There's a Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009 that covers the basics in that hell hole of deceit and FactCheck show us some Whoppers of 2009 but with no hint of the lying foreign policy.

Those lists barely scratch the surface and the use of the word 'whopper' is like calling a cold blooded killer a naughty boy. No need to go into the lies left out, you know what they are.

My pick for the number 1 lie of the year was easy. It's been the same one each year since 2001. The lie of the decade. It's the root of all U.S. foreign policy, the jumping off point for the ever escalating Middle East wars and countless deaths. It's still being repeated relentlessly by those whose task it is to perpetuate 'the big lie.'

Obama has repeated the lie many times. He stressed it lately at West Point in front of some who will die because of it.

"We did not ask for this fight. On September 11, 2001, nineteen men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people. They struck at our military and economic nerve centers. They took the lives of innocent men, women and children without regard to their faith or race or station. Were it not for the heroic actions of the passengers on board one of those flights, they could have also struck at one of the great symbols of our democracy in Washington, and killed many more.

"As we know, these men belonged to al Qaeda – a group of extremists who have distorted and defiled Islam, one of the world’s great religions, to justify the slaughter of innocents..."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ben Stein calls Ron Paul Antisemitic on Larry King

Ron Paul appeared on Larry King Live on CNN this evening (12-28-09) along with Ben Stein and Sheila Jackson Lee to discuss the recent thwarted terrorist attack. After Paul gives his now famous view that they “attack us because we are over there” Ben Stein calls Paul antisemitic which solicits a demand for an apology by Paul. Paul characterizes it as a “vicious attack”
from Daily Paul

also see:
Christmas Jet bomb, Bernard Lewis & The Clash of Civilisations

Powerful Stuff?

ABC News is hyping the 80 gram PETN underwear bomb photo and how previous government tests showed what only 50 grams would do to a plane.

Perhaps there are some explosive experts out there who could confirm or contradict what the government mouthpieces are saying.

A reply from willyloman ...
ABC's "50 gms of PETN" Video is Propaganda and I Have the Proof

Monday, December 28, 2009

The strength to survive

Gaza shows us what Israel and their willing allies would gladly do to you and I, if it suits their purpose and if they think they can get by with it. No one is safe as long as the psychopaths run the asylum.

By our lack of action, we become enablers.

Israel’s contempt for innocent life, for the international community, and for international law is perhaps matched only by the U.S. willingness to support Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

Simply stated, without U.S. support, none of this could go on.

A Real Terrorist Watch List

These people can move freely around the world as they plan more death, destruction and theft. Instead of being concerned for the million or so on the official 'terrorist watch list,' we could round up a few thousand of these real world terrorists, cure most of our ills and make the world a much safer place.

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

Goldman Sachs and Others Investigated for Betting Against Securities They Created
Betting against their own securities has prompted numerous investigations of Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street institutions. Prior to the financial collapse, Goldman and others figured out a way to package risky securities, such as subprime mortgages, and sell them to investors who were told they were buying sound investments. Little did the investors know that the firms selling the synthetic collateralized debt obligations (or CDOs) turned around and bet that the CDOs would fail—costing pension funds and insurance companies billions of dollars.

Arab Dictatorships Take 4 of Top 5 Spots in Purchase of U.S. Weapons and Services
The leading defense contractors manufacturing the weapons for these governments are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon.

Lieberman Pushing for Preemtive War

Despite the fact that the doctrine of preemptive war was discarded by the American electorate in 2008, Senator Lieberman continues to make his case for war with an almost lusty gusto.

A Monster Beyond Control?
On the first anniversary of the beginning of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip – in my view it was a demonstration of Israeli state terrorism at its most naked - it’s not enough to say that the governments of the Western powers (and others) are complicit in Israel’s on-going collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians, 53% of whom are children.

What is actually happening in the blockaded Gaza Strip, and less obviously on the occupied West Bank, is the continuation by stealth of Zionism’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. What we are witnessing is, “genocide in slow motion.” And that, really, is what the governments of the Western powers (and others) are complicit in.

Netanyahu "Congratulates" His Army Executions of Nablus
Benjamin Netanyahu the President of the Israeli government congratulated his army and security service for their implementation of the assassination of three Palestinian citizens the day before yesterday, in Nablus.

Europe 2009: excesses of a few in the name of many

Masked villains (left to right): Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown, Silvio Berlusconi, Dominique de Villepin and Nicolas Sarkozy.
Artwork: Mick Connolly

Xe, Formerly Blackwater, Poses Biggest Threat to Pakistan's Nukes
Seen in the light that American mercenaries have become overt operationally, it appears that the intent is to use them to ‘lift’ the Pak Nukes using the threat from the Taliban as an excuse.

Master lists ...
Current heads of state and government

World Bank Group

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Rothschild Family

Bush Crime Family

Clinton Crime Family

Dick Cheney

The U.S. Congress

Apologies to all who may feel they have unfairly been left off of this list.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Airport Security and Terrorists - Peter King vs George Carlin

When the media needs a 'war on terror' shill to say a few 'al qaedas' and how we always need to do more and more with your money and rights, they can count on Rep. Peter King of New York, the Republican ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

When it comes to breaking down the terrorist scam into a few words with humor and insight, we'll just leave it to George Carlin.

That smackdown between King and Carlin would have been interesting.

U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up!

It Could Happen Again

Last Sunday of the Decade

Keep the seat belt fastened, strap on that helmet and hang on.

As I have been frequently told ... "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

I'm sure there will be many predictions for the new year and the upcoming decade. Some of those predictions won't have to be wild eyed guesses. An objective look at the recent past and a jaded eye gazing upon the present will get you a few; more false flags, continued war, a growing divide between the rich and all the others are a few of the easy ones.

What's missing in any predictions are the unknown. The powers that be have their hand on the joy stick of the roller coaster ride they've sent us on but have they paid attention to all of the details? Like tightening the bolts on the track, a little preventive maintenance goes a long way. But when you're too busy taking the ticket money from the thrill seekers and trying to maximize profits in a short time, some things get overlooked.

Is a derailment inevitable? The folks on the ride at the time of the crash won't be lucky but those waiting in line may take pause and not want to get back on even when the carnival barkers say it's safe once again.

Perhaps we should prepare physically, mentally and ethically for a world that doesn't have the round and round, up and down of an aging roller coaster. The ride was fun once upon a time but sometimes walking is healthier. The coaster's wood is rotting, the rails are rusty and a few of the bolts holding it together are missing.

I hear the creaking at every turn. It won't be long now.

Friday, December 25, 2009

With friends like this .....

Alex Jones' good buddy Charlie Sheen was always meant to discredit the 9/11 truth movement and he comes through with flying colors on Christmas Day with a domestic violence arrest.

The AJ/Sheen sympathizers will say it's a set up and the debunkers will get in their talking points painting those with real 9/11 questions as nuts and violent.

Jones knew Sheen's past history, that his antics would continue and that he is any easy target.

Thanks Alex ... your bullshit stunts and 'celebrity' connections once again come back to haunt legitimate 9/11 researchers.

What are you going to say about this, that the 'Arabs' running Hollywood are behind it all?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Peace on Earth

Psychotic Israelis Indict Bilin Leader for Showing Spent Tear Gas Canisters to the World

Spent tear gas grenades and projectiles used on the village of Bil’in for which Abu Rahmah was indicted. Photo: Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Christmas Eve in Occupied East Jerusalem 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Santa needed to pay his elves."

The latest in a string of Nashville bank robberies since Thanksgiving personified the season as a clumsy but jovial  Santa 'madoff' with some cash, supposedly to pay his 'elves.'  Unconfirmed reports are that Santa had already hocked his sleigh and was heard yelling "Take that Goldman Sachs" as he rode out of sight in a car.

In another local 'Grinch that stole Christmas' tale, thieves broke into a business and took all the stockings that were to be given to a women and children homeless shelter. Desperate times indeed.

Ah, but the universal balancing act kicks in to counter the 'bad Santas' and their compadres in crime as what was described as an 'angel' passed out Christmas cards with $100 bills in a Kmart and 2 men left a $400 tip for 2 Waffle House waitresses.

The give and take of Christmas in America .....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Legend of the 10th Amendment or "All I want for Christmas is my constitution back"

It's now up to the local and state 'rule of law' to reign in the federal government/corporate/banker/military industrial complex/media crime syndicate.

It's a toss up if there's even a chance to slow it down. Cheap talk without an aggressive followup doesn't mean a thing.

Like most of our other constitutional rights, the US Congress chooses to ignore the 10th amendment when it suits their agenda. By refusing to acknowledge the limits of congressional power and to leave alone the states to their responsibilities, it sure casts doubts on Congress to be willing to uphold any rights.

The health care debate, if you can call it that, has once again brought the issue of states rights to the forefront, at least in Tennessee ... sort of ...
TN lawmakers seek action to thwart federal health-care bill

State Reps. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, and Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, are asking the state's attorney general to take legal action to stop the federal health-car reform bill because it would expand Medicaid.

They say such an expansion without proper funding would be a violation of state sovereignty.

"Under this bill, Tennessee would be forced to expand our Medicaid program, potentially costing the citizens of the state $1.4 billion dollars in additional state taxpayer funds annually," Maggart and Lynn wrote in a letter to Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper on Monday. "Such an increase would place a great burden on the citizens of this state. It is clear by the wording of the legislation itself that not every state would face a similar and equal burden.

"We see this as a violation of the equal protection of the law, an affront to our sovereignty, and a breach of the U.S. Constitution."

Those words are well and fine but keep in mind that these ladies are Republicans and work within the two party framework of partisanship.

Where were they during the Bush administration and it's numerous violations of state sovereignty and crimes? Where would they stand if it was a Republican president now doing the same thing? I'm going to presume they would be silent.

Why stop only at the health care issue? There are several other areas of federal government misdeeds that could also use some legal action starting at the state level.
How about the sending of the Tennessee National Guard overseas in undeclared wars?
What about the allowing of the private Federal Reserve to counterfeit our currency and manipulate the economy for their own benefit? And how about the using of the illegal unconstitutional IRS as the enforcement arm, at threat of death or imprisonment, of the Fed to extort every dime they can from the working people? Any state say so there?

Education money blackmail? The states must do as they are told or risk losing funds. That includes pushing revisionist history and propaganda.

Prosecuting 'hate crimes' as defined by federal law and private organizations (ADL) and allowing these agenda driven, money fed parasites to mold policy? Seems unconstitutional and an affront to states rights to me.
That's only a few of some off the cuff reasons to stop the fed crime scene. You can come up with many more if so inclined.

In all fairness to these 'liberty ladies,' they have tried to affirm our 2nd amendment states rights. But the BATF sent them a letter essentially stating that they were out their league and that they would tell them what the states were allowed to do.

I haven't seen a followup or a state/federal confrontation on the 2nd amendment issues and I don't anticipate any different for the 10th amendment ones.

The feds are too far gone to be salvaged. If we don't take the offensive at the local/state level ... nobody else will.

Oh yeah .. and what about those wars ... shouldn't we at the local level have a say so? We are the ones who supply our children to the war machine.

Christmas in the Trenches

Another bridge to nowhere

Locally it's not called the bridge to nowhere for nothing. A million dollar boondoggle that never served any real purpose except to create some temporary profits for a few.

It now has an official name to call it,  complete with a a sign after almost a year since the county approved the bridge as a memorial to someone who died in an undeclared war for the declining American empire and profiteers who never knew him or cared.

There aren't enough 'bridges to nowhere' in the entire country to dedicate with the names and memories of the pawns of war from the last eight years. Over 5,000 officially have died in conflict while an untold number are gone from this life, some by their own hand, as a result of the lingering effects of the perpetual missions of death and deceptions that they have been forced to endure. The term 'volunteer military' is a misnomer. Few knowingly volunteer to kill and be killed for lies. For many the lies are truth, death equals life and in a convoluted way ... war is peace.

The irony of this particular dedication is not lost on some of us. A bridge to nowhere is an appropriate symbol for the wars to nowhere.

Some folks will not not approve of my view that the our sons and daughters  have died, are dying in vain for the profits and power of a few but I feel I must keep saying it.

I'll end by repeating  the words of Les Visible. They seem fitting .....
There is no personal gain for me in speaking out; quite the contrary. Why would I or any of the few of the rest of us who do, do so? There must be a reason and I can only think that it is associated with conscience and as reaction against unnecessary injustices perpetrated upon our fellows. Just because it isn’t happening to me does not mean I should ignore it.

Should I not say anything about this?

What if no one was saying anything about this?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The absurdity of man, who kills so easily and so violently, and once a year sends out cards praying for "Peace on Earth"

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ~St. Francis of Assisi

If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons. ~C.S. Lewis

Factory Farming Atrocities

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Kosher ritual

Hat tip for this video to Brian

Isn't man an amazing animal? He kills wildlife by the millions in order to protect his domestic animals and their feed. Then he kills domestic animals by the billions (9 billion in the U.S. alone in 1996) and eats them. This in turn kills man by the millions, because eating all these animals leads to degenerative - and fatal - health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer. So then man tortures and kills millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals. Meanwhile, some people are dying of sad laughter at the absurdity of man, who kills so easily and so violently, and once a year sends out cards praying for "Peace on Earth". ~C. David Coats

WTC 6 and the Secondary Explosions

Understanding the Hidden Bombing of WTC 6

The mysterious explosion at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) occurred at 9:04 a.m. on 9-11, at exactly the same time as the second plane crashed into the South Tower. {gif animation}

more at Christopher Bollyn

mirror posts at Facts Not Fairies and Rebel News

Since the CNN video was not broadcast live but later in the day on 9/11, there remains a controversy as to whether the cloud of smoke came before the South Tower collapse at 9:59 am or was immediately after. Researchers will have to come to their own conclusions. Either way it does not detract from the evidence that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were controlled demolitions and there were many witnesses to secondary explosions.

As long as there is no honest and impartial investigation of 9/11, there will remain information and disinformation from all sides of the debate.

9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

Christopher Bollyn exposed as a 911 frump! ???

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Keeping Israel’s debt manageable

The official reports are that the US now is in debt for $12.394 trillion.

Despite the massive criminal spending by our government, apparently without concern of the potential repercussions, we do seem to have a concern as to Israel's debt and we continue to funnel them cash for free.

In addition to military aid {President Obama approved $2.775 billion in military aid to Israel, the first payment in a decade-long commitment that will reach at least $30 billion.} ...

the US also provides $3.148 billion in loan guarantees to Israel, part of a Treasury Department program aimed at keep Israel’s debt manageable.

Ironically, though the US budget is spiraling out of control and America’s own debt continues to rise, there was no serious debate of reducing aid to Israel. {source}

No debate. Congress and Obama bow to their masters. The numbers don't even come close to the true cost of maintaining Israel, fighting the wars they tell us to and supporting genocide.

Food so good, you need a license to eat it

Having a holly jolly Christmas at the Ganja Gourmet.

Sounds like fun but this is only for the high end medical marijuana 'patients.' It's just a place for some to profit from the sanctioned beginnings of a for profit industry.

Why should anyone have to pay a 'doctor' to issue them a license to use a plant, an herb that is simple for anyone to grow in their backyard garden and at little cost.

Why shouldn't any do it yourselfer - home grower - self prescriber - chef not have the same rights in the privacy of their homes as those who play within the system and pay the price?

I don't like the idea of having to 'show your card' in order to eat what you want.

Ganja chefs serve up medical pot for foodies.

At $89 per pizza, the munchies can get rather expensive.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Neutered Sovereignty?

art from Pirate News

Obama gave a lackluster speech to the climate change crowd at Copenhagen. The BS may be catching up with him and his intensity may be fading.
"I have to be honest, as the world watches us today, I think our ability to take collective action is in doubt right now, and it hangs in the balance.

America will be a part of fast-start funding that will ramp up to $10 billion by 2012. And yesterday, Secretary Hillary Clinton, my Secretary of State, made it clear that we will engage in a global effort to mobilize $100 billion in financing by 2020, if -- and only if -- it is part of a broader accord.

Mitigation. Transparency. Financing. It's a clear formula."

In Obamawellian speak mitigation is big government control of all the aspects of 'pollution,' transparency is opaque and financing is theft.

Sovereignty is not yet dead. The fat lady is warming up her pipes but hasn't sung.

The ever present Lord Christopher Monckton has stated that the only goal of the conference was to implement the framework and the funding for a world government – which he asserts has been achieved but there is 'hope' that the scam can be overcome.

If reports are correct, a climate draft accord has been reached and taxpayer costs for the extortion racket in the US will be ...
$US10 billion a year from 2010 to 2012, climbing to $US50 billion annually by 2015 and $US100 billion by 2020.

Since the American public hasn't gone down kicking and screaming over the billions/trillions in banker giveaways, endless wars and political corruptions, I'm not so sure that that this scheme won't succeed. It's what the globalists are betting on ... that we actually are sheep and the slaughter is not far away.

But perhaps they have underestimated us and overestimated how much they can suck from the host ... "it’s hard to run when your belly is full of blood."

Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez spoke right after Obama at the conference and what did he say?

"By the way, it smells of sulfur in here."

Sign of the Times

Arbeit macht Frei - work sets you free

It's very convenient that just as the world is really waking up to the war crimes, corruption and inordinate influence that Israel has over a number of groveling governments that an opportunity arises to once again 'show and tell' who the real 'victims' are.

A symbol, a sign of the massive extortion racket that has allowed Israel to slither away from their own crimes against humanity is stolen. I think Abe Foxman and the ADL are preparing their statement of "I told you so" right now. Desecration of their 'holy site' is not something they take lightly and of course ever eager to use for their purposes of diversion and anti-semitic rhetoric.

If one was to look at this theft with a wary eye, one might think that this could be an 'inside job.' Deception is always the first option when looking for talking points to perpetuate the theme of 'neverending persecution.'

From the Times Online ...
“This is not only a theft but a horrible profanation in a place where more than a million people were murdered, in the biggest such site in this part of the world. It is a disgraceful act.”

Holocaust deniers {historians preferring facts} have long targeted Auschwitz in an attempt to demonstrate that the systematic murder of Jews has been invented or exaggerated. Deniers, seeking to bolster their arguments, have previously taken soil samples from the camp and made measurements in order to argue that the number of victims gassed and cremated were far smaller than claimed.

There has always been a danger – as Holocaust survivors and their Nazi murderers die out – that the authenticity of the sites themselves will be questioned.

Auschwitz is made up primarily of red-brick buildings that formed part of Habsburgian barracks – used initially to imprison Polish political prisoners – and the wooden prisoner huts of Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Birkenau was the location of the gas chambers, but both parts of the old Nazi camp are showing signs of wear and tear as many hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the site, near Cracow, every year.

The critical question has been how far to restore the buildings and the crumbling personal possessions – the spectacles for example, removed from the corpses of those gassed to death, some 80,000 shoes, 3,800 suitcases – and risk opening up the museum to charges of falsification. In all there are 155 buildings – including crematoria - and some 300 ruins on the sprawling site.

The theft – if it is indeed politically motivated – could be linked to the decision this week by Germans authorities to pay half the cost of patching up the buildings. Some 60 million euros have been earmarked by Germany’s 16 federal states and by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s federal government. The Auschwitz-Birkenau International Memorial Foundation has appealed for a total of 120 million euros.
Jaroslaw Mensfelt, the Auschwitz museum’s spokesman says ...

“This is not only a theft but a horrible profanation in a place where more than a million people were murdered, in the biggest such site in this part of the world. It is a disgraceful act.” {more}

I wonder when there will be a sign put up at a memorial to remind us of another 'holocaust?'

Just about a year ago, wasn't it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time Magazine's 'Criminal of the Year'

OK, they actually called called Bernanke 'person of the year' but that's because Time tends to hide many of the facts about the Federal Reserve and their crimes against the American people and the world.

Time's version of an alternate reality.

Ron Paul wasn't as kind to Ben as the media whores and CIA assets at Time but does say that he's the most powerful man in the world. I'll disagree a little on that as Bernanke is just the frontman for those who tell him what to do.

No Chance To Go To College! No Chance For Health Care! UNLESS You Learn To Kill Or Be Killed

Dennis Kucinich 12-15-09

Look at his face ... He's serious too ...

Riff-raff not wanted - mall won't get health clinic for low-income women, children

A declining 1.1 million square feet mall with empty spaces at bargain rents seemed like a good place for Metro Nashville to put in in a federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children health clinic. After all, it is in the area where 40% of all the city's WIC recipients live.

A community meeting of local residents thought otherwise and shot it down. It might cause a decline in property values and be seen as a 'stigma' was the reason given.

Antioch is the south Nashville neighborhood lovingly called 'Hispanioch' and LA (lower Antioch) by the locals who have been there a while. As in many cities, it's the area where immigrants have flocked, driving down property values in a cycle of decline.

The ruling folks have no problem with the health clinic somewhere else in the area. It just needs to be 'out of sight, out of mind.' A lady I know who works as a public clinic nurse in a city close by says approximately 70% of their 'clients' are illegals. They even have 5 full time translators. They stay busy.

I certainly don't want little babies and kids going hungry and sick. It's not their fault and as long as we have the system we do, those that come here via the sanctioned but illegal routes are going to use the system as it is handed to them. Some residents just think it's best not to have them coming into a mall for all to see. It might get people taking about 'what's going on.'

Of course there's always a double standard. A couple of years ago, Vanderbilt Hospital opened a clinic in a near ghost mall in another part of Nashville. It's a for profit health clinic aimed at those with insurance or plenty of cash and is being touted as a model for cities all over the country. Patients even get pagers so they can eat or shop while waiting for their turn. The clinic and mall are thriving.

The below is satire but it says a lot about health care in this country and those that are paid to control it.

Joe Lieberman's Health Care Memo Leaked to the Press

"The people who matter already have health care."

The Godfather of Televangelism

Oral Roberts, the entrepreneurial evangelist known to millions by catchphrases such as "Expect a miracle," and by the Oklahoma university bearing his name, died Tuesday at age 91.

During a Nashville rally in 1958, Oral Roberts places his hands on the head of Deborah Davidson, 4, and prayed that God would heal her of leukemia. (FILE / THE TENNESSEAN)

He led the way in 1954 using television as the new medium for hope, faith and healing and took praying/preying to new financial levels only previously dreamed of.

Others soon followed from Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart on up to today's favorite zionist spokesperson John Hagee and the prince of prosperity Joel Osteen among a host of other money mangers for the Lord.

You've probably known a few of the 'marks.' The little old ladies who would send in their last few dollars, hoping this was the way of the word and that they may be saved from whatever they thought they should be saved from.

Now days whole networks and mega-churches are the rule, taking in billions of dollars since Oral led the way.

The idea of a lavish lifestyle has never been lost on these guys and gals of God's talk. I suppose they think they deserve it for all of the 'work' they do.

Many years ago someone told me that the word believe came from the root word 'belie' meaning to be deceived. It's one of the few things I've always remembered.

We won't debate whether there is a 'heaven' waiting for Oral and those that he inspired to follow in his steps. I'll only say that another famous huckster once said in a moment of honesty ... "There's a sucker born every minute."

Monday, December 14, 2009

My congressman sees the writing on the wall

Bart Gordon, Democrat, 6th district Tennessee, won't run for re-election next year.

After more than a quarter-century of public service to his home state of Tennessee, U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon announced his plans to retire from Congress when his current term ends in 2010.

I feel honored that the people of Middle Tennessee have allowed me to serve them for the past 25 years,” said Gordon. “Every decision I have made in Congress has been with their best interests in mind. I hope the people here at home feel that I have served them as well as their good advice and views have served me."

Bart didn't really have to go where he did with his parting statement. "Their best interests in mind?" Hardly. Only when the democratic leadership allowed him to deviate from the party line in votes that didn't need him were our interests considered. Or rather his interests in maintaining his office.

Bart's grief started last fall with the bailout vote. His constituents said no, overwhelmingly. But he had to go with Pelosi and the gang. It's been downhill ever since. A town hall meeting and protests in front of his local office gave him pause for concern and the possibility of defeat in 2010 would have been an unwelcome end to his 26 year 'legacy.'

I went to college with Bart. Being a politician was all he ever wanted and we followed his every step as he took Al Gore's place in the district when Gore went to the Senate. He knew how to stay non-controversial and most people paid little attention up until here near the end.

The problem is that there is no one in the political pipeline of either party worth considering to take his place. Just more of the same hacks who will not represent the people. I suppose someone could come out of the woodwork but it's not likely and as always it takes special interest money to get elected.

So Bart ... keep it low key for the next year. It would be appreciated if you just passed on voting for most of the scams coming up that are not in 'our best interests' and just ride on into the sunset.

I see that you have over $1,250,000 in your campaign war chest and no debts so you get to keep all of it. Since you've been in office for over 25 years, your pension can kick in immediately. Health care? Don't worry buddy ... you've got it.

See you around town ... I'll wave.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obama on 60 Minutes: "I Did Not Run For Office To Be Helping Out A Bunch Of Fat Cat Bankers On Wall Street"

But he sure took a lot of money from them for his campaign. Almost a million from Goldman Sachs alone.

His administration's economic team is a Who's Who of Wall Street Insiders.

A dog tends not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Video of Obama's 'bad banker' performance on 60 Minutes.

Mr. Obama is scheduled on Monday morning {Dec. 14} to meet with bankers to exchange ideas on ways to increase lending; to review the financial-industry regulatory bill moving through Congress; and to discuss bankers' compensation, the White House and industry representatives said.

Mr. Obama will meet with some of the country's top bankers, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s Lloyd Blankfein, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s Jamie Dimon, and Bank of America Corp.'s Ken Lewis. {more}

I wonder if they will discuss the latest scheme/scam of 'cap and trade.' I can see the bankers drooling/foaming at the mouth over the prospect of stealing a few more trillion dollars. They might even talk a little about a new carbon based currency for the world with Wall Street leading the way.

But this latest Wall Street/Federal Reserve endeavor wouldn't be helping the 'fat cats.' It would all be to 'save the planet.' Obama wouldn't lie about something as serious as that ... would he?

Peace On Earth (1939) Christmas Anti-War Cartoon

I doubt these cartoons will be shown on very many TV stations this year at Christmas ... they're not 'kosher' for the little soldiers in training who are now being indoctrinated in the concepts of 'just wars' and service to the state.

Peace On Earth (1939) Christmas Classic MGM War Cartoon. Academy Award Nominee for Best Short Subject (Cartoon), 1940. Originally Released on December 09, 1939.

In 1955 Hanna-Barbera remade the classic, "Peace On Earth." Done in Cinemascope widescreen format, and updated with even more sophisticated methods of killing each other since 1939 (such as nukes).
Good Will To Men (1955)


At the Copenhagen Climate Summit ...

The climate change adaptation fund has to be created by mandatory contribution of developed countries as over and above their usual overseas development assistance fund.”

In Israel ...

Only weeks after pledging a 10 months settlements freeze, Israel has just approved today listing some Jewish settlements in the West Bank as “national priority zones”. This is yet another example of the Netanyahu administration double talk on the issue which is the biggest stumbling block for peace in the Middle-East.
Today’s decision by the Israeli cabinet to list the Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank will entitle the communities in question to 41 million dollars in extra state funding.

The new funding will benefit 110,000 Jewish settlers.

The US Senate is full of them ...

$1.1 trillion spending bill passes in Senate on Sunday.

and ...

Lieberman Tells Reid to His Face, He'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill

Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. Sometimes it's understandable.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Protesting to be slaves

Nice suits. I wonder who paid for them?

Once upon a time in a world that now seems like one of those dreams that you just can't quite remember, people took to the streets to protest things like war and racism. Those folks, we thought, were anti-slavery.

Now we have a protest scene at the Copenhagen cluster f..k bought and paid for by the very ones that want to enslave.

Dressing up as 'endangered' animals is fitting since billions of creatures each year are maintained and herded to their slaughter for the appetites of those who can afford the birth to death ritual. It's only in the last moments of the sacrifice that the animals realize what is going to happen. By then it's too late.

Reports are a few of the protesters in Copenhagen are anti-slavery but they aren't the ones getting the media attention. Portrayed as 'deniers,' they are marginalized and seen as betrayers of the planet.

It's a very strange world we live in. Slaves want to remain slaves and indenture themselves even further to the ones who dangle a deceiving promise of a better way. There are better ways but when the globalist criminals repeat the mantra over and over, perhaps we should just back away and decide what our options are. Taking our anger to the streets against the slave masters is always an option, but too many in the herd are blind.

It's All About Globalization, Stupid. WTFU

The same money managers who have already stolen most of our future want more through a massive 'climate saving ' tax scam and redistribution of wealth ... right into their pockets.
The Fed Make out like bandits, while We the People get the losses.

Les Visible ...
There is a segment of the population at the top of the heap who has more than they will ever, ever use and they want more. There is a conspiracy of complicity and silence that runs through the worlds of privilege and when it comes down to it, it is you or them and it’s not going to be them. Well… this can’t go on forever. In an effort to loot everything of value from the system, they have destroyed the system and now they expect the system to protect them from what they have done. Unfortunately, all through the system are the people they are abusing whom they expect to continue to serve them. They do not live in a bubble although they may think they do. They rely on their victims for more than they fully understand.

There’s time to be equitable and sane and to fix everything but they are not inclined in that direction. Well, so be it. All along our personal roads to Samarra we have opportunities and choices that would have changed the outcome of our destined meeting there. We/they ignored every warning. They murdered their conscience in the dark of the night and buried it in a forgotten field. They killed what made them human and now they rise to each day to seek greater and greater insanities of behavior with increasingly public displays. They are so certain of the force of their madness that they pose and preen at the funerals of those they have ruined and destroyed and then they turn their attention to the survivors.

You may well ask yourself why it has to be the way it is when it does not have to be the way that it is. I reflect upon these things through my every day. These scoundrels have got their bolt holes and secret rooms in their palaces and estates. They are so sure that when the storm which has been engineered by their behavior passes, all will return to normal; whatever that is. I am not so sure of that.

As what happens, happens… the awakening continues. The unveiling proceeds apace. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass. Within every moment there lies the opportunity to change. Epiphany waits at every crossroads. One can come to realization or realization can come on its own. The result will be the same in either case. The conditions which follow will not.{more}