Friday, January 30, 2009

10% Pentagon Cuts?

I just caught a news report that Obama is asking the Pentagon for a 10% cut in their budget.

Open suggestion to Mr. Obama:

The Pentagon's core budget for fiscal 2009 is about $512 billion. A $51 billion cut is chump change considering the trillions being thrown about for bailouts, stimulus and liabilities in the financial sector.

Missing in action from the debate on the economic crisis is the wars and extreme military spending to maintain the empire.

Bring all the troops home. Close down all overseas bases. It's all a fraud anyway. Our homeland security scams are bleeding us dry. Nothing we are told is true.

A 10% cut in the military budget is a joke.

Ask Rumsfeld about the missing trillions from the Pentagon that he announced on Sept. 10, 2001.

Ask yourself about your lying anti-war rhetoric to gain votes.

Don't ask us to sacrifice anymore in wars only for profit and theft.

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