Friday, January 9, 2009

"The Dark Ones - The Criminal Elite"

The comment below is by Dr. F from Les Visible's latest essay at Smoking Mirrors entitled "When the Truth is Anti-Semetic." Be sure to read it if you haven't already.


I think what we need is a different catagorisation than "Jew", because too many are blinded by the political glare of the term and then revert to knee jerk reflex calls of "racist" and "anti-semite" etc and avoid investigating the growingly obvious problems at hand. And "Tony" makes a good point that the longer the "higher" education, the more the "institutionalisation" of the individual. I should know as I spent 9 additional years becoming a doctor, and the degree of brainwashing is astounding. And when one has so much invested in the illusion, one usually becomes not only party to it, but developer and refiner of it.

Thus, what other term should we use? I use "criminal elite" for good affect, even though I know that the vast majority do have Jewish heritage in some capacity, and almost all show allegiance to Israel and zionist ideology either by choice or extreme coercion (which is related to the "tech" that I often discuss). I know this, but it doesn't seem very constructive to point the finger and yell, "Jew!", at this time in history. I also know of the vast Satanic connections, but people also blanch at that one. Pedophilia, human sacrifice, occult practice, vast esoteric understanding and continual warfare has also been apart of this groups modus operandi. Murder, blackmail, usury / indebtedness, lying, stealing and general treachery are their methods to be sure. The Protocols of Zion, the Talmud, the Old Testament and others all point to the Jews, but those who I refer to existed long before. Even before the conversion of the Khazar tribes to Judaism / Talmudism. Long before Egypt also. As historians have shown, the terms Judaism and Jews never existed historically the way we have been taught. So, who are these people really and what should we call them?

"Illuminati" by definition is good, but by recent connotations and reputation is bad. "Babylonians" or "Decendants of Baal" are too conservative. Evil "Atlanteans" might be accurate, but too much of a myth / fable in too many minds to be useful. Is it a people we are trying to identify, or some dark "force"? Is it a "possession" type of situation, or actual physical people with an established history on this planet? In this sense, the term "Watchers" might be better. Are they a type of energy / blood parasite and thus warranting the term, "Vampires" (note that the pictures of Bela Legosi as the original Dracula show him wearing a Star of David pendant around his neck...)? Are they from off planet (Mars)? Are they "aliens" in some sense of the word? Decendants of literal "Blue Bloods"? Is the term "Nefilim" best? "Annunaki"?

Regardless, something has really gone to extraordinary efforts to control the entire planet, rape it of its resources (including human), and create as much misery and chaos as possible while doing so. In our times, it has been surely under the umbrella of Judaism / Israel / Zionism, but the evil force of which I speak has existed long before those words or even concepts existed. What are we left with, and how should we refer to this force such that more people will understand it and discuss it and eventually deal with it? David Icke has used "Reptilians" either literally or metaphorically, and as much as I think Icke explains the overall picture / problem brilliantly, he has taken massive abuse for such a term and turned people away from the topic. What is left?

May I suggest "The Dark Ones"?


Source: Smoking Mirrors


Roberts Court gives us a view of some mechanisms for control used by the 'criminal elite.'


Friday, January 09, 2009

Save our Children from the Singularity of Absolute Mind Control: The Human Cyborg is Now.

We stand at a point in history where we face a new Age of Darkness or an Age of Enlightenment. Pivotal to this New Age are the events of 9/11. Do we trust our media and government's version of these events, or are we enlightened enough to view the whole context to 9/11 and the "war on terror"?

The horrible truth to our nation's Cold War was that Nazi Mind Control was brought to the United States to build a highly seductive Mind Control machine into American media. Once you understand the power of subconscious mind programming, you'll understand why. We were all programmed by powerful Mind Control technology advanced for its hypnotic effects through a CIA program Operation Mockingbird. We were then programmed to view our media and government as "parental." This builds broad groupthink conformity into the population, but it also empowers the government as the Machiavellian manipulator. Wrongful government can then commit horrible atrocities and these acts become invisible to your rational mind. Though such technology requires highly advanced psychology, it is not too difficult to understand. This blog is your gateway to understanding American Mind Control and its extreme threat to our children and our Constitution.

World Trade Center Building 7 was home to the secret federal government, contained an enormous amount of evidence and was NOT hit by an aircraft. If you viewed this building's demise as an act of terrorism from a man living in a cave, you may have suffered from very powerful Mind Control. Your brain may be infected with the Monarch Worm. The most important news story in U.S. history has been completely covered up by an imposed delusion that your media and government are "parental." To build this broad mythic system of mass deception required the destruction of millions of children.

Controlled demolition freefall collapse (slow motion). For those who suffer the neurosis of mass media brainwashing, this building is invisible to the rational mind. It may take you some time to de-program yourself.

us that the 'dark ones' are alive, well and working together across the world. Using our money and labor to perpetuate the killing and theft while pretending there is something 'religious' about it. We allow it to happen.


Prayers and Armaments

Continue these prayers each and every day and twice on the most holy day of Sabbath until the dreaded Palestinian menace is eradicated from the land given to us by a God we created, Amen.

Bless the IDF Soldiers As They Enter Battle

( IDF Chief Rabbi Avi Ronsky came to the Gaza front lines Sunday night in full war gear to bless Israel's soldiers moments before they entered battle. Rabbi Ronsky served as a former commander in an elite combat unit and fought in the Yom Kippur War.

Rabbis throughout Israel and the Diaspora have asked the public to recite daily prayers and Psalms for the success of Israel's troops. Israel National News has added English subtitles to the video below of Rabbi Ronsky blessing the troops so that viewers can pray together with the IDF Chief Rabbi for the success of the Gaza operation to halt terrorism. [Answer "Amen" after the Chief Rabbi's prayer.]

In conjunction with the instruction of Israel's spiritual leaders, please link to this page to enable viewers to pray together with the Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces at the Gaza front lines once a day.

Whow! Looks like the prayers paid off BIG TIME, as the USA will ship Israel thousands of tons of weapons to replace the ones used to slaughter Gazans.

US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

Thursday January 08, 2009 22:04 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

As the Israeli occupation terrorist forces continue to pound the crowded, impoverished and imprisoned population of the Gaza Strip with the full force of its military might, Israel's strongest ally, the United States, announced plans to ship large amounts of ammunition to the Israeli forces – as it did during Israel's 2006 invasion of Lebanon, when the Israelis ran out of (internationally-banned) cluster bombs, and the US shipped them tens of thousands more.

The US Military Sealift Command on Dec. 31st published a solicitation for bids from shipping companies to ship two boats, each containing 168 TEU's (twenty-foot equivalent container units) of ammunition, from Greece to Israel.

The description of the vessels required was brief...

Source: WUFYS


The actions of "The Madmen" always produce results.


  1. Mind control is doubly insidious because the victims of it are brainwashed to believe that they have not been brainwashed. If even HALF the American people de-hypnotizes themselves, it will change the world.

  2. Well Len,
    It seems to me that to de-hypnotize oneself one has to want to educate themselves and love doing it.

    I see so many who have no desire to learn but I think that's changing.

    The catalyst events of the economy and the current killing in the middle east are going to shake up a few more to walk out of the fog.


  3. Call it what you will, Zionism, Neocons or the Dark Ones but I'll stick to simple terms, like calling them a bunch of no-good, greedy and arrogant bastards who love money more than they love people.

    They are amoral, only thinking for themselves and willing to do ANYTHING to increase their net worth.

    And yes, those types have been around for a long, long time.

    The de-hypnotization of Americans is slowly picking up speed, no small thanks to the millions who have lost their homes and the millions more that will.

    Living on the streets, scavanging for food will break open a person's mind PDQ.

  4. The full aim of OPeration Mockingbird was the subversion of the free press through coercion, re-training, and recruitment of media assets at newspapers, TV networks, publishing houses, and periodicals across America. Frank Wisner, CIA covert ops, once bragged, "I can play America like giant Wurlitzer."

    Tim Fleming
    author,"Murder of an American Nazi"