Friday, January 2, 2009

David Olney and Sergio Webb


Oh Yeah (Dead Man's Shoes)

David used to play at "The Country Comfort" in Murfreesboro TN around 1976-77 when it was one of the few places around Nashville that catered to original, unknown artists. It was an old black club once called the "Riverside" and the new hippie owners placed couches sitting a few feet from the stage to give it a living room feel. At every break the performers and audience gathered outside to talk and "enhance" themselves for the next set.
David said he had over 500 songs written at that time so no telling how many he's written by now.
An outspoken critic of of the criminal government, David is a literary library in song who often exemplifies the underbelly of our society.
He's one of the greats.
An underrated, seldom seen, American cultural treasure.
He may have come from Rhode Island originally but we call him a Tennessean.

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