Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Three in a Changing Nation

The One and Only: Waiting for Word From on High

Now that Barack Obama is finally the "only one president" that we have at a time, I'm sure we can look forward to hearing what he really thinks about the mass slaughter of civilians in Gaza by the American-equipped Israeli war machine. His prolonged, polite reticence on this burning subject (burning with white phosphorous seared into the flesh of children, that is) will surely now give way to eloquent condemnation of Israel's brutal and blatant display of state terror. And this scorching denunciation will no doubt be accompanied by appropriate government action: cutting off or curtailing aid to Israel, supporting UN sanctions against the rogue state, providing generous, no-strings reconstruction funds to restore what American-made weapons has destroyed, and so on. What better way to demonstrate the "renewal of America's moral standing in the world"?

And so we wait, with firm hope and every confidence that the new president, calling upon the better angels of our nature, will speak forthrightly, and act boldly and justly, in addressing this horrendous crime in which America has been so complicit.
more - Chris Floyd


Zionism is an Incurable Disease of the Mind

I lost my gloves one day in a coffee shop in Geneva, and I tell you, it’s difficult to ride without them when it’s really cold. So as I was paying for a new pair with a credit card, the salesman, whom I knew was from Israel, tried to start some small talk by asking me what my family name means. I told him that it relates to the city of Nablus where my family is originally from.

Suddenly, the most bewildered look was plastered on his face. “Where is Nablus?” he asked, “I’ve never heard of it.” Then, after realizing that I knew he was bullshitting me, he pretended to remember, “Ah, Shkheim you mean?”With my insistence not to learn these ugly names that the deranged Zionists have dug up from oblivion to erase our identity, that name certainly didn’t ring a bell. But now it was my turn. Although I knew where he was from, I asked “And you’re… from?” As he smiled while reminding me, I replicated the same look on his face moments ago. “Israel? Where is that?” Then after a brief pause, “Ah, the land of Canaan you mean. Palestine”.
more - Zaid Nabulsi via Atheo News


Help Wanted; Megalomaniacal Victim Seeking Major Territorial Expansion to Ensure "Peace" and "Security"

Click through for the gory detail, and get ready, because here it comes. More whining from Israel. More victimhood. More war. More money. Crying and shooting, all the time. Always thinking that we goyim actually believe that we really are cattle, and the Jewish people really are superior, and of course we should turn over every lever of our government to Israel and lay down our very lives to kill Arab people for Israel's sake, if that's what they require to be happy.
more - A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough



Oddly - bizarrely, even - timed noamian treatment** of Old American Establishment influence on Hollywood movies. It is certainly true that the Establishment will use all its weapons, including propaganda, but what happens when all the propaganda outlets are controlled by traitors working for a foreign entity?

Why are they telling us this? Ha! - Immigrant Absorption Ministry!

**Here we build a prima facae case supporting the idea that Hollywood continues to be a target for infiltration and subversion by a variety of state agencies, in particular the CIA. Academic debates on cinematic propaganda are almost entirely retrospective, and whilst a number of commentators have drawn attention to Hollywood’s longstanding and open relationship with the Pentagon, little of substance has been written about the more clandestine influences working through Hollywood in the post-9/11 world. As such, our work delves into the field of what Peter Dale Scott calls "deep politics"; namely, activities which cannot currently be fully understood due to the covert influence of shadowy power players.


Is there a difference between Israeli's and NAZI's?

Israel plays the victim... AGAIN.

Criticize Israel and you'll be labeled as being "anti-Semitic" or worse. Some lose their jobs, others, their lives all to satisfy and placate that pariah nation of racist bigots living in that Jews only state of hate, Israel.

Israel's Ministry of Truth has issued a statement saying that comparing the Gaza Massacre with NAZI Massacres is VERBOTEN! All because of some pics that show the brutal truths about the NAZI...oops, I mean the Israeli Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.
Yes, Israel does have a Ministry of Truth, called the National Information Directorate, established eight months before the Gaza Massacre to specifally handle the media and shape public opinion for their planned murderous invasion and occupation of Gaza

Pray tell Israel, what's the difference between the photos of Nazis committing war crimes and the Israeli Waffen SS committing similar crimes in Gaza?

NONE. more - Greg Bacon


Obama pick for treasury secretary tells Senate: Trillions for the banks, austerity for the people

President Barack Obama's nominee for treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, testified Wednesday at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee. Without providing specific details, Geithner said that he and the White House economic staff were working on a plan involving a handover to the banks of enormous sums, potentially trillions of dollars, in additional public funds.

No one objected from either party when Geithner, in his opening statement, indicated that the Obama administration intends to deal with ballooning budget deficits resulting from government handouts to the banks by slashing bedrock social programs such as Social Security and Medicare. He told the committee, "Our program to restore economic growth has to be accompanied—and I want to emphasize this—has to be accompanied by a clear strategy to get us back as quickly as possible to a sustainable fiscal position." It was necessary to demonstrate, he added, that "we as a nation will return to living within our means."
more -Patrick O’Connor at


Americans Drug Their Children with 300 Percent More Psychotropic Meds

Psychotropic drugs are prescribed to children in the United States at three times the rate of children in Europe, according to one of the first studies to rigorously compare such prescription patterns between different countries.

Among U.S. children between the ages of five and nine, the rate was more than 8 percent, or four times the European rate. The use of more than one drug at a time by U.S. children was also widespread.

In the United States, more than 75 percent of psychotropic drugs were prescribed to children "off-label," for uses not approved by the FDA.

Julie Zito noted that the prescription of psychotropics in the United States has probably increased in the eight years since the study's completion.

"The US trends appear to be continuing," she said.
more - David Gutierrez at Natural News


Bush's Parting Gift: A Pox Upon Us All

And then he was gone….

A perfect metaphor for America, the fake cowboy, a dude ranch desperado who was afraid of horses (try to find a picture of him on one) born with a silver spoon in his mouth as the latest incarnation of the John Wayne hammerhead icon that has become the archetype for all that is American. When that helicopter lifted his mangy, war criminal ass off of the Capitol grounds to the cheers of hundreds of thousands, a boisterous many chanting of "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye", the curses of many others throughout the land and a date with historical infamy, I personally felt nothing at all. No relief, no glee, no anger, no outrage…I just watched it fly away in the same way that I would watch a garbage truck driving down the street after a pick-up. I had run the gamut of every possible emotion for the last eight years of sorrow, stupidity and disrepute and long ago reached the point of being spent over the gross transgressions of Little Lord Fauntleroy and his cadre of Mayberry Machiavellis, his neocon conquerors and their appetite for global destruction and the portable Potemkin village that was rolled out to con the rubes and suckers that there was no bankrupt, crumbling empire behind the star spangled façade.
more - Ed Encho via The Existentialist Cowboy


'Til Divorce Do Us Part

Divorce was unheard of in my parents’ generation; it is practically revered in mine. It is so commonplace that its ill effects go unnoticed.

I think the most sobering account I have yet read on this scourge is from Touchstone magazine, in an article written by Stephen Baskerville, author of Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family. Most disturbing to me as an anarchist is the realization of how much of a hand the government has in these private matters. There is an entire industry created to actually aid families in breaking up. From this industry, the government makes a great deal of money, what the government affectionately refers to as “revenue.”

Religious conservatives of many denominations have recently gotten themselves heavily involved in California’s Proposition 8, in spite of the fact that it should have been the first priority of every so-called Christian in this country to stand against these wars in the Middle East, and in spite of the fact that gay marriage will only finish off an institution that heterosexuals have beaten into a coma all by themselves. Perhaps now is a good time for all those men who are still religiously devoted to make the separation of church and state in their hearts, to get up quietly and peacefully from the table that government has set, and walk away. The wind is taken out of the sails of the feminist grab for power with each step you take. You have the cajones. Now do it.
more -
B.R. Merrick at Strike the Root


Domestic Spying

Back in December 2005 I tried to explain how the NSA spying program likely functioned:

The system taps into general communication lines like international telecommunication satellite links and analyzes all traffic going through such lines.

The system listens to and processes communication in realtime. It is preconfigured with specific phone numbers, email addresses and/or keywords. An evolved Echelon may include speaker recognition.

If a specific communication matches one of the preconfigured criteria, i.e. includes a specific number, keyword or voice, it is recorded in a large storage facility.

Database mining technologies and automated statistic methods are used to find patterns within and between the recorded communications. The discovery of such patterns may lead to further investigation or may modify the system's sensitivities.

If what Russ Tice asserts on yesterday's Keith Olberman's show is correct, as I believe it is, my piece three years ago was aiming far too low.

I believed that all international communication meta-data was sniffed at to weave out calls and network connections that were than monitored and analyzed content wise.

According to Tice that was done to all U.S. domestic communication too.

Also according to Tice this was used to spy on special groups like journalists.

I am sure that an investigation will find that other special group includes politician and organized groups like ACLU and that such surveillance was used to blackmail.

The surprise is that despite these efforts some kind of regime change was still able to happen.

What is going to happen now?

Moon of Alabama


How to Inflame the Entire Muslim World

How will history describe the Israeli war against the Palestinians in Gaza?

Charges of war crimes are now being leveled – and justifiably so – at the Israelis, many of whom themselves come from families that suffered at the hands of the Nazis over 60 years ago and now claim that the Holocaust was the only tragedy – as if the far more numerous deaths of non-Jews throughout the world after 1945 count for nothing. The United Nations and human rights groups are demanding that Israel be brought to justice for what now amounts to having killed over 1400 Gazans with immense firepower, many of which, like phosphorous bombs, are illegal. Israel has already prepared its senior officers to be ready to defend themselves against war crimes charges and Israeli Attorney General Menahem Mazuz several weeks ago warned the government was expecting a "wave of international lawsuits."
more - Gabriel Kolko at antiwar


Israel: Determined to Destroy the World

The Road To Armageddon

The road to Armageddon is not paved with good intentions. Despite Israel’s attempts to convince the world that whatever it does is in self defense, in the absence of any concrete knowledge, those claims are suspect. Israel’s foreign policy verges on paranoia: Any one who does not agree with it is anti-Semitic, and thus committed to seeing the destruction of Israel. Therefore, it has plenty of real as well as imagined enemies throughout the world.

Given Obama’s plans to withdraw American troops, a move that is being welcomed by Iraq, Israel knows that it will need to move quickly to ensure that America can readily come to its defense. Once the American troops and equipment have largely departed Iraq, Israel will become vulnerable. With American troops in Iraq, Iran will have a viable and reachable target in theory, thus protecting Israel from imminent destruction. Hence, Israel will, without a doubt, drop bombs on Iran before that happens regardless of America’s verbal commitment to back them up. They will, if necessary, rely on history. Hence, it is not a question of if Israel invades Iran, it is only a question of when.
more - The Old Codger via Rock the Truth


Why I Am a Panarchist

I find that I have no need for the federal government or the other governments for that matter. What do they do for me? They do negative for me. They take from me. They impose on me. They impose on my neighbors and prevent me from dealing with them as I might and they from dealing with me. Who needs the grief that governments bring? Every so often I must get my car inspected. I must kowtow to the state’s insurance regulations. I must get it registered every two years. God forbid I should ever have to get involved with a case in court and have to deal with the state’s justice system. I’ve never used marijuana, but maybe I’d like to try it sometime for medicinal purposes. I’m not about to hit the mean streets looking for sources who supply me with a product of unknown quality. I’d like to have my dad’s old Mauser pistol. In Maine, I could shoot it. In New York, I am a felon if I have it in the house. Who needs this grief? I spurn countless products in the supermarket because they contain high-fructose corn syrup. I don’t like it. I’d rather have sugar. If it were not for the government, they might have sugar. I will have to pay extra at some point for the privilege of having something with sugar in it. I will bake my own cookies.

If you want your government to ban marijuana, make you go through a lot of rigamarole to carry a pistol, tax sugar, and subsidize corn or ethanol, be my guest. But I get nothing out of it. I don’t see why I have to be made to do what you (I speak of the nameless others here, not you, my sympathetic reader) want. What claim do these governments have over me? Why am I their toady?
more - Michael S. Rozeff

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