Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. King and Mr. Obama

Living in the rural south I often hear disparaging and sometimes racist remarks from the locals about their fears of a 'black' surge in this country with Obama becoming president.

My standard answer is always "That's ridiculous."

"Obama has never been for the blacks, except as pawns for temporary support and votes. His rise to the throne has been brought about by the wealthy elite, the corporations, the war machine, foreign interests and the myriad of 'you rub my back...I'll rub yours' leeches."

Obama has been groomed from early adulthood to be the illusion of hope. His is no rags to riches tale. A rude awakening will take many by surprise and they won't be happy.

Dr. Martin Luther King was no saint but he did show that words, emotion and actions could make a difference even when coming from an imperfect man.

No black man or woman has stepped up to take his place. Not the so called 'leaders' Jackson or Sharpton nor a few like Cynthia McKinney who did speak out but found out quickly enough how the powers can marginalize and destroy careers.

The fact is that Dr. King was killed, and not by a lone nut, to silence him. Even the threats of blackmail were not enough. Only his death would suffice.

Now Obama is hailed as the new 'King' but it is only in the dreams of the deceived.

Obama's a fairly young man with a family and he wants to live. He is in the position he's in because he chose to go along with the agenda. He will see to it that the agenda continues.

Fahim Knight, a black activist, writes about Dr. King and Mr. Obama:

King by 1967 became one of the most dangerous leaders in America because he was growing politically and he had made some ideological transitioning beyond the Civil Rights movement and had come to recognize that the true struggle was international, which involved a struggle for human rights. Some of Dr. King's top advisors like Ralph Abernathy and Andrew Young advised King not to make this transition because it was a lot more political and expansive in ideology.

King grew to understand that inequality between wealth and labor (labor and the means of production created an antagonistic contradiction between the "haves and have nots") for this position he was called a socialist, as if that label represented something bad.

Dr. King would be in total opposition to the Zionist State of Israel who ended the year and started the New Year in 2009 killing innocent Palestinian men, women, and children on the Gaza Strip. What is taking place in Gaza is a criminal act and should be condemned by all civilized people of the earth. There are forty-one (41) Congressional Black Caucus Members (CBC) and there should have been a collective statement, a resolution of sought issued condemning Israel for this unlawful act of aggression against the Palestinian people.

King said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I have not heard the so-called black leaders nor the religious community stand-up and condemn what the Israeli military is doing in Gaza. Yet, many of them for the next two weeks will be putting on public programs honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and telling how they are followers of his philosophy. But King would not be sitting silent and watching the Palestinian people being slaughtered on the Gaza Strip and Gaza City go up in flames and not raise a voice of opposition. These are hypocrites and liars.

We in 2009 are faced with some of the same challenges that Dr. King faced over forty (40) years ago, the enemy today is more covert and sophisticated and has further lured black people to sleep with Barack Obama being elected as the president of the United States of America, as though this resolves the social divide and all of sudden racism does not exist and all of America’s race problems have been solved. more

Perhaps there can be positive outcomes in this illusion of Obama. Do you suppose that when the newness wears off and reality sets in that blacks and whites will, by necessity, have to come together to fight against the real enemies of America?

One can have hope.

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