Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel, the sociopathic monster, in action…
more with video- Thomas Paine's Corner

NY mayor Bloomberg goes to Israel to show that the NYC jewish community is behind the killing.....and for a photo op.....and to try and gain some votes.....and money.
AP Photo of Mayor Bloomberg and Israel's Consul General Asaf Shariv

Sending kids to the front line. Isn't that the way war goes. An Israeli mother is worried. Israelis and Gazans bleed the same color. Go home boy, don't fight for psychopaths and sociopaths. You can make a difference by not wanting to kill.

Almost like the 4th of July......but not quite.

A photo op for the media. Pose for the camera fellows. Act like you're proud and ready.

Maybe they always wanted a skylight?

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