Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama’s Jews…Change We Can’t Believe In


CHANGE HAS NOT COME TO AMERICA, NOT WITH YET ANOTHER JEW INFESTED PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION AT THE HELM OF THE USA. It had to be pretty difficult to put together a more Judaized presidential administration than even Bill Clinton, but Obama has managed to do so. But then again, many of Obama’s Cabinet and personnel picks are little more than a repeat of the Clinton Administration. As most astute observers and researchers now well know, the two major political parties don’t matter much these days because the Jewish plutocrats, Jewish political machine, Jewish mass-media complex, and Jewish legal complex has both of them almost entirely locked down.

I estimate that at least 1/5-1/3 of Obama’s Cabinet plus important personnel posts are of ethnic Jewish ancestry, and that is probably a fairly low estimate. If one counts all of the aides, assistants, assistants of assistants, deputies, backups, right-hand (wo)men, lawyers, advisers, and other high to mid-level bureaucrats the number of ethnic Jews in the Obama Administration might actually be closer to 40-50% as in some recent administrations, as these aides and assistants are the individuals who often wield the real power because they do so much of the real work behind the scenes, far away from the glaring cameras of the (disproportionately Jewish) presscorp. Other ostensibly non-Jewish Cabinet and personnel members no doubt married a Jew (which is common amongst the American political class: Washington DC-Northern Virginia-Maryland is an extremely Jewish region) or have partial Jewish ancestry which no one is publicly aware of.

Keep in mind that Jews as an ethnic group in America are only about 2-3% of the overall population, yet still they are over-represented by a massively disproportionate margin in the Obama Administration, especially in the most important posts dealing with economic issues (which is noted). And as every U.S. citizen now realizes, economic issues are particularly critical at this juncture in American history - in short, the country is on the brink of insolvency. Knowing this, how good does it make you feel that the group in charge of America’s national finance, and thus the country’s overall economic destiny, are a group of people who are very well known to be (both historically and in modern times) completely and utterly manipulative, deceptive, and corrupt when dealing in financial matters?

I’m still trying to do my part to expose these financial termites, these socioeconomic destroyers. So here’s a partial list of Obama’s Jews, both the big money Jews and the big law Jews, along with the science Jews and the managerial Jews:

+ David Axelrod - Special Adviser to the President; Axelrod is the Jew who manufactured Obama as a political force: he is a major business and political insider, especially among the heavily moneyed Chicago Jewish elite like the Pritzkers and many others

+ Jared Bernstein - Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President [ECONOMICS]

+ Rahm Emanuel - White House Chief of Staff; son of a Zionist terrorist; dual-citizen of Israel and America (Emanuel served in Israel’s military during the First Gulf War instead of the U.S. military); used Jewish ethnic networking to land a lucrative job at an investment bank despite having no prior experience in business (he made over 15 million dollars in less than 3 years at the firm); despite supposedly being a “distribute the wealth” Democrat Emanuel was the top House recipient of monetary donations from Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity fund, banks, and the overall financial industry during the 2008 election cycle…even as the financial markets nearly collapsed in 2008 [ECONOMICS]

+ Federal Reserve - The Jews Bernanke, Kohn, Warsh, and Kroszner are still heading the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (the main group which oversees all of the other regional Federal Reserve branches), while the Jew Fred Mishkin recently resigned from the Board yet still remains very influential there; Daniel Tarullo, a recent Obama appointee to the Board and your typical shadowy figure who is so often installed to run the Fed, is pending confirmation (he is possibly Jewish - Jews often chang(ed) their too Jewish surnames to Italian surnames in order to blend in to America and elsewhere more easily); there are more vacancies of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors which will likely be filled by Obama fairly soon, and they are likely to be Jews even though they already hold the majority of the seats overseeing the 12 separate Fed branches; also, Paul Volcker (who is the Chair of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board [and former Chairman of the Fed]) is said to be partially Jewish according to some sources [ECONOMICS]

+ Tim Geithner - Treasury Secretary; all reliable information points to him being ethnically Jewish (at least partially), but if not he definitely married in to The Tribe (m. Carole Sonnenfeld, 1985); he has been President of the New York Fed (which is by far the most powerful and influential branch of the Fed) during the major economic crisis (2007-present) which has utterly decimated the American economy and brought us to the brink of a depression - and now this guy is put in charge of the Treasury? [ECONOMICS]

+ Gary Gensler - Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; hmmm, is it coincidental that, time after time after time, a Jew is put in charge of regulating the economic activity of other Jews in banks and on Wall Street? If it happens here and there, it’s no big deal…but if you examine the data you will have much to be suspicious about considering this has been a repeating pattern since at least the 1960s in America [ECONOMICS]

+ Elena Kagan - Solicitor General

+ Sally Katzen - Major legal adviser to Obama-Biden

+ Ron Klain - Chief of Staff to the Vice President: yes, the Chief of Staff for both Pres. Obama and VP Biden are Jews…meaning they have control of the overall schedule and access to these leaders on a day to day basis

+ Eric Lander AND Harold E. Varmus - Co-Chairs of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science/Technology

+ Jacob Lew AND James Steinberg - Deputy Secretaries of State, second in rank only to Hillary Clinton in foreign policy matters (meaning if something happens to her one of them will take over, giving a Jew yet another major Cabinet slot); both of these people are hardcore Zionist Israel Firsters, so it is difficult to imagine how they will remain objective and neutral when it comes to dealing with foreign policy matters in the Middle East

+ Ellen Moran - White House Director of Communications

+ Peter Orszag - Director of the Office of Management and Budget [ECONOMICS]

+ Penny Pritzker - Obama’s National Finance Chair during the election cycle; she is a billionaire heiress of the Pritzker family fortune (at least 5-7 separate billionaires in the family); the Pritzkers are major players in the ’squeaky clean’ Chicago political scene [ECONOMICS]

+ Robert Reich - Economic adviser to Obama-Biden [ECONOMICS]

+ Dennis Ross - Obama’s Ambassador-At-Large in the (Entire) Middle East, Obama’s “top envoy” (so much for diplomatic neutrality in the Arab/Israeli Conflict - MEANING NOTHING CHANGES); he co-authored Obama’s groveling June 2008 speech at the AIPAC conference; also served in the HW Bush and Clinton Administrations under which little progress was made in the Israeli/Palestinian issue

+ Robert Rubin - Economic adviser to Obama-Biden; well-known as former Treasury Secretary and ultra-greedy Wall Street slime [ECONOMICS]

+ Daniel B. Shapiro - Head the Middle East Desk at the National Security Council (yet another ‘neutral diplomatic Jew’ when it comes to foreign policy matters involving the Middle East); also a major Washington lobbyist and fundraiser for the Democratic Party

+ Mary Schapiro - Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission; a very entrenched Jewish bureaucrat who has served in every Presidential administration since Reagan; also an executive for Duke Energy and Kraft Foods (what ever happened to conflicts of interest?); identical to the Gary Gensler scenario in that this Jew has been put in charge of ‘regulating’ the chaotic swarm of greedy Jews on Wall Street and in banks nationwide…and no one believes this might be a problem given the very long and storied history of Jewish white collar crime? It’s not a problem that Jewish white-collar crime is so very linked with the nepotisitc and/or ethnic networking abilities of Jews to cover each others tracks in order to evade regulatory or legal authorities? Schapiro has been Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority since 2007 (i.e., ever since the economy started to implode) - and now she is, like Gensler, getting even more ‘regulatory’ authority? Didn’t the Madoff rip-off teach the government anything? [ECONOMICS]

+ Phil Schiliro - Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs (likely Jewish: he was Henry Waxman’s long-time Chief of Staff)

+ Lawrence (Larry) Summers - Director of the White House National Economic Council; a Clinton repeat, greedy Wall Street executive, and World Banker; yet another devious Jew stooge a la Gensler/Schapiro/Bernanke/Greenspan/Wolfensohn/etc/etc who is supposed to be studiously regulating the very financial industry Jews which paid them tens of millions in the private sector just a few years before they took a government job because they wanted to ’serve their country’ - yeah, that’s real likely. [ECONOMICS]

+ Mona Sutphen - Deputy White House Chief of Staff; 2nd behind Emanuel

Well, that covers many of the top slots in the Obama Administration. There are of course many slots filled by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans, yet for whatever reason Jewish Americans made it in to nearly all of the top slots despite the fact that, again, they are a much smaller ethnic minority than any of the aforementioned groups. But what about the non-Jewish European White Americans, the Euro-American Whites who are genetically and culturally very much different than and separate from Jews (who are mistakenly perceived as part of the overall White majority in America when they definitely are not)…how did the Euro-American White majority fare in the overall Cabinet selection process? Hmmm, not too well…as you can quite easily find out from this table, they are relegated to the lowest Cabinet posts, many of them of tertiary importance - yes, the non-Jewish, non-Hispanic White ethnic majority which still comprises over 60% of the American populace barely holds a total of 25% of the Cabinet slots, and the ones they do hold have historically been rather unimportant and even downright secretarial. So why are non-Jewish European American Whites no longer being represented at the upper levels of the Federal government of the United States? What happened? Has something changed in the last two to three decades?

If you know of any people that I’ve missed here (because I’m sure there are plenty more), let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll add them.



  1. Bernanke's appointment to the Fed is good for FOURTEEN YEARS.

    More than enough time to help loot this country clean.

    Now we're being told that the Wall Street Bankers need another FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS to buy up that toxic slop that the original 700 BILLION was supposed to buy up, but that 700 billion has disappeared somewhere and no one seems to know where.


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