Thursday, January 8, 2009

Odd Man Out

I would have liked to have heard what Carter's advice to Obama was on the Israel/Gaza/Middle East situation. Maybe he didn't say anything knowing it would be wasted words.


Posted by willyloman on January 7, 2009 American Everyman

UPDATE; I have decided to make this game a little easier…


One of these men isn’t a sellout. One isn’t a globalist. One isn’t afraid to speak out for the Palestinians. Can you figure out which one it is? (hint; he is the former president that wasn’t allowed to speak at the democratic convention)

UPDATE : Obama interview on NBC about his stimulus package…

indicated that he may not seek a quick repeal of President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for people making over $250,000 and will let them expire in 2010.

What I will be doing is making sure I’m communicating with key market participants on a regular basis, again to explain to them exactly what our plans are—and to solicit from them good ideas.”

We expect that discussion around entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) will be a part, a central part of those plans,” MSNBC

His 700+ billion dollar plan will include a “tax break” for the working people totalling 150 billion. That is a max number (but could go down if people lose more jobs right?), as Obama says, it will be $500 per “worker”, meaning about $10 a week. The rest of the “tax break” part will go to Big Businesses in the form of write-offs and tax breaks (Reaganomics anyone?). And he is keeping Bush’s millionaire’s tax breaks in place? So the millionaire class gets to keep Bush’s tax breaks and they get additional tax breaks on their businesses? And “the workers” get $10 a week? Change? You better keep your change. you’ll need it.


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