Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rahm's Inaugural Message

"I sometimes joke, Paula, even paranoid people have enemies."

"What is more comforting to the terrorists around the world: the failure to pass the 9/11 legislation because we lacked 'a majority of the majority,' or putting aside partisan politics to enact tough new legislation with America's security foremost in mind?"

"When people told me 'It's great to be here', they meant at the house, not with me."

"We're bending the law as far as we can to ban an entirely new class of guns."

‘We’ve got to put points on the board."

"The fact is, we just recently sent troops over to Afghanistan that had prior to that been in Iraq and tied down. That is a dedication of resources."

"This goes larger than the economy. It goes to a, a values system that, that has held us well for 200-plus years, a values system that's about responsibility, about being held accountable, and that all of us have an obligation. So it's beyond just--although sacrifice is important in restoring the greatness of the economy, it's to a values system that is so much a definition of who we are as a country."

"Well, we can debate about both the war--the decision to go to war in Iraq. I have my views. The president--I, I'm here to reflect the president-elect's views, who said at the time that's not the center on the war on terror, the people that attacked us are in Afghanistan."

"I wake up some mornings hating me too."

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