Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thoughts for a Sunday Morning

The Torture State Endures

You see, the key to understanding Obama's method of consolidating power is this: When he speaks, the masses listen to the "music" and ignore the lyrics. Blessed with a mellifluous voice and an appealing mien, Obama has a gift -- I'm tempted to call it Reaganesque -- for political misdirection.

Less than 72 hours after Obama's halting, stumbling public recital of the presidential oath (I suspect the words "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the united States" burned on his tongue), he underwent the now-familiar presidential rite of passage by becoming a war criminal. Specifically, Obama ordered a lethal airstrike using a Predator drone against a target in Pakistan, a country with whom we are not at war, but toward which Obama has expressed aggressive intentions.

This attack, in which several children were killed, was counter-productive in addition to being illegal: Pakistan is teetering on the brink of succumbing to an Islamist revolt, which would make it the first nuclear-armed Jihadist state. Repeated U.S. incursions and airstrikes have done nothing to enhance that country's stability.

more -Will Grigg


Iran accused of smuggling "yellowcake" out of Congo mine

Jesus H. Christ, where have we heard this one before? Remember the batch of lies told by the Bush-Cheney Junta, accusing Saddam Hussein of buying "yellowcake" from Niger and what that batch of lies led to?
The illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, to prevent Condi Rice's fantasy of mushroom clouds erupting over her bedroom.

If these congenital liars would do ANY reseach, they'd find out that Iran is awash in its own uranium, with no need to smuggle any from anywhere.

The Zionists and NeoCons are either getting REAL desperate to gin up another war fought for Israel by the USA, this time against Iran or they must think most people are so fucking stupid they can't remember to tie their shoes.
more - Greg Bacon


Iceland's Government Brought Down by Financial Failure, Riots

Protesters clash with police in Reykjavik during a demonstration against the Icelandic government's handling of the country's financial crisis
Protesters clash with police in Reykjavik during a demonstration against the Icelandic government's handling of the country's financial crisis
After several days of rioting, Iceland's Prime Minister Geir Haarde agreed to effectively end his government's power over Iceland by calling for a new general election. This is the result after days of rioting by many of Iceland's 320,000 residents who have been hit hard by the global financial implosion.
It was only two years ago that the world thought Iceland was a wealthy country with the highest standard of living of any nation. Thanks to deregulation of Iceland's banks and a mad rush to invest in derivative financial instruments, Iceland experienced a runaway expansion of money that virtually everyone misinterpreted as an economic boom.

In reality, however, it was just the false promise of fictitious money running amok. No real wealth had ever been created, and once the money bubble popped, reality came crashing down quite rapidly.

more - Mike Adams at Natural News


Healing America

I say that and I am a registered Republican who understands the cost of blowing the whistle on Bush and his associates. Of the many things that George Bush destroyed the Republican Party was only one institution. The GOP, once the proud advocate of freedom, was destroyed, its mission extinguished. Our economy, our rights, the Constitution, and the respect America once held across the world are also dead.
Our veterans, who fought a war both unnecessary and criminal, are returning to homelessness, afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We moved into the danger zone, unconscious of what was happening around us.
War was made on us by Bush and his predecessors, converting our governmental and economic infrastructure. Those who did this were motivated by greed. They intended to steal everything, including our future.

more -
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


Occupation Iraq: Marines on the Move

You guys are never coming home.

You know that, right?

"Marine general urges redeployment
WASHINGTON - Iraq is stable enough to allow the roughly 22,000 US Marines there to withdraw, the service's top general said yesterday.
"The time is right for Marines in general terms to leave Iraq," said Marine Corps Commandant James Conway. That war has become largely a nation-building mission rather than the pitched fighting in which the Marine Corps excels, Conway said.

Remember when Bush said he doesn't do nation-building? Look at what he left us!
Conway said he wants to see up to 20,000 Marines deployed instead to the building fight in Afghanistan....

President Obama is expected to go to the Pentagon next week to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff - the military heads of each service - in their secure meeting room known as "the tank." Sorting out troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq is expected to be on the agenda.

more - Rock the Truth


Is Kirsten Elizabeth Rutnik Gillibrand Jewish?

No, Kirsten Gillibrand nee Rutnik is not a Jew. She is Roman Catholic.

Gillibrand was appointed by NY Governor David Paterson to fill the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.

She was born and raised in Albany, New York, where she attended the Academy of the Holy Names. She graduated High School in 1984 from Emma Willard School in Troy, New York.

Although a Catholic, Gillibrand is pro-choice on abortion rights.


Empty Malls as Homeless Shelters

Here's an idea: why not use some of these closed malls and stores as places of transitional shelter for people experiencing homelessness? A good-sized mall could just about handle every single case of homelessness in Davidson county.
Heck, some of these malls are such big labyrinths that even those folks who need to feel like they're able to hide from the rest of society could conceivably find a place to call home while remaining dry, warm, and protected.

Different stores could be set up as different types of shelter; mens, womens, family, youth, and if the city in which the mall was located was smart, they could then open an agency referral office right in the heart of the darned thing.

A sort of one-stop resource center that would be easily accessible by anyone stopping into the "shelter" and that could provide a full range of service linkages right from the information kiosk.

Call me crazy but I think we've got to really begin thinking outside the box here, folks. If we've got large, covered and climate controlled places that are sitting vacant, I cannot for the life of me understand why it is there are still people living in the bushes and alleys of our city.

One of the most common thoughts I hear on the street is why it is we aren't opening some of our larger abandoned buildings to the homeless as a place for shelter.

more - Stone Soup Station


Nashville's English-only measure defeated
Nashville listened to its leaders — the governor, the mayor, and a vast coalition of churches, businesses and universities — and defeated an English-only measure by nearly 10,000 votes in Thursday's special election.
No one predicted the massive turnout on the special election, one that inspired strong emotion from voters on either side. Ultimately, opponents said, the message that diversity is a good thing came through.
"With the defeat of this amendment, the citizens of Nashville tell the rest of the country that we are an incredibly warm city with an entrepreneurial spirit," said Tom Oreck, a vacuum cleaner company owner who worked to defeat the measure.

The measure would have forced all Metro Nashville government business to be done in English, with the council allowed to vote on exceptions. The city's legal department contended early on that conflicts with federal law would enmesh Nashville in litigation for years to come.

more - The Tennessean


Obama tells US of his radical new agenda

Speaking to the nation - in a YouTube version of Roosevelt's fireside chats on radio - Obama told Americans that the nation faced disaster on an almost unprecedented scale. He said the economy could end up $1 trillion short of its capacity, translating into a disastrous $12,000 loss for an average family. "We could lose a generation of potential, as more young Americans are forced to forgo college dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future," Obama said in the five-minute address. "In short, if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse."

more - guardian UK


Law could ban kids from libraries

LEE COUNTY: The local library is a place where kids go to fall in love with reading. But a new law may ban everyone under the age of 12 from entering the building! We found out when and why this could happen.
But a new federal law could close that chapter for Daniel and all other kids as well.
It could ban children from libraries.
"I never heard of anything so silly in my life," said Rhoden.
The concern is all about lead.
The new requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act take effect in February and the Congressionally-mandated law will require the testing of all kids' products - including books.
"It seems so ridiculous that there's no way they could enforce the law. But that is a concern because we have a responsibility to follow the law," said Deb Czarnik of Lee County Libraries.
Testing the books could cost millions.
Experts say people suffering from lead poisoning will typically lose their appetite, get sick, and may even develop convulsions.
The Lee County Library System's only options are to throw away their books or keep kids away.
Officials say there could be trace amounts of lead in the book's ink or binding. But those with the libraries assure the only danger lies in banning the books.
"It's so outrageous and it's actually a form of censorship if we remove all those for all this time," said Czarnik.
The American Library Association is working to find an exemption and local librarians are confident they'll get one.
more -MSNBC via Strike the Root Phototherapy


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