Monday, January 12, 2009

TVA has demonstrated a high level of deceit

Widows Creek Spill/Leak/Rupt Watch for Snakes n'ure Part3 Aerial Photos.

Update: Monday, Jan. 12, 2009: Reports are surfacing that more than ash may be dumped into the ash holding ponds at Widows Creek. (Freethinker1963 or anyone else that has info on petroleum products or other hazardous wastes being dumped at Widows Creek , other TVA sites or the Tennessee River in Alabama or east Tennessee contact me at .) Link listing the hazardous materials found at Widows Creek TVA Ash Ponds:
TVA has issued a press release today that no dangerous materials were revealed in water testing. TVA Test Results indicate high levels of metals and petroleum products: Independent testing is being accomplished. TVA has demonstrated a high level of deceit in reporting of the spills in Harriman Tn. as well as the Widows Creek, Al. spill. More from the Enviromental Integrity Project
Another hole opening up in the ash pond? Notice the dark area in the corner of the ash pond. The river is the body of water slightly visible on bottom left of photo. The Waterkeepers Alliance is conducting independent testing of this hazardous waste spill.
Cenospheres moving downstream with a heavier sludge layer evident to the right of the photo.
Mr. John Moulton of TVA Public Relations denies photo's of the ash release 17 miles downstream is evidence of the extent of the spill. Further investigation reveals TVA's level of deceit as evidenced by these photographs and the photomicrograph below. Quote from Mr. Moulton in the Tennessean article, "TVA spokesman John Moulton said he didn't believe that whatever Morgan had pictured in photographs was ash or gypsum from either the Kingston or Widows Creek spills. "Most of what was released into Widows Creek was water, to our knowledge it is not ash and it is not gypsum" Moulton said." (Story link in part 2 article below.) Evidence is provided that Mr. Moulton and the TVA's claim concerning the extent of this spill are not truthful, nor knowledgeable and is not contained. more


Widows Creek Spill/Leak/Rupture Part2 Ash spill not contained.

It is also evident that the extent of the hazardous waste sludge and ash release is greater than what the TVA has stated. Aerial photos reveal a large subsurface sludge mass progressing downstream. Is ash still spilling into the river? It appears there are other suspicious dark areas in the ash pits, the spill is not contained and is spilling into the river at the time of the photos.
Content of Coal Ash, EPA Link, note that coal ash is radioactive. The real question, how much sludge and ash were spilled into Widows Creek and the Tennessee River? Gypsum was not the only waste product released in this spill. Gypsum in the scrubbers catch the real nasty pollutants from the combustion process.

The TVA has reported the spill is contained, not true as evidenced by these photos. The north shore of the river is coated with the silvery, ashen sludge for several miles down stream.

Update: TVA official denies substance in photos is part of a spill from Widows Creek. Apparently John Moulton of the TVA has made statements which are part of the ever growing deceit of the TVA. Here are the pictures, I have the sample, Mr. Moulton may certainly drive to the site as can anyone else. How can Mr. Moulton say it isn't part of the spill when he hasn't examined the sludge on the north shoreline? Does he know something else is leaking from the TVA or some other polluting source, it appears he is speaking without knowing the facts or without examining the downstream substance? more

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