Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tzipi Livni - Monster of the Midway

Livni and Condi Rice prove that women can be equal opportunity 'terrorists.'

Israeli FM confronted by Press Club journalists

Best Friends Condi and Tzipi


American reporters at Livni presser seem more critical than American public

AC writes, before the ceasefire:

Video of Tzipi Livni being called a terrorist at her 1/16 National Press Club appearance has surfaced (shorter version). It was mentioned in the Israeli press.

A couple of days ago an Al-Jazeera-English a reporter interrupted Livni during a Q&A session in Israel as she was explaining what Israel was doing and why it was necessary and good. He persistently asked her when it'll end, how soon. She looked annoyed, but managed a smile and brushed it off. Here, however, Livni looks especially perturbed that the reporters are challenging her authority in America, in D.C. Of course, these protestations by reporters appear contradictory and rather isolated when regarded amidst apparent American support for Israel and its actions. In comparison to American popular opinion, they would seem to represent a minority view.

And from the ground in Gaza: Israel bombs Al-Quds Hospital and a Red Crescent center. Here are pictures of Israel's willy pete victims. [reference is to allegations of use of white phosphorus]

Lest it be forgotten, as blood is spilled in Gaza, the humiliation continues in the West Bank.




Israeli TV was in the middle of an interview with foreign minister Tzipi Livni when they interrupted for a phone call from Dr. Aboul Aish, a Palestinian doctor who is a regular fixture on Israeli TV.

The in-studio correspondent didn’t realize the extent of what he was about to report. As he began to question Dr. Aish, he heard the doctor’s agony.

A warning, the following is heart-wrenching.

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