Friday, February 6, 2009

Children of the Gore

Service nation for the climate is hitting full stride.

Al Gore, globalist spokesman for a criminal syndicate, will be hosting a North American Summit in Nashville in May.

Gore's Climate Project hosting training summit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Former Vice President Al Gore's Climate Project is hosting a North American Summit in Nashville in May.

Gore started the project in 2006 to train members of the public to educate communities on climate change. Members are trained to deliver a slide show based on Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

The group has 2,600 volunteer presenters and has made thousands of presentations in over 100 countries to more than 4 million people. The summit -- set for May 14-16 -- is for those already trained as presenters.

The Tennessean reports the group on Thursday announced the summit, which is intended to increase a grass-roots advocacy to try to persuade policy makers to pass major climate legislation this year.

Is there any way to legally deport Al Gore from our state? He makes Tennesseans look bad.

Gore rolled over in the 2000 election. He was in on the fix. The Bush years plundered the nation while Gore was made the mouthpiece of a tax and burn the people scam. He made his millions and wants more, a pretty good payoff for being the designated loser.

I'm sure the think tanks of the thieves and killers must have discussed the fact that the majority of Americans fell for the vote frauds of 2000/2004 and the most spectacular false flag attack in history on 9/11. I can hear them now, "This global warming scheme will be easy."

Obama's service nation has many aspects. The training of volunteers to go out into the world and spread the word on how to save the planet from CO2 overload is a great example of a social experiment to manipulate people to gladly give up more of their money and life to the rich.

Al Gore dishonors my state with his presence.


  1. If Gore had carried one more state in 2000, he would of won, but he couldn't even carry his home state of Tennessee.

    Methinks Tennesseans were on to Gore long ago.

    I watched some brave House members submit a petition to the Senate after the 2000 election and after substantial reports of voter fraud were coming out of Florida and elsewhere.

    All the Reps needed was one, just ONE Senator to sign on the the petition to get Congress to look into the massive fraud and maybe, just possibly, postpone GW's coronation while the Senate looked into the matter.

    Not one motherfucker from the Senate came forward, not even Gore.

    The planned false flag of 9/11 was too far along to interrupt by something so piddling as democracy.

  2. Gore is full of shit. His fathere and his career owe to their being on bended knee to "Dr." Armand Hammer, the totalitarian mass murderer of Love Canal and other toxic death fame. So from this he turns out to be some great environmental savant? Bullshit. He thru the election to Bush and was paid off with a phoney Nobel Prize and has made about $100 million since I have read - - not bad, for doing what? Telling us we must all become third worlders bc of phoney corporate pushe "global warming". The proof of the real scientists seems to be we are headed into a new ice age. He is a phoney piece of . . . . Bush, Obama, Gore they all play for the same team Republican or Democrat it is a joke all work for Rockefeller and Rothschild against the rest of us. Next Gun Control then the Gulags here in the USA.