Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Crimes of the Obama Administration & Congress

The deals of war, empire and theft.

The fascist protection racket in the
United States currently includes a number of specialties. To name but a few:
  • Social welfare programs to protect us from poverty and illness, including the near-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare, with an off-budget $90 trillion unfunded liability that our children will be forced to pay;

  • Nationalizing select industries and financial markets, allegedly to protect us from economic chaos, but in reality tightening a fascist grip on the economy while passing along a $35,000 debt to each American;

  • National “defense” to fight brutal wars against the citizens of nations who are not a threat to our shores;

  • Protection from ignorance through monopolistic indoctrination camps called public schools where government is hyped and children are undereducated, and who we must financially support, even if we send our children to a private school at our own expense;

  • Thousands of pages of regulatory requirements, allegedly to protect us from an unscrupulous free market, but in reality often designed to favor those who gain from the government racket at the expense of us all; and,

  • A war on drugs to protect us from ourselves and a war on terror to protect us from those harmed by our foreign policy – both actually wars on freedom that are turning America into a police state, complete with law enforcement officers wearing uniforms that resemble an occupying paramilitary force.

We who persist in saying, “No, thanks. I’m not going to pay for any of this. I just want to be left alone and assume responsibility for my own life,” will eventually be branded as criminals and find ourselves looking down the barrel of a gun.

The remedy for all of this is simple and straightforward: we must reject, not embrace, a fascist takeover of our economy and daily affairs; we must accept individual liberty and personal responsibility for our families, our community and ourselves; and, most importantly, we must recognize our moral obligation to ensure that our children and grandchildren do not live under tyranny.

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Child Sacrifice and Gitmo Torture, Progressive Style

We reported here last week about another in the barrage of stories detailing civilian deaths at the hands of American-led forces in the "good war" in Afghanistan, now being escalated by Barack Obama. (And not only in Afghanistan; Obama is also rapidly expanding American attacks inside Pakistan to include forces there with little or no involvement with the war in Afghanistan -- along with the usual blood-fruit harvest of civilians, of course.)

In last week's post, we took note of Washington's claim that U.S. missiles had killed "15 militants" in a raid that Afghan officials said actually killed 13 civilians, including six women and two children. Today, the New York Times reports that Pentagon has now admitted that they did indeed kill 13 civilians in the raid, and only 3 militants -- precisely as the Afghan authorities had claimed.

Not that this will give our cool, adorable, Buddha-like president a moment's pause, but the incident and its reportage gives us yet another timely reminder that the claims by Afghan authorities about civilian casualties are almost always highly accurate, while the first instinct of the Pentagon is to lie, deceive and spin -- with the sure knowledge that its initial claims will always be greeted as authoritative by the Homeland press, while the inevitable climbdowns and qualifications that come later will pass largely unnoticed.

Also, it should be stressed that the reports of civilian deaths at Western hands in Afghanistan that do make it into the mainstream press are almost always based on investigations by Afghan authorities -- that is to say, by officials who are part of the American-backed Afghan government. There is is a great myth among many backers of the "good war" in Afghanistan that accounts of horrendous "collateral damage" caused by American bombs, missiles, ground raids and covert operations are simply propaganda spooned out to the "liberal media" by the Taliban. This is itself another self-serving lie of the American war machine and its many sycophants.

more - Chris Floyd


Obama's housing plan and the American ruling class

The haphazard and ineffectual character of Obama’s proposal for the housing crisis, like his stimulus bill, does not arise from mere technical deficiencies. Rather, it is conditioned by the demands of the financial elite that Obama represents, which will brook no limit—no matter how mild—to its power and prerogatives.

The proposal on housing, moreover, is part of an overall plan being developed by the Obama administration to funnel trillions of dollars into the hands and accounts of the financial institutions and investors who precipitated the crisis.

Barack Obama, who was elected by appealing to a popular rejection of the Bush administration’s economic and military policies, is the new political frontman for the financial aristocracy. His mortgage plan aims to lend the appearance of “change,” but his overriding concern is the defense of finance capital.

more - Tom Eley via The Greanville Journal


Surging towards a US-NATO Military Disaster: Obama's Escalating War in Central and South Asia

Tom Burghardt

On February 18, President Barack Obama ordered 17,000 additional U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan. Obama's announcement will result in a major escalation of America's bloody occupation of that war-ravaged country.

Currently, some 36,000 U.S. troops are in Afghanistan, including some 6,000 sent in early January under orders by the outgoing Bush regime. In addition to U.S. forces, 32,000 troops from other NATO countries and a mix of "private military contractors" (armed mercenaries) occupy the Central Asian nation.

When coupled with increasingly bellicose rhetoric from the Pentagon and military strikes inside Pakistan, the prospects for regional war--with incalculable risks for the people of Central- and South Asia--have put paid Obama's electoral hyperbole that his would be a "change" administration.

he growing carnage on the ground reflects the political crisis facing the new administration as capitalism's economic meltdown compel our corporatist masters to grab as much of the world's resources as possible to stanch the economic bleed out.

But as in Iraq and the Middle East generally however, the Obama administration's "surge" across Central Asian will prove quixotic--and deadly.

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Ten Square Miles of Criminal Enterprise

Events over the past five months since the carefully orchestrated storm was set for bank "bail outs" should make it clear to any American not walking around in a self-imposed coma that we have crossed the Rubicon. As I have written for many years: Non essential businesses will continue to go under as Americans only have enough disposable income for absolute necessities like shelter, food and transportation to their jobs or the unemployment office. This massive give away by Congress since last September is simply sealing our fate.

We the people are being held hostage with the gun of totalitarian government to fund the continuation of the unconstitutional, immoral invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and manipulation. To fund organizations who conduct massive vote fraud (ACORN), filth in the Arts and schools and more killing of unborn babies. Fund the furtherance of one world government as the impostor president is openly shoving communism down our throats with the approval from most members of Congress.

These states who have blown their tax revenues out their backsides now demand "stimulus" money from your pocket. You are already fleeced by the federal machine to pay for the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education to waste HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to dumb down America's children and socially indoctrinate them with immoral agendas. Now, the states want more from an empty treasury to prop them up to pay for education, reward the criminals (illegal aliens) sucking resources and the list goes on and on. I live in Texas. It is NOT my responsibility to pay for the mistakes of South Carolina, Alaska or California's state legislatures.

I am still combing through the gang rape bill ("American Recovery and Reinvestment Act"). This is the same policy making blunders FDR used which prolonged the depression. I covered this in depth on my radio show; you can read about it here. This gigantic fraud contains a provision for doctors to enter your medical records into a giant electronic government data base at a cost of $10 - 12 BILLION dollars. Not mine. As soon as I find the exact language in the bill, I'm sending my primary care physician and the neurosurgeons who operated on my spine, notification that I forbid my medical records from being electronically entered into any government data bank. If this is mandatory, I intend to sue to stop it. The hell I'm going to have my personal information available for computer hackers (yes, they have hacked into the Pentagon and other "secure" computers) or for any government bureau-rat to take a peek.

Do NOT be fooled with the current bill in Congress to replace the IRS with a "fair" tax. This is another trap that must be rejected. Shame on these fools for introducing and sponsoring such poison. These alternative taxing schemes have been around since the late 50s. They are band aids that will keep the FED sucking the lifeblood of this country dry. Here is the right argument on taxes.

more - Devvy Kidd


There is Only Chump Change as the U.S. Empire Continues

The only change that took place in this nation on November 4, 2008 was chump change, which was no change at all. Symbolic change does not feed, clothe, house or provide people health care.

Systemically, the U.S. Empire is corrupt and irreparably flawed, particularly as it affects the vast majority of Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White peoples in this nation and throughout the world. Moreover, it is utterly ridiculous to expect that the significant and much needed economic, social, and political change will be, or even can be, brought about without first changing the political, social, and economic system in its entirety [i.e. systemic change].

Now that the masses of people in this nation have been once again effectively hoodwinked, bamboozled, and chumped-out by a slimy, fifth column, self serving corporate media, intent upon diverting, disinforming, and misinforming the overwhelming majority of people; January of 2009 will usher in the same old business as usual - only this time, under the guise of Black face in the White House. The announced appointments of Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary Clinton, and Robert Gates, etc., to major posts within the incoming U.S. regime, are ones that have nothing to do with "change" (systemic or otherwise), and everything to do with continuity of empire, oppression, and cynical masquerade.

In relatively short order, probably within the upcoming next two to four years, the elite of the U.S. Empire will no doubt, utilizing disinformation, stealth, and subterfuge, manufacture reasons to militarily attack one or both of the sovereign nations of Iran and Venezuela. Of course the despicable U.S. corporate lackey media, in collaboration with the U.S. corporate blood sucking / military apparatus will beat the proverbial drums for war as has happened time and time again.

Meanwhile, within the U.S., the incoming regime's emperor will use increasing rhetorical double talk and mixed signals, combined with smoke and mirror economics, to continue to divert, bamboozle, confuse, and manipulate the people of this nation. As the people of the U.S. increasingly lose their jobs and homes, etc., and receive no (single payer) universal health care, they will be told to sacrifice and have "hope." This, even as the bloated corporate elite enjoy their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the majority of people of the United States and the world.

The economic and racial disparities within this nation will not be seriously addressed by the incoming U.S. regime, nor will the situations of the many political prisoners, wallowing in prisons throughout this nation, be equitably addressed. Symbolic change is chump change, which is no real change at all.

It is imperative that people in this nation break free, once and for all, from the death grip of corporate capitalism which is nothing more than systemic terrorism against the poor.

We must stop being chumps and start standing up and being full human beings. It is only the people of this nation and world who can, and ultimately will bring about systemic change that is so sorely needed if ever there is to be real political, social, and economic justice.

Larry Pinkney Via WPA

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  1. .. current bill in Congress to replace the IRS with a "fair" tax

    Which will replace the current lopsidely in favor of the rich tax schemes with a real fucking: A tax only on salaries.

    No tax on capitol gains nor taxes on that 100 million Daddy left Sonny boy to live on and from which he draws down a nice chunk of 3 mil or so a year for living expenses.

    Only us working class stiffs will be stuck with this "Fair" tax.

    And NO, those lucky enough to be still able to afford health insurance WON'T have their torn rectums covered under this FAIR fucking.