Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going Gently Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas

This Thomas poem urges the dying to rage and not to give into death easily.

If only these words could inspire us as we meekly accept our fate at the hands of manipulators and thieves.

The words of inspiration we most often hear today are cloaked in the vague repetitive mutterings of hurry before it's too late. A recent example is Obama pushing for his stimulus package saying "the time for talk is over, the time for action is now."

Obama's comrade in crime Nancy Pelosi can't even get her words straight as she shills for a quick vote on the stimulus. "Every month we don't have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."

The biggest crime spree in history that began with the Bush boys now continues with the Obama hope-a-holics. They are stealing our future and we sit idly by.
For the vast numbers of un- and underemployed, sitting idly is what there is to do.

We've taken the lies of 9/11, the middle east wars for profit and Israel, the fraud of the Federal Reserve and the strong arm of the IRS, the loss of manufacturing jobs to slave labor in foreign lands and now the blatent theft of trillions of our dollars lying down.

Lying face down in the mud as the rapists ponder what move to make next. The next move that will totally put the people in their place and eliminate any dissent.

The victims have no voice, no representation. The media will spin a few tales of opposition but in the end the result will be the same. Those with the power poke the barrel of the gun in our face and say "We win, you lose."

We have the numbers but no organization. On the street the talk is cheap and continuous. Everyone knows they are being lied to and stolen from but the talk doesn't do a thing. There are many who would rather steal from their neighbor than to try and take back our country from the criminals on high.

Many around the world see what is going on and are taking to the streets in protest and with strikes against the machine of inequality. Here in America we don't. The lifetime of being mentally and socially engineered to be good consumers, to think we are the best there is and to goose step to the tunes of propaganda has apparently worked.

We worked hard living in the illusion of eternal prosperity and now that we are about to see the illusion for what it is, we are to lazy or scared to do anything about it.

There's no rage. At least not enough to take any action. It's exactly as the controlling elites planned. We limp off to death with our heads down and our children wondering why we left them with such disarray.

Dylan Thomas tried to tell us. We were asleep and did not hear.


  1. Don't worry my friend, they just aren't hungry enough yet.

  2. "Every month we don't have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."

    OMG!!! Pelosi must be suffering from BOTOX toxicity, caused from all of that toxin she's been pumping into her face. Not only is it distorting her looks, it's infected her brain.

    Saw her this morning on C-Span and between the plastic surgery and the BOTOX apps, her face is looking tight as a 68 yo drum.

    One more face lift and she'll have the same ghoulish appearance as the "Joker" character in the Batman movies.

    Or Joan Rivers. Not sure which look would be scarier.

  3. Saladin,
    The hunger would begin in just a few days with a breakdown of the food stamp program. The charities would be overwhelmed and it would be a big mess. Keeping people fed keeps them passive.

    The Pelosi cartoon show is always good for a few laughs.It's just that our cost-per-laugh exceeds our ability to pay.

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  5. 500 million Americans every month???

    Why are there any congress people left? are they NOT in America?

    I thought that the American population was only 300 million.

    And they expect Americans to take what they say seriously?

  6. The pot is boiling.. and the lid could come off at any time. Until Americans see that 911 was a scheduled demolition.. nothing is going to be reality. When America realizes taht they have been geting the royal green weinee for the last 30 years....the stuff will hit the fan. But the problem, Obama or no Obama, is that the lobbyists and special interests STILL control the Americian Dream. Nothing good can come of this.. and it won't.