Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holocaust denial is a crime


JA, these thoughts are VERBOTEN. If you persist in these heresies, you VILL be tracked down and burned at the stake. JA!

Nein, Nein, VE VILL crucify you like the dog you are, you heathen!


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – World Jewish leaders told Vatican officials that denying the Holocaust was "not an opinion but a crime" when they met on Monday to discuss a bishop they accuse of being anti-Semitic.

My Catholic grade school teachings are a bit rusty, but I believe that one can commit a sin by commission--actually doing the act--or by omission--only thinking about the act.

Does that mean that practicing Catholics have committed a sin if they had thoughts about the Holocaust™?

And is that a venial or mortal sin? When you go to the confessional, will you be told to pray for forgiveness by saying 5 "Our Fathers" and 5 "Hail Mary's" or be told to read some passages from the Talmud?

Since Israel and her lackey's are always using the issue of the Holocaust™ to shut up anyone pointing out that they are murdering Palestinians en masse, does questioning Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine also count as a sin? Or does asking questions about Israel's murderous campaign against Palestinians only count as a crime?

One can question or even deny the existence of a God, but it's not a crime. But one can't ask questions about the Holocaust™?

Will the Holy See issue guidelines on what Holocaust™ questions are a crime and or a sin?

What's next? Crucifying people for having asked questions about the Zionist version of the Holocaust™?

from Greg Bacon


Holocaust denial is only a crime because the defenders of the orthodoxy are so terrified of an honest and open examination of the issue.

Throughout history, all hoaxes were perpetrated int the context of their own times; what the hoaxer could get away with. When Ramses The Great lied to his people about the battle of Kadesh he did so because in his time, few if any Egyptians had the means to travel to Kadesh (which actually remained under Hittite control) and find out for themselves what happened, and those few Egyptians who did know the truth had no means to get the word out to their fellow Egyptians, who were being brainwashed by the carvings on the temple walls.

But today, because of the ease of travel, and the internet, it is common knowledge that Ramses was male-cow-manuring his own people.

Over the years, many of the claims made regarding the horrors of the Nazi slave labor camps have come under re-examination as new technology becomes available.

As one example, there were claims that the Nazis were making soap out of the dead bodies of their Jewish victims. When the story first surfaced in 1943 as part of a fund raising tour by Russian Jews seeking aid to rebuild Russia, there was no way to verify it. As new science and technology came along, surviving bars of soap were tested and found that far from being made from the fat of human victims, the soap was a typical wartime soap made with very little fat at all. Later DNA tests showed the fat was not from humans, but from pigs (a serious embarrassment to those who had buried bars of the soap in Jewish graveyards).

Then there was the story about the human skin lampshades. This story went that the wife of a camp commandant obtained the skin from the camp's victims and used it as a crafts material for lampshades, gloves, and so forth. Again, at the time there was no way to verify the story. But as science developed new methods, the lampshades and gloves were found to be made of goatskin, a common craft material of the time.

The there were the claims of mass graves at Treblinka. Over 800,000 victims of the Nazis were claimed to have been buried there. But one of the grave sites abuts a water well, and when testing of the water failed to detect any of the contamination which would result from burying thousands of bodies near a water well (the water should have been lethal to drink), the story was revised to claim that as war's end, the Nazis had dug all those 800,000 bodies up and cremated them to conceal the evidence of their crimes. Again, as science progressed this story came into doubt as there was no trace of the vast amount of combustion residues which would have permeated the site of such a huge fire. And finally, ground penetrating radar, which certainly did not exist back when this story was first told, proves that the area where the graves are supposed to have existed has never been disturbed. The strata remains as it was laid down by the glaciers during the last great ice age.

Time makes ancient truth uncouth, and as new science comes along it is the normal practice to apply that science to the world to refine, and in some cases revise, what we know of our history. New technologies are being applied to the wreck of the Titanic, to determine what role the quality of metal played in the disaster, as one example. Seeking to know more about what we know is a natural instinct for humans.

Except, of course, in this one area of history. And it is the sheer weight of political force brought to bear to silence those who ask questions which most advertises that there is something being hidden from us all.

There is nothing that is beyond re-examination using new technologies. There is nothing above question. That we only just now learn that Tutankhamen had an impacted wisdom tooth does not bring about the end of Egypt. It's just scholarship. Even the much venerated Shroud of Turin has been subject to re-examination by science. The results were not as hoped for, but for those who hold truth to be the most valuable commodity we have, the outcome was still positive; we know more today than we knew yesterday.

Frankly, as we watch the political bludgeoning of Bishop Williamson by the defenders of the orthodox account of WW2 it becomes obvious that they are afraid, intensely afraid, which means they KNOW they defend a story which, like Ramses tale of victory over the Hittites, will not survive objective re-examination. Every act, whether it is the jailings of Zundel and Rudolph, the wrecking of academic careers, and now the imposition of Jewish religious will over the Vatican; each and every action is an advertisement that here is a question that cannot be allowed to be asked.

We do not arrest people who think Elvis is still alive. We do not send people who claim to have seen Bigfoot to jail. We do not wreck the careers and finances of those who claim they had sex with little green critters on board a UFO. Only on this one topic is refusal to conform to the 'revealed wisdom' so fraught with peril!

Look at where all the cover-ups overlap. Look for that most protected point. Look for that focus where even bitter enemies come together to conceal, and there you will find lurking the greatest lie of modern times; as great a lie as when the Pharaoh of Egypt claimed to have won a war against the Hittites.

Let the truth be told, though the heavens may fall.

from Michael Rivero


Now we see the absurdity of six million Jews who died in World War 1. Now we see the absurdity of there being more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of World War 2. It goes on and on. We find that the number of six million was being tossed about even before the end of the First World War. No… my friends… the drunken driver in the semi filled with lies is meeting the bridge abutment of the truth and the flaming wreckage blazes on the shoulder of the highway as the rubber necking world drives slowly by.

more - Les Visible


Online Censorship of the 'Jewish Question' is Accelerating

Freedom of speech online is constantly under attack, but it seems to have been kicked up a notch lately. Over the last week or so, I have noticed many blogs and websites being banned/suspended, and have seen an increase in the level of censorship on message boards and forums.

In just the last few days, the blogs 'Jewish Conspiracy Exposed' and 'Zionofacism' have been suspended by Worldpress. White nationalist sites 'The Civic Platform' and 'Western Voices World News' both strangely vanished within the last week, for what reasons I can only surmise...but which I would estimate is probably censorship by the site hosts.

A few days ago, on the Above Top Secret forum, the site administrators announced to users the "end" of "hate speech" on the forum, specifically in regards to the many threads critical of Jews and the Jewish state of 'Israel' following the conflict in Gaza (and though not explicitly stated, probably also regarding the role of the Jewish-controlled banking and financial industry in the ongoing economic crisis). Although ATS has been fairly 'kosher' for a while now, they are now apparently scrubbing the forum of any and all speech critical of Organized Jewry, and even so boldly as to use the establishment's "hate speech" censorship tactic.

Though not a recent development, it is worth noting that virtually all major "conspiracy"-related message boards and forums censor on the Jewish Question. Alex Jones' 'PrisonPlanet Forum', for example, is notorious for censorship of anything critical of the Jewish state of "Israel", any debate of the HoloHoax, or any mention of Jewish Power in media, government, banking, etc. The same goes for other popular forums such as 'Godlike Productions' and David Icke's Forums.

On ATS, Godlike Productions, David Icke, and other similar "conspiracy" sites, discussion and debate is allowed on virtually any topic imaginable: aliens, reptilians, UFOs, werewolves, vampires, Jesuits, Freemasons, etc. But if you start talking about the power of Organized Jewry or the Holocaust™ Hoax, then don't expect to be around very long. Your account will be quickly suspended and/or IP address blocked from posting, or even accessing the site.

Clearly, the Jewish power structure and thought police have deemed it important to take control of popular conspiracy/anti-NWO forums and message boards, and kosherize the opposition. The aim is that discussion and identification of Oranized Jewry as the ultimate enemy and powers-that-be will be "discredited", marginalized, and confined to the "fringes" of the internet (ie, only on "hate" sites and "anti-semite" forums such as VNN and Stormfront).

And as most everyone knows, organizations such as Vanguard News, Stormfront, and Bill White's American National Socialist Workers' Party are highly suspicious and most certainly Jewish-infiltrated controlled opposition. Therefore, the only voices allowed to reach the masses with the "anti-Jewish" message will be a few Jewish-controlled false opposition organizations that have already been "discredited" in the minds of the masses, giving the (false) appearance that the anti-Jewish movement is a "completely discredited" and very small "fringe" movement.

from Thy Weapon of War
by way of News From the West


  1. We spell the Holocaust with a capital “H” because it represents the single most vast and devastating example of genocide in history. It was not “a’ holocaust, but “THE” Holocaust. At the behest of the German government, millions of Jews were systematically exterminated. That’s not to mention the murder of millions of additional undesirables (gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners, Russian prisoners, criminals, etc.) But for the moment, let’s just consider the plight of European Jews. They were not hung or shot to death. They were not given an injection to speed their way into a painless death. They were exterminated, like annoying insects. They were gassed to death, because that was the most efficient way to dispose of six million men, women and children – who happened to be Jewish.

    Because of the way they praised God; several million innocent people were murdered. Women, the elderly, the sick, the frail and children were often the first into the gas chambers. Men and hardy women were kept barely alive for their value as forced labor. Those able to work were employed as slaves for the benefit of the military and German industrialists. Some of those German companies exist today, albeit with different names. Some still have the same name. When there was no more work, they too were murdered.

    My mother experienced brutal anti-Semitism as a child in Russia. I heard many stories about the brutal Cossacks, who persecuted Jews in the towns and villages of the Ukraine. My mother and her sisters barely survived, and then flourished in America. However, most of her remaining family perished in the Holocaust. So, genocide is close to my heart. I hold it for eternity, as a cumbersome stone attached to my soul. It is a burden of remarkable proportions. My ancestors cry out for justice. They want you to know what happened to them and their children. But, I cannot tell this story without revealing the Holocaust in every possible way. It is a terrible and beautiful story, filled with heroes and villains. I called it, “Jacob's Courage.”

    I wrote the novel precisely because I had to tell a story that no one wanted to hear. Why would anyone want to think about the Holocaust, particularly when they can listen to their iPod or tune out the poignant world with movies, laptops and television? Yet, the death of six million innocent people MUST be told. If not, there would be nothing to prevent more genocide, and then more after that! Everyone must hear this tragedy. Otherwise, our progeny might embrace the worst of human nature.

    This does not demean the importance of other Holocausts. Those innocent people who were murdered in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur were just as blameless. When will we lose apprehension over those who are dissimilar? When will we learn to value the differences among us, rather than fear them? When will we stop ostracizing people because of their religion, race or ethnic heritage? After all, this is the 21st century! We’re better than that. We must be better than that.

    I appreciate books that offer a frank, emotional examination of morality. Humans are not good or bad, but good and bad. We surround ourselves with romance and comedy, playing to the healthier parts of our emotional identity. Yet, repugnance, despair and obscurity exist within human nature. We learn nothing about ourselves if we do not examine the dark side of our psyche.

    My novel explores how humans behaved during the most brutal and horrendous genocide in history. If any benefit can come from the Holocaust it is that we can examine the furthermost extent of human depravity. We can measure its immorality, degeneracy and wickedness. Yet, humans are complex beings. There is a great deal more to our nature than the ubiquitous battleground of virtue versus malevolence. We are not one or the other, but a combination of both. We are beautiful and ugly, soothing and terrifying, brutal and caring, kind and iniquitous; we love and we despise.

    Deep within the fear and panic of the Holocaust were vastly critical decisions about ethical behavior and our concept of morality. Unlike animals, humans are governed by principles, ethical beliefs and veracity. We are not clouded by delusions of integrity, but governed by them. In "Jacob's Courage," my characters explore the human response to terror, as well as the alluring beauty of passionate young love and the driving power of religious devotion. Our lives are complex - even within the garish trap of the Holocaust. Not all Jews were innocent victims. Not all Germans were rabid anti-Semtites, bent upon the destruction of the Jewish "race."

    In reality, the world is seldom seen in black and white, or shades of gray - especially during the Holocaust. In the midst of terrible anguish, beauty existed. Within beauty, despair can exist. And, while many Jews in the abyss of the Holocaust worshipped God, some condemned God. While it might be easy to claim that God works in mysterious ways, how is one to focus such conviction when the veneer of all that is good in life has been stripped away? How does one continue to love a God who allows the murder of every loved one, who allows us to be starved, beaten, tortured, denigrated, disfigured and emotionally destroyed? Could this be the ultimate test of faith?

    Holocaust survivors lost everything, but perhaps somehow gained something as well. Certainly an honest examination of the Holocaust must reveal torturous brutality and death. Most Holocaust survivors lost all of their loved ones. The facade of life’s beauty had been stripped away, revealing an incomprehensible abyss of revulsion. Yet here, in the bowels of horror, the Jews of the Holocaust hit a wall and continued to run. Despite the onslaught of evil, in the face of certain death, these Jews fabricated a make-believe world for their children. Deep within the horrid concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the Jews of Europe continued to practice their religion, to teach their children and to love one another. Here, among the gas chambers and crematoria, one can feel hope for the survival of the human spirit. These singular individuals rise like a fabulous phoenix, from the ashes of annihilation.

    Those poor souls trapped within the terror of the Holocaust were faced with the most perfidious forces. Deceit, brutality, cruelty, sickness, starvation and the death of loved-ones were the daily companions of Holocaust victims. Yet, in the midst of utter despair, there was life, love, passion, desire, religious fervor and the excitement known only to children. Even in such hopeless desolation, there was love of God, infatuation, romance, passion and longing for all of the things that humans crave. Jews fabricated their ethnicity within the drumbeat of the slow, steady march to the gas chambers. They refused to allow the fabric of Jewish society be torn by relocation and the threat of demise. They created schools, orchestras, athletic events, synagogue and prayer, weddings and funerals, dances and theatre, study groups and debates; to every hell-hole the Jews were sent; they took their lifestyle with them. Rather than give in to the Nazis, Jews trapped within ghettos and concentration camps courageously re-created their culture. Some of the most ardent examples of constructive human nature can be found in these terrifying Holocaust moments.

    Hidden from the SS, concentration camp Jews observed all of the covenants and rituals of Judaism, including prayer services on the Sabbath and during the major holidays, marriage ceremonies, burials and circumcisions. Along the dark, terrifying, relentless path to the gas chambers of Nazi-occupied Europe, Jews lived, loved, learned and died, behaving as though their lives would continue unabated. In their darkest moments, the Jews of Nazi concentration camps fabricated a “normal” life for their progeny. Despite their impending mortality, they created an ordinary world on the inside to protect children from the raging genocide on the outside. Such was the nature of their love, faith and devotion. Indeed, this worship transcended parental affection. Into the gas chambers and crematoria, the Jews of the Holocaust emptied their faith and continued to worship the God of their ancestors.

    The human spirit strives for autonomy and freedom. Yet, to understand human nature, one must descend into the depths of depravity and terror. We cannot appreciate humanity without comprehending its wicked flaws. Deep within the darkest recesses of brutal genocide, we discover a faint flicker of light representing love, passion, desire, hope, worship and reverence. Here is the essence of humanity – a flicker of light representing morality, faith, love and righteousness, in the midst of the dark whirlwind of malevolence.

    This is why we must always tell the stories of the Holocaust. Such stories represent the very worst of human vilification and the very best of our compassion. Holocaust stories teach us how to recognize the worst examples of humanity, but also how to be a good person. The terror of genocide is not necessarily an inevitable human outcome. We must learn from the mistakes of our past, rather than repeat them. As long as we teach our children about the Holocaust, there is hope that it will never happen again.

    It should also be noted here that there is no relationship between Israel and the Holocaust. Israel was created three years after the Holocaust. Israel has been attacked repeatedly since its creation, but has never used the Holocaust to gain sympathy from anyone. Today, Israel continues to defend its legal borders from modern-day Nazis like Hamas and Hezbollah, who are dedicated (in writing, in their charters) to the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews.

    Charles S. Weinblatt
    Author, “Jacob's Courage” (2007, Mazo Publishers)

  2. "Holocaust denial is only a crime because the defenders of the orthodoxy are so terrified of an honest and open examination of the issue."

    Nope. It is a crime because it is a crime against the past, history, the study of history, society, and all of us who share the terror of those perished in WW2. They steal memories. Worse: they want to delete, eradicate memories by saying no, it did not happen.

    Also, there is no "honesty" in the deniers and there is no "examination of the issue" on the part of the deniers.

    All their "evidence" and "conclusions" have been negated, and even dismissed in court in England.

    They - via the offices of people like yourself - just keep repeating these slimy rants.

    As you do not seem to be interested in the real picture, only in "truth" as you accept it, I do not point you towards websites that deal with all the "issues" you mention in your article.

    You refer to "new technologies": would you please list such applications in the scientific work of Holocaust deniers? Do they use such technologies? What are the results, if they do, and why don't they use these if they don't?

  3. I agree with Kenny.

    The more I read the more I begin to see that we have been taken in by elites who have manipulated history for their own benefit.

    How refreshing it is that people are beginning to wake up and question what has been handed down.

    The Zionists' role in the Armenian Genocide,Vatican encouragement of the Ustasha regime in Croatia in its genocidal campaign against Orthodox Serbs and Jews,the muslim Albanians and Kosovars who fought with the Nazis.

    The list of atrocities in which these elites would prefer their role to remain hidden is endless.

    More recently the official accounts of the break-up of Yugoslavia,the Rwanda genocide deliberately obscure the geopolitical designs of the shadowy elites who planned them.

    Power to your elbow Kenny!

  4. Charles,

    "NEVER AGAIN", unless you're Palestinian.

    Really, Charles, "holocaust" propaganda, like your book, is irrelevant. It is meaningless drivel in the context of the crimes committed by "israel" in the guise of self defense.

    I will never read another so-called Holocaust story again. I don't like it when someone pisses in my ear and tells me it's raining.

    You want to TELL the Holocaust "stories", but don't allow anyone to DARE to question any of the incredible stories told.

    Enough is enough.... we have had our fill of being lied to.

    Why not write a book about Dresden? How about the terrible story of the Native American experience.... five HUNDRED years long and still going on today?

    Did the holocaust happen? Of course crimes against humanity occured during that time in history. But as for the story it has become? No, I no longer believe much of it. Because of the complete ignorance of many victims who were not Jewish. They are seldom mentioned. When they are mentioned, it is always thrown in as an afterthought.... it is glaringly apparent that the only victims who matter, to the standard bearers of the Holocaust Industry, are Jewish victims.

    Why do you make no mention of the world zionist organization and wrold jewish congress' complicity and participation in the events of the holocaust?

    It was enough of a tragedy. It has become that much greater of a tragedy because it has been used to justify uncounted crimes against humanity committed in the name of the victims.

  5. Provincial,
    I had been debating whether or not to respond to Charles.

    You did a better job than I could, so thanks.

    I'm sure you are a fine writer. Maybe you could use your talents to better educate the ones you defend in how to not do to others what you say was done to you.

  6. You're most welcome, Kenny. It was my pleasure.

    I get so fed up with these manipulations and attempts at distracting us from the flesh and blood issues happening TODAY.

    I sincerely believe that I would have spoken out in defense of the innocent in the first half of the twentieth century, had I been alive at that time.

    Since I had the fortune to be born into these current interesting times, I will follow my conscience and speak out for the innocents of today.

    The ritual murder of the Gazan infants has driven me to grief. I will not sit down and shut up. I don't care how many "Holocaust" stories they want to trot out.

    This latest Gazan debacle was a BIG mistake on israel's part. Alot of people are being driven to action because of it. They have pushed it way too far.

    As I said earlier.... enough is enough.... time to draw the line in the sand.

    That being said, I would posit that I doubt Charles will even bother to come back to see if his chapter was commented on. In the arrogance displayed by zionists, it seems they are confident in that, all they need do, is give a eulogy for the perpetual victims and presto, chango, all will be right in their world again.

    The mean, terrible, very bad jew haters will be put back into the box and they can get back to the work of stealing Palestine from the Palestinians. Ethnic cleansing and collective punishment is time consuming hard work !

  7. Charles,you were lied to..
    It's a tradition for them to use media to forment division..and promote wars. From Cromwell to Bolshevism,at first it was leaflets and pamphlets distibuted by hired thugs. From this came newspapers,movies and news reels, and people stirred by lies to fight two world wars. Hirelings and useful idiots continue this tradition on the internet.
    The current war mongering..support Israel or the Muslims will conquer you is just more of the same. If western civilization ended the money printing/usury control that is destroying them, and restricted Islamic immigration, we wouldn't have to put up with either of these evils.
    If you believe western history occurred without the hidden hand of Talmudic/Cabbalistic Judaism and it's puppets, consider yourself marked for judgement. For the people "that were, and were not, and now are" have infiltrated and shaped your reality. If you are in organized religion,you are lost and unknowingly worship as "the chosen people" the most evil influence the world will ever know.