Friday, February 13, 2009

Leading us into the next pasture

Matthew Jarvie gives us a dissenting viewpoint on Ron Paul.

By Matthew D. Jarvie
February 13, 2009

Every day we are being bombarded with what really amounts to nothing more than outright psychological warfare. Even many of the websites that appear to rail against the perpetrators of this war on human minds are feeding into it, knowingly or unknowingly. An example is this economic crisis, which of course was engineered to happen for a reason. It didn't happen overnight, and certainly is not a result of incompetence, as those not in the know seem to believe -- and which many of those who are in the know are perpetuating to purposely mislead. This is an example of coincidence theory, as promoted by the corporate media (and some charlatans within the "alternative" media as well).

I have found the more that people immerse themselves in the news of this financial mess we're in, reading newspapers, scouring websites and watching the tube, the more confused and actually less informed they seem to become. This coincides with a sense of fear and impending doom, making them even more suggestible to whatever they read or hear. This is deliberate and is a psychological technique that is being used.

I have been known for saying that the more people know -- or think they know -- about economics, the less they truly do know. It's really nothing more than a mechanism to conceal the true workings of this massive sham we call central banking, using complex terminology and graphs that are made to seem confusing to the average person. But if you are aware of the simple fact that the money system is a complete sham and that it's designed to benefit the few at the top, while keeping those at the bottom in indentured servitude (though often believing they are free), then you know far more than your average Wharton School graduate that has been put through the ringer of indoctrination, to help continue implementing this diabolic con game on the people.

I hear so many so-called "real" economists and financial experts, and people who are supposedly beacons of truth to those seeking alternative news and information, on the "truther" radio programs, as well as on mainstream network news programs, giving nothing more than a bunch of half-truths that do more harm than good to the listeners and the people watching TV. Often these "experts" are quite right in exposing the root cause of these problems, but they always act like it's just an act of stupidity or incompetence, and that somehow our benevolent leaders are going to eventually come to their senses and fix the problems which they helped create for a reason these people will not disclose.

I heard Ron Paul on one of the network news channels just recently, talking about the economic problems facing the American people. He gave very good reasons for how this mess started, but inferred that the bankers will eventually realize what they're doing wrong and start to make the right changes, as if this is all just a big mistake and the bankers really want what's best for us. Is Ron Paul really this naive, or is he simply using careful techniques of deception to bamboozle people, keeping them from leaving their pens, much like he did when he referred to 9/11 as "blowback," perpetuating the 19 hijackers myth?

Rhetoric like this is dangerous, as it reinforces blind faith in a system that is completely controlled from the top-down, by people with an agenda that involves the enslavement of billions of people.

Surely Ron Paul knows the globalists seek to create a world currency as a major stepping stone towards their one world government. How does he think they are going to achieve this goal? Obviously they are going to do this by creating a global financial meltdown and destroying the currency, to then offer the "solution" of regional and/or global currencies under the control of a centralized banking institution. If Ron Paul knows this, and he does, why does he act like the bankers are just a bunch of well-meaning ignoramuses?

This engineered crisis was designed to lead the people into the next pasture, using the Hegelian dialectic to create consensus. It was designed to lead the people further towards their own enslavement. People who do not understand the true reality of what is going on, and how problems are deliberately created to offer "solutions" that give the controllers even more power, are bound to play into this dialectical game by accepting whatever bogus solutions are put forward in the name of "helping" them.

Those who disseminate half-truths are to be trusted no more than those who tell all lies.

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