Friday, February 27, 2009

Mama, your babies grew up to be cowboys

Or soldiers.

Undated file photo provided by the US Air Force shows flag-draped coffins of US casualties from Iraq being offloaded by a military honor guard from a cargo plane in Dover, Delaware
President George H Bush imposed the ban during the first Gulf war in 1991

The US defense department has lifted a ban on news organizations showing pictures of the coffins of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates said photographs of the flag-draped caskets of US war dead being returned home will be allowed if their families agree.

The move overturns a ban put in place by President George Bush Snr in 1991.

Critics said the ban tried to hide the human cost of the two wars, in which nearly 5,000 US soldiers have died.

"The decision regarding media coverage of the dignified transfer process at Dover [Air Force Base] should be made by those most directly affected, on an individual basis, by the families of the fallen," Mr Gates said.

Flag draped impersonal coffins are OK but real photos of those who died for the sick perpetrators of war won't be seen and talked about by Katie Couric or the Fox girls.

Until the majority of Americans can face up to the facts that the modern day 'cowboys' have been sacrificed for greed and empire, the wars will never end.

Please mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be pawns in the web of deceit.

That flag draped coffin photo published in your local newspaper will do nothing to ease your pain.

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