Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Merchant's Committee was formed.

A letter to the editor of the Cannon Wire.
The criminal/civil court room for the county is an appropriate place for the merchants meeting.

Desperate times call for brainstorming sessions. Local merchants are coming together to try and figure out how to attract more business.

The bottom line is the question "How do we survive?"

The town of Woodbury, TN is discussing allowing beer sales to gain some tax revenue. After being a 'dry' city for over 80 years it shows that anything goes in the search for more money.

I'm thinking that Woodbury is fairly typical of small town America. The lifestyle of the middle class is deteriorating quickly. The poor need food stamps and food banks and .....

The good sign is that people are coming together to talk and think about their situation.

It starts locally. The thing is that the discussions cannot stop at trying to bring income in but must progress to why are we in this situation.

The hard working people of this county are not the cause of this mess we are in.

They do have a choice to become a part of the solution.

We, our children and grandchildren can never pay back the debts that are forcibly imposed upon us.

Ask yourself one question?

Does the government and main stream media ever lie? If you can think of one instance that they do, and I'm sure you can, then ask yourself why we should believe anything they say.

Stimulus packages, bailouts to banks, wars. Taxes, the IRS, the Federal Reserve. Homeland security, energy, environment. War on Terror, war on drugs, the war on the US constitution.

In all of this mix is lies and truths.

Not addressing the lies means that the criminals and the corrupt will continue to take the American public and the good folks of Woodbury down the road to debt slavery without a voice.

Not speaking up, not taking action against the root causes will mean that the merchants meetings will only end up being therapy sessions for the dying.


  1. "merchants meetings will only end up being therapy sessions for the dying"

    Welcome to Massachusetts!


  2. A nation-wide "Mausoleum of Broken Dreams" for We the People....

    And our kids....

    And grandkids.

    Time to secede from the union?

    What can the feds do that they already haven't done?

    Kill us with bullets now or die a slow, lingering death due to being smothered by taxation used to pay off Wall Street gangsters.

  3. Hey, if they can now allow Beer and Wine after 80 years.. why not Marijuana? Taxes on cigareets went up 61 cents this week. More people are going to start growing and mixing their own tobacco. More people are growing their own gardens and making their own beer and wine. Let's get over this phony Christian guilt complex disguised under the excuse that we must "protect the children". The fact of the matter is: big licquor companies can not control Marijuana.. so they will fight it. What they can not fight.. is the will of free American peoplewho refuse to bend to the fascist rules any longer.