Friday, February 27, 2009

Muddying the waters

A scene of peace and prosperity at the local level.


The shadows from a sun hidden by the hills can be cold and uninviting in the depth of winter or a cooling relief from the heat of summer.


Those scenes can be interrupted by the downpour of a raging storm that can turn a benign little creek into a raging river.


The above creek is maybe only at 10% of the potential flooding that it has seen in the past.

The analogy is that despite the beauty that surrounds us, the threat of a flood that will overwhelm us is always there.

If we look, we see that nature reflects what can and is happening in our society. In most places there is no dam to hold back the flood waters. We can walk out of the shadows for warmth or into them to hide, even though we don't like the cold and darkness.

During a storm the waters are muddied.

We can only hope that the storm will subside and the waters clear so we can see the bottom.

What we see will depend on our perspective and what actions we took during the storm.

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